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Why is Eclair best girl?

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Duce is

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She doesn't exist.

Not the best frog, but still the sexiest one

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Show must be a nationalist's nightmare, different countries coming in and establishing schools, indoctrinating your children with their culture.

There's a package waiting for you back home.

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The halfus are worthy

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Send her back, and come back with my wife

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>their culture
>literally stereotypes

>indoctrinating your children with their culture.
What's so bad?

So the foreign equivalent of weeaboos, that's even worse.

Imagine your kid coming home from their Japanese themed school, calling their friends "-chan", eating pocky, arguing the superiority of the katana, constantly quoting Hagekure, and always trying to kill themselves in the woods.

Hahaha... kids come from *regular* school like that. Not the best example.

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Is Alisa the best bullying material?

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She's a stinky french girl with a hairy minge and that's hot

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She was born to be bullied

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Very hard

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Just finished Erikas and KMM quest for hamburger steak and gonna upload that, meanwhile Pravdas domination battle has been up since I slept

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What kind of bullying is this?

The best kind

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Elegant Frenchie.
Would bang and have early coffee together.


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So everyone agree that Erika is a bitch.

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>Even the bakas

Just end her suffering

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>What a surprising thing
Can that translation get even worse?

Eclair is the patricans choice. Koume is also a good choice.

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Done with Chihatan now its Oarai next

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I just realized Assam have unique double ringed irises.

Those skirts are too lewd

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Holy fuck, they really are hobos.

Doing god's work, user.
May the "sensha no megami" smile on you.

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That would not be a surprise after their drama CD

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Fuck those little sluts, Alisa doesn't deserve this

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They even made her a bitch in her own manga

Thank you I am glad you like it, Almost done with all stories. I hope soon I can get all interactions and losing quotes done soon but I got work so have to wait till my next time off and need to buy a new hard drive to store the footage

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You have a crush on me, user?

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How safe they did those interactions? I guess that they didn't want to add plot elements that would affect canon.

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I don't not like Miho, but it's purely respect and admiration I swear!

yeah they pretty much just reference stuff from the drama cds and other side material, doesn't really add anything it seems.

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I see, a shame for that, would great more info about the girls, but that's not be possible thanks to movies.

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You know there was one thing from Der Film that I was thinking about recenty, when Maho tells Katyusha that being trusted and being admired are two different things, was it foreshadowing all of the Pravda troops disobeying orders to put themselves between Katyusha and the enemy?

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>''pizza mario mama mia,ohhh madmoiselle croissant oui oui oui,oyyy guys what the fuck is your problem,girls girls please behave yourselves *sips tea,DIE FAHNE HOCH! DIE REIHEN FEST GESCHLOSSEN!,SOIUZ NERUSHIMYJ RESPUBLIK

Baka spy.

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They released a game recently but isn't the series mostly dead?


You don't get memo?

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There are 5 more OVAs coming out! It may be the final chapter but, like the girls of Ooarai, they're gonna ride this shit to it's charred, flaming conclusion!


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She got waylaid on her way to the sensha-do meeting, huh?

Probably hasn't seen De Film

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They won't release new schooll/character tho

What are you talking about? The recent OVA and Ribbon Warrior manga have been expanding on schools and characters not seen in the original TV series just like the Der Film expanded on schools and characters not seen in the original TV series.

Not him, but taking in account what was said that interview, what others school they can add?

That's all 4 years old

It's always who you least expect

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What interview

Do you faggots only watch this shit ironically?

>OVA released last december
>4 years old
Oh hello there dear time traveller


Azul, Koala and Maginot never

Welcome to Sup Forums, enjoy your stay, and remember, lurk more before posting.

Can't wait for Anzio OVA 2

They should introduce more schools from different countries,we have too many japanese schools and tanks girls.

Maybe they are saving that for the World Cup in the S2

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KMM story is done uploading the Chi-hahs are next up

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Nice for more Koume

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Kay looking kind of flat
I wish i was there.

>Momo being Momo

She should just resort to prostitution already

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Yeah but then you also get to go into their country and indoctrinate their kids with your cultural steryoptypes. Imagine what a fucking mess the American Jap role-playing schoolship must be. Just absolutely full of weebs and otaku.

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Is Kay a halfy? I thought she was just a nip with bleached hair.

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But user, that literally happens now with normal schools.

Nips can't be that healthy

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Dafuq is this? That's not an English blend black...

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>Erika and Alisa bitching

Good, why we can't get more from those dorks?

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It's green tea nigga

She's a shitty British LARPer, then.

It's seawater

Newest bad girls in GuP.

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What ocean do you live near that's green?

>ywn be cornered by them and then subsequently raped by them

Feels bad man

Jesus, do they not have mirrors in the lower deck? Or is the one on the left just the King of Games?

They are from Mad Max.

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Its one of the nice things about the game that other girls get some time in the spotlight

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Is a shame that only girls with a name

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So again, Blu-rays when?

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Yeah i wanted helmet chan as a loader...
Also wish there were more girls then just the school commanders and anglerfish team that can pop out of the tanks when commander

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In the Keizoku part of the game, is a nice touch the hints about Mika being a good commander, and not just a lazy hobo.

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One more week for Marie's fat ass

>Not Alisa freaking

Dropped, shit game

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>Duce will never be your gf


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Waiting for the complete final chapter to come out is going to be torture.

Good, like 5 more years in this shithole, just give me a rest.

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