Just curious

Just curious.
How many people actually like Ichigo?

Also, why do many people dislike her.

No bullying please, just a discussion.

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go away reddit

>no bullying
no discussion then

It's mainly 02fags who ship with Hiro.
Why not? Bullying brings out Ichigo's cutest side.

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002fags are mad that she's getting all the screentime.

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I like her she's cute

I like her, because probably of her potential and the fact that she work hard at trying to be better. And I feel like I want to help her be better.
I understand why some sane people may hate her - it kind of comes from the fact that it is bad for her to be around Hiro, and they sick of all the interaction they sure go nowhere. And that they to repetitive for them. That probably why they not want to invest any empathy towards her. I mean around episode 5 there where a chance that she became obsessed crazy girl.
And there a some crazy people, who hate her because she steals screentime and somehow may stop their ship from sailing. Or not, because 'she just cant compete' as they say, still hate her all the same. And there some who probably not hate her, but definitely get off the fact that she masturbates to the though of Hiro and 02, which is definitely NTR, as I understand it. And some bullying about another segment of strange people, that get off to suffering, and some that simply say 'it's fun, but I hope she gets better', so they like making her possible fortune be better by comparison of something.

I want to bully Ichigo with my DICK

I do. She's best girl.

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She such a cute, of course I like her

Is this in the manga

Ichigo a SHIT

I love Ichigo because I love all of cute and jealous girls


Post ranking

I like her. But Zero Twofags don't because they see her as a threat to their shipping.

anons like her when she drops the hiro shit

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This, now that Ichigo can start getting over 02, she can become her own person.

Honestly the best cuckquean in anime.


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At first I didn't like her, but the during the last three episodes I've realized that she is very cute.
I still like bullying her tho.

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>this show is literally nothing more than shipping wars
fantastic, truly the pinnacle of anime.

Ichigofags are obsessed with 02fags it seems.

No. Just speaking the truth

I've seen Mikufags and Kokorofags disliking her as well though

How and where? Zero Twofags don't like her because Ichigo likes Hiro and there's shipping between them. The shipping war there is easy to grasp. Outside of there, there's no reason to dislike her. No more than people should dislike Miku, Ikuno, and Kokoro for being themselves, at least.

I like her

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Miku fag reporting for duty sir! and Ichigo sucks ass and is a poor leader.

Miku is just a discount Asuka.

I love Ichigo. I want to marry her someday.

Not really plus Miku actually has a healthy relationship with her loved one Zorome and the other characters and isn't an insecure ginger half-breed.

More like 02fags are the ones obsessed and insecure with Ichigo.

Not really.

The sudden convenience of being summoned just to prove a point makes it hard for people to take you seriously, you know. If it smells like false flagging, and looks like it....

Nothing new

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as imouto sure

Mikufags like to suck up to their Onifags masters.

As a gorofag and a Hiro X Goro shipper both girls suck. I've seen ichigofags get mad more often while 02 fags troll them with memes.

This to be honest.

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Why no both.

>02fags sperging at Ichigo even though 02 was being a cunt in episode 5
Yeah, really.

lol why fuck did you ichigo fags make this thread in the first place if you can't handle the heat? Are you guys that bothered by people hating on her you're more pathetic than 02fags.

Smalltime compared to the endless shitposting Ichigofags have carried out since episode 2, even using the Instagram thing to bait and troll.

Why would that even be a thing? A brat like Miku have more in common with Ichigo than 02.

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Did I strike a nerve?

Who knows but it's obvious that Onifags are using Mikufags as some sort of pawn and the latter gladly obliges.

My ass. 02fags had memes and copypasta that were spam in the first week. One autist 02fag spent over 14 hours shitposting.


And yet Ichigofags manage to be more cancerous with their Kim Instagram shitposting that flooded the catalog for days and made mods ban their asses.

I thought spending 14 hours/day shitposting was normal. Not even an 02fag.

Nah, just asking a legitimate question bro
Goro is best boy and best girl

Those were 002fags, they're all normalfags.

