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Why is Saaya so precious?

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Her voice is soothing.

I want to be Saaya's girlfriend.

Saaya is the best version of Karen so far but Minami is still my favorite.

*hugs you*

Saaya is a girl, silly.

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Episode 3: Moms are awesome
Episode 6: Working is awesome

Getting married is awesome
Having more kids is awesome
Paying taxes to the government is awesome

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Based Toei encouraging traditional feminine values and fighting the roastie menace.

Abe, I know it's you.

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Akagi Towa is cute

"I only require three dicks!"

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Two in the pink, one in the stink as they always say

Watching the spring carnival all stars movie.
Will they ever do something as blatant as CocoZomi? God damn she is lusting.

That's with fingers.

Towa is a princess. Everything is upgraded for her.

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Havent seen a kira kig

cute kig

When will the emasculation of Harry end?

Harry is a mascot

It's fine

>Sup Forums
She might as well be a boy desu

Never, I hope.

This is why children need Precure.

I do like how the generals look this season. It's a cheeky comparison with how the precure and the mouse look.

I want to raise a Hugtan with Harry, they're both precious.

Who is going to be the mommy?

If no country will let a man and a squirrel raise a baby together, then Homare will have to do.

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The episodes with one of Majorina's items have consistently been my favourite episodes.

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I'm not quite sure but I'm confident the law is pretty harsh for a single man to adopt a child.

Cute Sword

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>then Homare will have to do.
Get in line

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Don't do it, Saaya!

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Hana gets wasted!

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I am watching Gogo these days and I've to say Smile, sometimes, feels like Gogo but better.

I guess bluebirds can't swim.

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>Sup Forums still presenting false dilemma of importing muslims or treating your women like muslims do
>Abe already took a third option five years ago

Precure is the most feminist anime to exist.
Change my mind.

Modern feminist anime doesn't exist. It existed in 70s and early 80s and gave birth to strong and independent heroines, but now there is no feminism in Japan at all.

Back to tumblr

You mean Citrus.

Harry may look like cool grown-up guy, but he is just a little magic rodent, who fled destruction of his whole world, when even the strongest warrior of it was defeated and turned into a helpless baby, the only thing that let him survive so long was his own bravado. Don't be too harsh on him.
Yes, tumblr feminism isn't exactly trendy in Japan. They prefer to concentrate on meaningful issues.

>implying he was ever going to be masculine
/pc/ is so cute to buy into the most foolish bravado.

Feminist Frequency please leave and go back to Sup Forums.

>when even the strongest warrior of it was defeated and turned into a helpless baby

I want Ruru to emasculate me

Pegging doujins starring Lulu!

Following LUULUUUUU is quite important.

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>villains represent failed aspirations of various eras of Japanese post-war development
When did Precure start to get all deep on me

Papple is from the bubble of late 80s, Charaleet is modern youth, but what about the others?

Dangai is baby boomer era (dankai) so late the 70s. Ristle could be a pun on restructuring but it doesn't seem to be a clear reference to anything but given that he's the oldest it may be meaning restructuring of Japanese international relations after the conclusion of WW2 but I might be stretching on this one since it's not normally referenced as a distinct time.

>past and present economic greed is destroying the future

Is it time for the precure kino we always wanted?

I wanna let Saaya touch my hardware and give her an example of power drilling.

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Hana goes well with everyone.

It's probably just the regular old corporate restructure.

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Why does she use the drill?

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She likes round objects that fit her hand.

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And Lulu = rules.

>I want to be Saaya's girlfriend.
>Saaya is a girl, silly
What was this

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The second kirakira ending is fun. The things I would do to bunny butt.

>women in the workplace

Enjoy your declining wages and productivity.

Saaya will face this carrot

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Is Hana Mana reincarnate?

>Japan repeating the same mistakes America made in the 70's

Hana isn't that manly yet.

Hana is my wife

What if Saaya isn't afraid of carrots?

Imagine mating with Aguri

When you ask hugttos why they all pregnant at such a young age.

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Poor Harry. He is a mouse entrusted with a baby. He is doing his best

At least Saaya has something to do with Rikka

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Now I will have nightmares.


>the rules seem bad at first
>in the end they will make the group stronger
That's pretty japanese alright.