Sesuji wo Pin Chapter 86 [FINAL]

Translated and redrawn by moi.

First time ever dumping a chapter in Sup Forums

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wait, didn't this end a while ago?

thanks for dumping, anyway

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I literally begged the guy to not translate it since I had it 99% done. My shit is like HQ, everything is redrawn and translated. Guy didn't see my threads I think, I'm actually sad right now. My fault for being so slow with this I guess lol.

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Quick! Post cute Eri!

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I'm like, a salty cunt right now cause the other guy posted ch. 86 like 8 hours ago. A little too late.

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Here's the thread for the other guy's release.
Accdg to him, the redraws you dumped was missing Ch 86 so he had to do it himself but he'll be using your oneshot you finished.

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Lol why am I even alive.
Ugh I'm such a fucking turd, he even saw it too.

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I appreciate all your work.
Ganbare user!

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My bad, forgot posting reaction images in a chapter dump is poor form. Keep it up though.

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Your release is still great bec it's higher quality.

Nah I barely lurk, you're good.

I just feel like an assclown that the other guy put so much work into an already finished chapter that I had on my HDD. I hope he reads this.

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That's relieving to hear.

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I love you anons desu

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Why the fuck does "t b h" abbreviate to desu.

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Feels kind of sad now that it's all over.

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Can you believe the guy who drew Onani Master Kurosawa and RapeMan drew this?

Going from that to a manga in Shonen Jump is straight impressive

Just be happy that it even happened in the first place, a dance manga in a shonen magazine?
That's honestly amazing.
Molester Man.
Onanie Master Kurosawa
This manga.

He's amazing and he's not done yet.

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>Molester Man.
>Onanie Master Kurosawa
What, it's the same artist?

Coincidence that you typed that as I typed my reply. We just had the same thought.

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Crazy right? Isn't that a mindfuck?
I love this author so much, even if some of his serializations sucked ass.

Most of his work have such life to them.

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Last page, I love you guys. I really do. I hope every single one of you finds happiness in this world.

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A final note because I'm such a self-centered piece of shit. I hope people reading that note in 2020 feel the same heartstring tugs that we did reading this chapter.

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Thanks user, you too, but-

>No romance ending

I'm sour.

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Wtf seriously? I had no idea.
Reminds me of that guy who did Me and the Devil Blues then Prison School. You wouldn't think it was the same person.

Yea fuckingg rip. But the wholesomeness is 2nd best I guess.

Thanks user. I appreciate the hard work. I assume you won't bother releasing the oneshot since the other user is doing it with your raws.

it's wordfiltered because it got overused so much

Yea I'm gunna leave it to him. He did great work on 86 before me desu.

All the bubbles are cleaned by me so it'll be suppper convenient for him.

Ah I wish I could thank him 100x over, but ya know how Sup Forums goes.

Eh I kinda get it. Unironically it sounds "normie" as fuck.

I can tell him you said so. I'll post a screenshot of your comment or link this thread if it's still archived by the time he releases the oneshot.

I would gladly appreciate that. I love scanlating, I love putting 100% effort in making these chapters look beautiful, so I'm happy that there's someone else that's working just as hard as me for you guys.

His art has definitely improved. I remember not being too fond of his art in thes 2 manga bec they looked unfinished to me.

Ahh but that was the charm. The shitty unfinished art style. It felt like he wrote those mangas in a diner at 3am on some napkins.

I loved how unique it felt.

I was the one that originally asked translator-user to do it and I was keeping an eye on the archives for the title and never saw yours either, they must've been real lowkey

Translator-user and the actually typesetter that did the pages are different, but yea.

yah I gotcha now, you just said translate not typeset up there so I thought you were talking former not latter

Ah yea my bad. I mean't, I asked if I could handle the pages basically to the typesetter.

Your typesetting is awful.

topkek you call this awful?

Have you seen 99% of scans?

Yes. 95% of them are better than your "HQ". Leave it to the other user who knows what he is doing.

high quality bait

The biggest problem is the spacing between lines. Other than that, it's alright. Wouldn't call it awful though.