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terrible start

Good start

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I bet Vergei will learn nen faster than the people in Pika's class.
Bisky will probably be rough and give him a crash course, starting with a full baptism.

What will Vergei's hatsu be like??

Conjures holy water, wooden stakes, hydro storm

>Are you upset I called Togashi a Marxist kid fresh out of college? He is. He juxtaposed scenes of fat rich people partying it up while people get murdered or starve to death on the other side of the world, like that's some grave injustice.
Not that guy, but the arc portrayed actual Marxist countries in a bad light. One was even founded on false pretenses by some guy whose real objective was simply maximizing human suffering. And while humans not giving a shit about humans on the other side of the world was portrayed negatively, it was also the implicit reason to explain why the Rose Bomb was developed.

Which effectively meant that human selfishness was the asset that defeated the Ants.

He's gonna turn girls into machos

He probably won't get to learn a Hatsu unless the room also has some slow time effect.

Why do amerimutts feel the need to discuss politics 24/7? This is literally the OH MY RUBBER NEN comic book

. . .

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>One was even founded on false pretenses by some guy whose real objective was simply maximizing human suffering
I'm not exactly familiar with Marxism, but wasn't NGL more of a jab at Luddites?

He doesn't seem like a Specialist, so he won't.

He's actually cursed to turn machos into little girls, but gains great power.

Could I beat Meruem with the Staff of Judgement?

NGL had a militaristic government force its population into primitive conditions. And if you consider its geographical location, it was clearly meant to be Cambodia.

Not that user, but you seem upset.

just discuss the chapter

Oops, forgot image.

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>1.) Poor people in one country have nothing to do with rich people in another country.
God, you're stupid.

>2.) He used it to show how awful humans can be. To say, "Hey, look at these pigs indulging in their nonsense, while people over here suffer."
He also showed crucifixions, police beatings w/ executions, and carpet bombings. But let's ignore that because we all know this in particular is red meat for your ilk.

>Nobody took that starving African kid's money. He's starving because he's too weak for how harsh his environment is. Those fat rich people? Most of them deserve to be fat and rich. They earned it. They're a lot more useful to the world than that Ethiopian kid.

So as long as someone benefits, fuck everybody else that couldn't, that's what it comes down to. And of the children or close associates that come into power in nations like NK through nepotism mainly to maintain their power, something they often haven't personally worked to achieve or show any capacity to know how to govern anything. They are deserving of their positions because of what? What have they accomplished or contributed to the world at large?

>They're the product of a population that created a society where food is in abundance and they can afford to throw parties.
A society created by those who have already seized available resources for themselves to make profit. And the cycle continues from there.

>They're not just "lucky" or "unlucky." It's not Bill Gates's fault that Africans have an IQ of 70 and nobody has any moral obligation to go carry their weakness into the future for them.

The Sup Forums emanating from you can stink up a whole room. And of course you bring in Bill Gates. This is exactly what I mean, all that shit you've been fed just permeates your every argument. How does Bill Gates fit in in a discussion about what goes on in despotic nations?

Wasn't everyone there an idiot who willingly joined the country?

You may not like it, HxH does have analogues to real world politics.

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Lets rank Princes by who would be the best ruler:
The Leviathan Tier Has principles but knows to be ruthless when it is necessary. Looks for alliances, but pressures his allies to be useful rather than parasites shielding behind him. Leaves personal feuds to destroy his enemies, has no personal foes himself.
Zhang Lei

Ok Tier: Intelligent, but stubborn, hotheaded or flawed in other ways. Let emotions guide them to suboptimal choices. Make allies and enemies based on what they feel like at the moment.

Mediocre Tier: Lacking in ruthlessness, mental fortitude or foresight. Have personal flaws that would be easily exploited by their foes.

Bad Tier: Incapable of leadership due to delusions or young age. Both friends and enemies would take advantage of them if they were to ever exert power of any kind.

Dystopia Tier: Rather than ignoring morals when necessary, they completely lack a moral compass to guide them. They have nothing but their own ego and self-satisfaction in mind, with little care to the lives of others. They are hated by everyone who comes into contact with them.

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Good list.

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I hope the spiders, Hisoka, and Kurapika basically destroy the ship while fighting and the whole ship sinks and everyone dies.

They were some that believed in the cause but mainly those in the know used as a front to hide thier drug ring.

The ship will get destroyed when Feitan dies and his rising sun ability activates

depends on what constitutes bad deeds
Is it the creators definition? The users definition, or the targets definition.
either way, Meruem did nothing wrong

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No. Gyro took over the country and then promoted it as a primitivist utopia to attract more workers for his cocaine plantations.