I dunno but from what I see Onifags vastly favor Miku over Ichigo, as well as ZoroMiku as second best pairing after 02Hiro.

Miku needs her dumb ass pimp slapped. Fucking children man. If they didn't make below average soldiers they would be disposed of.

>Ichigofag still shitposting
Thanks for proving me right.

Why do Ikuno and Ichigo have green eyes?
Why do Kokoro and Miku have blue eyes?

Prove it.

>endless shitposting
He's talking about Ichigofags, NOT Zero Twofags. Zero Twofags were so edgy and super sensitive to the AID meme, which isn't even offensive or mean. But in turn they shitpost by calling Ichigo shit and worst girl because they got mad.

Ichigofags are more fun and take it easy on average. They bully Ichigo out of affection and have self-deprecating humor.

This thread is proof enough nigga. Goro is best boy and best girl !!! 02fags and ichigofags can go suck it!!!

What the fuck are you talking about and where is the proof, nigga?

desuarchive.org/a/search/text/hair inspo/
desuarchive.org/a/search/text/kim | kardashian/page/2/

who is the bigger cuck though, Goro or Ichigo?

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Around the street and up your butthole.

This is pathetic... Delete this.

>proving it's 02fags and 02 comparison

Mikufag here. Ichigo is second best.

Pretty sure people call Ichigo worst girl because she's a funslayer and they don't have to be 02fags to say that. Ichigofags are too much of a small minority to matter outside of these Ichigo centric threads.

Intriguing but highly disturbing.

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Except that's wrong, dipshit. People were using that to shitpost against 02fags.

Just noticed now how the boys wear smaller versions of the high-heels the girls wear. Curious.

>Do you really think onifags would post that crap here? I'm an onifag myself and frankly i don't have any problem with kim talking about this anime (believe me, none of her fans is going to find out about darling), it's just that i hate this whole shitposting

I posted this on reddit today and got banned lol.

The denial is strong.

I like her but I like 02 and Miku more. I'm sure she'll be more likable once she definitely settles with Goro.

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chinese cartoon discussion is serious business user, you should be ashamed

Spank me papa~

The stupidity is strong.

Nope. Ichigo is a good girl and cares about Hiro's well-being and tried her best to save him and to help prove that he can pilot. She's a leader so she has a serious persona when need be, but besides that she's sweet girl. Episode 8 was fun and comfy as hell and Ichigo played a big part in that because of her serious personality that's just perfect as a straight man in comedy situations.

not fatoshi, he doesnt even understand live while Goro manage to grasp it.

Good taste. 02 and Miku are the best girls

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>someone took time to find my post
w-wew. By the way, i'm glad kimposting stopped, it was getting truly annoying.

Ikuno is the funkiller. As opposed to what other minority, exactly? Miku? She doesn't have enough fans to have their own dedicated threads. More than half the shipping and waifu posting are all about 02 and Ichigo.

I'm okay with her.

Waifu wars. I'm an Onifag but I don't care about this shit.

The Miku faction is growing. Soon it'll be bigger than Ichigo's.

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I like her. She was really great this episode.
Miku is still the best girl though.

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I like all the girls and goro.

>half of the latest episode focused on her development
>hardly have dedicated discussion for her still in a sea of Darling in the FranXX threads

My man.

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I love her

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She'll be good now that she knows Goro is there for her and there's no point chasing Hiro forever.

They're gonna make it.

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every girl but dyke got over 100 votes

but she loves Hiro

I've seen an influx of Mikuposting recently. It helps that a lot of Onifags are fond of her as well.

I want to force myself upon her, stealing the rest of her sexual firsts.

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Wasn't it for 02, Miku would've been my best girl.

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>Just curious. How many people actually like Ichigo?

At least one.

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That was last week's episode. Either way, it can't be helped. I talked about it a bit on the day it aired since I like Miku too, but most people were to fixated on the whole girl vs boy thing. But in the end I yield to my desire to support Ichigo. Especially this week for obvious reasons.

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A cuck, but twice more alpha than Hiro.

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Triple confirms best girl.