How does Sup Forums feel about catgirls?

How does Sup Forums feel about catgirls?

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i want to force-feed them a bunch of lemons t b h

(Pussy joke)

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are there leaks yet?

overused trope

there should be more arachnes and scyllas

A cat is fine too

Cats are shit in general. Doggirls is where it's at.

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>people who exclusively own dogs are pretty much always hyper-insecure about cats

I wonder why this is

forced dichotomy is forced

What shit taste.

I own cats, but dog girls are better than cat girls inverse to how cats are better than dogs.

Cats are pretty good.
I prefer Squirrels though

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I'm allergic.

me too, i am afraid of female

That is correct.

Awful taste

that’s a bigass tail

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The MGE versions are always superior

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Its the most tripe overplayed fetishistic trope in anime and I love it

What did they do with the cat girl?

What's this from

I live for foxgirls.

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They made the biggest mistake you can make with a cat.

They fed it.

No u

They're great. But fox girls are even cuter/sexy

Next chapter when?

Should be next week

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Adopted her

What a magnificent fucking beard.

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Not big enough.

Next chapter when?

i fucking hate real cats but like cat girls

>Laius demonstrates that he's a dog
>One chapter later a cat joins the party

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Dogs > Cats
Catgirls > Doggirls

Explain this.

Dog>cat thats because dogs are for real men and cats for faggots

Catgirl>dog girl maybe the ears, they look more feminine than dog ears

Because cats are more feminine creatures in nature. More unpredictable, wild, mysterious, less boring and obedient. You want a dog for the best friend, but you also definitely want your woman to be a cat.
Same reason why dogmen > catmen.



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>dogmen > catmen

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Wolf girls >= catgirls >= foxgirls >>> doggirls

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I mean real, actual, masculine men. Not the "draw a girl call it a boy" trap boys.

Scorpions are best.

But that is faggotry

mmo shitters don't count for anything being double parody and stuff

Cat girls with only cat eras and not tail are disgusting.

Wasted potential, I thought the point of antrophomized animals was to emphasize those "animal" traits.
Like a cat girl should be lazy and opportunistic, a dog girl should be straightforward and loyal, a mouse girl should be cowardly and fast footed.
What I see most times is just someone with animal ears and a tail.

>a cat girl should be lazy and opportunistic, a dog girl should be straightforward and loyal
A non biased opinion of a dogfag.

Cats don't love you user, to them you're nothing but a walking food can.

What is, user?

Cats are not lazy, they are everywhere unless you neutered it like you should, because that curiosity will kill it pretty fast before any piometra will.

Great edit paneling there.
I like the catgirls design, it's simple, but has a weird charme to it.


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The more I see OP image the more I feel like she should be a mouse.

Great, now I cannot unsee it.

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I can't decide! They are all so cute.

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For a second there I thought he had a ribbon in his beard.

Let me tell you something even worse:
two sets of ears

Cats aren't *lazy*, they're built around short bursts of maximum speed and power, and have evolved to conserve the energy they'll need to take down their next meal possibly days from the last one, which depending on the feline may be either something smaller, faster and twitchier than they are, or a good deal bigger and better at long-distance instead.
Gators are similar in how they hunt.

As long there's a tail, I'm ok with that.

>always on her master's lap when he's sitting
>has actually obtained ninja skills her master can't even pull off as well as her
>she even shows up when he says her name even though she wasn't even around and he didn't think it possible
Pochi's adorable but Tama's adorable *and* amazing. She'd say it's because she's the onee-san.

How many chapters do i have to read of this until i get to see that catgirl?

Read the whole thing you nerd

Thats also when you get to see her, the most recent chapter is the first time this was revealed

You mean in three days.

For years it's been a newfag filter, yeah, two sets of ears, not like I understand it either, but watch out.

Catgirls are for heavy petting

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This. Cute is justice.

>obtained ninja skills

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By dwarven standards, it's only meh.

A-are you saying Liru is better than Azunyan?

why does it look like she's got a bit of a chest in this picture

Liru was... oh man my wrist hurts just remembering that girl.

Of course he is

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This man is right

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