In a harem/romance

>In a harem/romance
>Not blonde

When will they learn?

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Kirito isn't blonde

*blocks your path*

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>Dyed her hair blonde
Kirino knows what's up

dead girls can't win OP

Kiritos hair is orange.

Eh, maybe. But it's the closest to it in her show

Does people even remember this show

>right is literally dead
M8, Kaori lost big time. Sure she can claim the first love title, but there's no way in hell Kousei is going to spend the rest of his life alone. I feel like people forget that hes literally only 14. He's bound to fall in love again.

>MC's first love reciprocated him, and died being perfect.
Good luck topping that.


You mean Chirico


That's blonde. It might be a honey/strawberry shade, but it sure as hell isn't ginger. Same goes for Nakiri

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I don't see the problem

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>posts picture with some weird lighting filter

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No love is the same user.

Nigger there's literally an illustration of a loli Kirino and her hair was dark like her brother. She dies it because she has to please old men in modelling industry.

Maybe Kuroneko should have dyed hers too if she wanted to stand a chance.

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On the right, I'm pretty sure the brown-haired girl won by process of elimination.

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i want to rape fake blonde and laugh at her black pubic hair

She's gonna have to live with the fact she's the B girl for the rest of her life

How SHIT and simplistic designed is SHITirino compared to the girl on the right.

You don't measure love user. It's like how Kenshin was able to fall in love again with Kaoru after losing his first love Tomoe.

Fair enough and I hope it won't haunt her.

>one of the times the childhood friend actually wins
wew. Hopefully DaSH won't dissappoint.