I want the ending of the Spiders to be a Mexican stand off between Hisoka, Chrollo and Illumi. like Illumi also got contracted by the mafia to eliminate Chrollo.
it'd be the most fucking epic fight in the series desu.

he probably won't even have the hang of ren before the boat ride ends



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It should end like Reservoir Dogs with Chrollo being Mr. Pink.

I want Hisoka to kill Chrollo, with Chrollo refusing to fight him at all. And then some shitty Spider like Machi, Nobu or Bono that had been thought dead for a while just decapitates Hisoka anti-climatically when he is distracted.

I think that machi may end up staying alive and still serving as a messenger, but I don't know for what.

There's probably a clause in Illumi & Hisoka's contract that will let Hisoka change the prior conditions & have Illumi change sides last second

>with Chrollo refusing to fight him at all

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What killed the hype?

everyone's sleeping, user

Chrollo realizes he can't win because he is wounded or something, so he won't give Hisoka the satisfaction of a battle and just lets himself get killed.

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>And then some shitty Spider like Machi, Nobu or Bono that had been thought dead for a while just decapitates Hisoka anti-climatically

>you can't make Kalluto pregnant
Laughing at all of you right now.

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>thread is dead
mods should have let us post fics

Sample fag here, I edited my excerpt and I still wanna know if any Sup Forumsnons want to read it? Fair warning though it's both homolust and rape and it involves these two.

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Thread is dead thanks to a certain someone. Might as well. There's nothing to lose now.
Tomorrow is Viz day anyway. If the thread dies real discussion will continue then.

What was Togashi thinking?

How Gon was born.

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That he would one day, in the far off future, he would like to draw Gon and Killua's kid

I wish those pills were real

both correct answers

Killua is for Fuu, Gon is for Katty.

Hiatus next week

That's more like a cold war era interpretation of Marxism.
Source me on a single Marx work where Communism is stated to have to be forced through a militar government, i'll wait.

Has anyone been on booru/pixiv dives lately? Any good Pariston art, that's worth sharing?

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They're both dying by the end of the arc, user

delete this

I find it really amusing that the idea of Pariston being Gon's mom is not canonically impossible.

How are Killua and Gon gonna die if they are not even on the Black Whale, retard?

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he's talking about fuu and kacho

Please delete your post, and cease from spreading lies.

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You and I both know i was talking about Fuu and Kacho.

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And how are those two gonna die? Senritsu is gonna protect them.

senritsu is fodder

post post post

I did

Who is the most paranoid HxH character? Knov?

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Chimera was full of paranoia from protags & villains alike, but this guy took the cake

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Oh yeah, Welfin is definitely up there.

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Wait I got it, tell me your thoughts.

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Senritsu is Pika's mate, she can't be fodder. Who ever kills her is royally fucked.
>tfw this connects Tse and the twins because Tse killing Senritsu would deepen the conflict between he and Kurapika

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thank god you're not writing HxH

Fucking this, whoever believes that Illumi is on the troupe's side are fucking retards.

It's just so weird to have a card in a game with the sole effect being "you will get pregnant", even leaving aside the mpreg

Promise not to post any more wojacks around here and I'll tell you how to see them, assuming you don't already know.

What do you think is Bill's nen type? I hope we see his hatsu soon.

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Is Kurapika not friends with Senritsu? Would he not be pissed if someone kills her? Would he not be extra pissed if the person who killed her was Tse?
Fuck off.

Does he have a knotted penis?

The troupe and Hisoka won't meet


Kurapika doesn't know anything about Tse as of now though, right? He might not be pissed at him, the same way he was not pissed at Neon.

Of course when he meets him, he'll probably get pissed at him.

Togashi is all about anti-climaxes, I guess this is plausible


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you could justify it with the fact that he had to write so many cards and he ran out of ideas but yeah, it still is pretty weird

I hope enhancer

h-how hot are we talking because I never
written anything before?

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Can Hisoka just use En and trap an opponent in a giant Rubber Ball? That seems super OP

Chrollo BTFO!

I think En is a separate skill from Hatsu, it's already taxing enough to use with your basic aura and its purpose is to work as something like a life detecting radar.

This may just be how i perceive it, but i think it has to originate from his hand.

hot to the point where I kind of want this to happen in canon, even though I was never a fan of chrollo/hisoka. I'm surprised it's your first time!

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Probably but it would be super weak. One of the conditions of Bungee Gum is likely that it can only be placed directly by Hisoka himself. If he allowed it the versatility of expanding it all around him it would probably become super weak.

Haven't we seen a Hatsu conducted through En before?

He's used his feet before

into the trash

>Haven't we seen a Hatsu conducted through En before?
I don't think so, no. It's always been used with regular, unadultered aura.