Tokyo Ghoul:re spoilers

>comfy otp in dreamworld

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>those hips

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I'm a girl autistic faggot

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then you still suck dick

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I like pussy

I like pussy

Draw of otp

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The manga is shit
The threads are shit
Post good fanart at least

what you doing ?

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You are the reason that threads are shit.
Fuck you cunt.

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My husband Mutsuki is so cute.

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Honestly, the timeskip after the Tsukiyama family raid was the worst shit ever.

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Honestly, the timeskip in the fights was the worst shit ever.

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thanks... doc...but... I didn't understand something.

when anons discuss in the another thread, this one look like a party

Double the party

This explains your autism and how can you love garbage as Rize.... YOU'RE FROM TUMBLR!

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You only realized now that this Rize autistic retarded spammer has crawled from Tumblr?

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>tumblr and reddit are bad because they are discussing new chapters
>and now I will show my intellectual superiority by shitposting

Haha welcome to every week

Admin girl at a CCG wing got turned into a ghoul.

Is it time to party?

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>people are still discussing this piece of shit manga

A new definition of shiteaters

Welcome to TG threads.
Majority of folks that cared to actually discuss this series and was capable of conversation is long gone and those few who remained are extinct species that may only pop up once spoilers ARE OUT.

Until then enjoy this Rize autists from Tumblr that is 90% of this thread, spamming his shitfu + pastas, thinking nobody got memo that (s)he is autistic.

If you were Arima, would you take advantage of Haise?

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I guess that ends the Kaneki is a full ghoul theory.

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TG threads are probably the worst threads on Sup Forums. Ishida has completely fucked our heads with his shit writing.

Damn. Kaneki really fucked him up.

lol here is the dreamland, in reality their relationship is so fucked up it's pitiful

You were braindead from the start.

holy fuck!

This triggers Sup Forums

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and this too

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Fuck I actually think they're kind of cute

damn he looks like a chick now

>Kaneki and Touka finally showing emotions towards each other
This is good, maybe they’ll actually develop.

Someone on Tumblr is convinced Touka is gonna turn evil and Juuzou is gonna kill her so maybe

Literally looks like Mutsuki now but without tan.

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it's nice they're finally developing their romantic life, after fucking up the whole city

Is this another "nothing happens" chapter by looks of it? Touken shit and cliffhanger is Hide showing his face meaning next chapter after this shall be cuckneki crying like a little bitch for entire chapter for thing he has done to his friend.


Well see you in three weeks then.

I hope next chapter skips the discussion because it would destroy Tumblr

>nothing never happens every chapter

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Going on a date in the ruins of the city.

Unironically I look most to seeing mememan now and his ebin interview thing.Already for sure to be better then content I see in spoilers so far.

Have seen their interactions since chapter 125? All of them are bizarrely stoic or tsundere nonsense.

Are those marks under Kaneki's eyes now a permanent thing?

Them cuddling that one time was cute

Proof once again that without Furuta this manga would be even shittier then it already is.

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shippers tend to romanticize their relationship to the extreme

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>No touching
This kills the fujo

No, looked normal to me. Just not overtly affectionate.

I'm glad they finally met. Rabid fujos notwithstanding, these are two life long friends that avoided each other for so long out of fear for getting each other hurt, it's nice that they finally get to talk.

I get excited more over seeing random building in chapter then anyone in this manga at this point.

Be prepared for Super Arima to apear, that'll be exciting.

I just want to see their love, rather than have Kaneki monologue about it.

No that would be pure shit. Hiro Mashima level of shit.

>Kaneki ate his lips
What a fag

they're like friends that barely understand each other but really wanted to fuck and create a family (which they have no idea about) and now most of their interaction is fake and awkward. Holding hands and adding cute screentones won't fix this.

Foolish and naive user. Nothing kills fujo!
If anything this shit will fuel their assess on fire for entire week.

>went for his lower face
Gay as fuck.

Kaneki literally ate his lips. Thats more than enough for them. Ishida is still throwing them bait. He could had Kaneki for the shoulder or something.

You already know it's gonna happen. Super ghoul Arima to be Kaneki's final boss. Furuta will be killed offscreen.

Not really, no matter how shit their romance is, I don't dislike something as simple as this.

You guys need to stop trying to predict dumb shit, it literally never happens

Predicting dumb shit is what works! Everything that is happening is dumb as shit.

it possible, seems like ishida can't just leave arima alone, he keeps adding stories about him after his death

This fandom is cancer that is cure to another cancer.
By this I mean while I dislike Touken I can't help but be glad when I see Touken moments in manga. Mainly because it triggers autists (like fujos and OP) who are far more cancerous to me then this ship ever will be.

If only this was like, you know, an interesting pairing or good. But it's fucking neighter. Scenes like this give me some amusement though since you can turn it into memes. We get that that they like each other, Ishida had literaly "forced" that down our throats. But those fucking panels could have been used for something else, since Ishida has already given them something in the previous chapter if I recall. It's just a waste of panels or even pages. Maybe if it's translates it'll be relevant or interesting.

It's kinda backwards - first sex and now they're holding hands. Well, I guess some people think it's more romantic