Is Tanya truly evil or is she just fed up with being X?

I find the versions from the anime and the Manga to conflict a little and i just wanted to clear this up.

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>Evil at all
The reason why the English title is misleading (as opposed to war journal of a little girl) is because we know what she's thinking. We as the reader can see her reasoning and can deduce that she isn't evil but instead trying to just live.
Rerugen doesn't know her reasoning and sees her as "A monster in the body of a little girl"
From the newest manga chapter we see he actually has a hard time deciding on that notion though, something that was missing from the anime.

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Tanya is pure! PURE!

just post tanyas.

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She's evil in the sense that she isn't a blind adherent to faith and that X has a 99% chance of being 'God'. That said, in the story, X and his cohorts are clearly idiots who can't do their jobs properly thanks to being too spoiled by enlightenment. They simply can't understand the masses, since from their point of view, even if people die they simply enter the cycle of reincarnation. They simply can't understand the high value of free will when having faith and conforming to their doctrines will lead one to ascension to become one of their brethren.

Basically, X and his friends are not human, and they don't really understand humans despite them most likely creating humans. They simply lack the ability to put themselves in the humans shoe, which is natural cause they never had to. Thought process evolution is generally achieved out of necessity not simply a whim.

well in the manga there are a lot of inner monologue which explains her character but in the anime they could'nt really do that so they just replaced her having an actual complex character with "crazy loli hitler shooting stuff"

She never once did anything evil
>killing "civilians"
She's stopping not-europe from becoming not-middle east

>She's stopping not-europe from becoming not-middle east
What? She quelled a rebellion before it even started, the fuck are you smoking?
>Sup Forums always shows up for youjo senki threads, no matter what the subject is

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Exactly my point. She stopped the endless cycle of violence by killing everyone

What does baiting a village to basically take up arms so she can abuse the rules she wrote to make herself look better have to do with the middle east at all?
You watched the show, right user?

I'm so sorry, i didn't know you had auts

defying X is her main priority. What she does after defeating X is another matter.

I honestly think I am and it's been weighing on me mentally recently

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It's not so bad because she's in WW1 germany instead of ww2 germany, things were a lot more muddled back then.

The only bad thing in the manga/ln is Mary Sue

I think the idea is she'll be remembered in history as "evil" or a "demon", But reality always humanizes a character.

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Oh shit, I'm a dumbass
I see now that you didn't mean turning into the middle east as in what's happening today but instead you meant the infighting that is happening in the middle east, I'm sorry that was my bad.
I blame today's political climate for my thinking.

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Saga of Tanya the cute

Don't believe the English name, there's nothing evil about her. She sees the forest for the trees, and is willing to do anything to achieve her goals (which are not evil).

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