Dagashi Kashi chapter 182 JPN > KR >EN Translation

This was a pretty good chapter, so gonna dump with some translations.

>We're here! It's the beach!
>Though we come here a ton throughout the year
>I mean, we pass by it a lot
>We pass by it every day!!
>Let's go have some fun and swim!
>I didn't come here to swim though.
>But Hotaru, what about your swimsuit? You didn't bring any luggage with you.
>Hm? Ohh.

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>It's alright, I'm wearing it underneath.
>Ho-ho-ho-hold it right there!
>Just what's "alright" about that to you!?
>Also, don't strip HERE!
>It sure is summer...

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Please do this one next TLanon

>This... When the waves go back and the sand feels like it's collapsing around my feet... this thing...
>This is the best thing about beaches...
>You sure say some weird things sometimes..
>What!? But it's fun!
>No, the best thing about beaches is...

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>What're you up to?
>Aren't you going to play, Kokonotsu-kun?
>Oh, well, I'm...
>What was it again...
>Oh right! Do you remember?

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>We said we would sell Ramune on the beach last year, though we didn't actually end up doing it...
>Oh! That's right, we did!
>Huh!? We can do that!?
>Well, yeah, I was going to, if you were okay with it, Hotaru-san...
>We're the only ones here...
>That's true...
>Guess we were a bit too early...
>I see...

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>There're some people over there, only a few though.
>Let's go!
>Huh, ah, okay... Saya, Tou-kun! We're gonna go and sell some Ramune!
>See yaa~

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Animeonly here, how far in the manga is the second season?

>Nobody's here...
>Sorry... I might have just been seeing things...
>No... It's alright...
>The ocean
>It sure is summer...

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They're going to hook up soon, aren't they?

>I've decided on next summer
>You wouldn't even really think about it even if I said I'd wait, would you?
>Even in this situation
>I'm still thinking 'Hotaru-san might still be waiting for me'...
>Hm? What?
>Oh!! Nothing...
>It's alright, I know.
>Excuse me...?
>Of course, you'd find it hard to say...

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>There're no customers here after all...
>Kokonotsu-kun wouldn't suggest drinking Ramune here... Just the two of us...
>It's so good!
>It was summer.

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Thanks OP. Hotaru is so cute.

I really like how their progression has been really natural ever since Hotaru returned (and even before she left there were several instances that heavily hinted things would go this way).

I mean, we get the usual MC and main girl get together by the end, since it's always nearly a given, but romance progression like the one Kokonotsu and Hotaru have had is not too common in shounen manga, especially in comedies like this one. What I like best is that the romantic progression hasn't reduced the comedic aspect of the story.

this chaptet came out early?

thank goodness the 'part-timer' didn't go along for the trip this day, as I don't think too many of us would be conscious after this point if she was added to the mix.

she knew there weren't any prople there

>Hotaru releasing the Hotarus
I was born for this moment.

What are the highlights of this chapter?

Saya getting mad at Hotaru for stripping

i want to rape Saya and force coffee enema on her after i cum in her cute butthole

When's 183? Next monday or next wednesday?

What do you like about this chapter?

Wednesday of course.

was this chapter leaked?

Yeah, it happens every week.

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>JPN > KR >EN Translation

Literally worse than nothing.


Well, someone had to get it.

Kill yourself, EOP

>Kokonotsu-kun wouldn't suggest drinking Ramune here... Just the two of us.
I don't understand this line

Why so mad user?

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So this is really coming to an end?

It has been a comfy ride