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Reminder that Katakuri is a bad boy and that donuts are yummy

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What's your favorite donut, Sup Forums?
I honestly like jelly donuts, especially powdered strawberry

>Katafags will defend this

I'm gonna miss Katakuri, bros.

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Normal glazed

Doused in chocolate

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>Muh flaming passion is hotter than your devil fruit
I can see it.

Nice, hot and glazed for me

Yeah is a shame that Oda is rushing this arc because he wants to get to the Reverie, Wano and Kaido as fast as possible, so many good designs wasted

Standard glazed, krispy kreme is the best

It's ok because he's cute

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Not gonna happen.

Will Toei make a full song of this moment?

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Probably not, since he stops singing as soon as he sees Luffy

I hope so

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>~80 chapters dedicated to a bunch of characters that are clearly gonna be back later as enemies for revenge
I think it's just fine to leave us wanting more, Big Mom isn't going down this arc and they will be back.

This is Toei. They can drag it out and add filler scenes.

I like those that are glazed with crazy colors.

It's a double page spread, so it has to last at least 2-3 minutes in the anime. If they're doing another half-chapter episode it'll take 5-6

>We get to hear Katakuri singing happily
I can't wait

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Will Toei ever at least attempt to DBZ Kai this shit to make it watchable?

Yes, 50 years from now

normal glazed

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There's no chance they won't, one piece is simply too profitable to ever properly end and it's an easy way to make even more money.

Boston Creme.

This isn't the last of the BMP. Elbaf makes too much sense.

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Yeah they will. That's the scene that will make Katakuri be closer to Gintoki as that is the only time he's silly.

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Will Sugita's mom call him to tell him his singing sucks again

Nice to see some anons of culture itt

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Jelly donuts with salmon filling and seaweed on top.



>Teaching the fucking ship doctor
>About sex
Im quite sure that chopper is the one with the most (theoretical, as in "read in books") knowledge about the subject in the entire crew.
At least about the act itself. He probably dont understand human behaviors, taboos and sexual habits very well.

it looks like cum

You guys are seriously talking about donuts? I guess its better than shipping but you fuckers need jesus

Which donuts do you ship together? I think chocolate bar and glazed are the cutest together.

Jesus? never heard of him

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I ship Katakuri's power mochi and Luffy's donut

Do they have cream puffs in donut shops? I always just get normal glazed shit. I always see these cream puffs (shuu cream) in japanese shows.

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Everyone knows chocolate and glazed taste the best together desu. That's the donut otp

He's with Blackbeard. That nigga a bad influence why would you say we need him?

Don't mind me. Best donut coming through.

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Whitebeard and Ace deserved to die because they were nazis

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t. Millenial

>Deserving to die

The thread loves donuts and yet hates on the one man capable of making the most delicious donuts in the world

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Ace deserved to die because he was a faggot

Stop false flagging for Sanji hate

Shouldn't the sojus be upset about the nazi culturally appropriating the manji?

Struesen? But I love him!

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>Thread having a good time with donuts
>I know! I shall post an obvious inflamatory comment to start the autism rollin'
Why are you like this user?

Get out of here Franky

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>literally no one talking about Sanji before you bring him up
Guess we should start bashing him

That's not a nazi symbol. Nazi's stole that symbol like the faggots they are.

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Is Struesen a better cook then Sanji?

Mammu looks so fucking cool in color

>all these regular glazed and a hamburger
pedestrian, absolutely pedestrian

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He's cuter so that automatically makes him better.

What's your favorite then?

I'm a fan of Fritters myself.

He was able to keep Big Mom well fed for 50 years

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Does he want Luffy to defeat his mother?

Is OP on break this week?

>Doesnt know the 99 vital recipes

She'll let him experience it for himself then
How hard to believe a naive doctor is a good one

Why are Okamas so good at cooking?


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because they want to become cute housewives more than anyone else

Are you saying Sanji couldn't do the same if he wanted?

Why are you Sanjifags so sensitive?

Better question is how will Oda celebrate 900 chapters?

It's to be expected at this point.

I didnt think asking a question was me being sensitive.

lemon curd filled

And the autism begins. Nice thread everybody.

No you were being needlessly defensive.

It just makes perfect sense that they're as autistic as Sanji.

>Luffy have muh plot armor durability
>Zoro have muh never lose again armor
>Sanji have only kindness and trashed hard by Oda himself.
Is Sanji existence remind suffer for our sins?

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Kek. Okay, how? I was just asking a question since I was bored and no one was posting. You are being crazy.

You love Sanji.

>Luffy's the main character and can't lose
>Zoro made the oath to never lose again, so he can't lose
>Sanji is the next strongest, so he has to be the one to lose to show how strong the enemy is
>Jinbe's joining
>Jinbe is going to become the next jobber so Sanji can have some good moments
oh no


How about Sanji and Jinbe get cool moments? I dont think anyone needs to job.

>Luffy's the main character and can't lose
Then how does he keep getting captured?

>Luffy's the main character and can't lose
Luffy fucks up and loses a lot more than most main characters. At least once an arc.

Luffy Jobbed to Sanji this very arc, speedreader.

Did Oda forget about him?

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Zoro loses all the time though. Zoro lost to Carrot in his only fight the last arc he appeared in.

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>Luffy's the main character and can't lose
>Buggy captured him
>Buggy almost decapitated him
>Crocodile pierced him, dried him
>BTFO by Aokiji
>Kicked around by Franky
>Lucci punched him to the other side of an island
>Beated around by Moriah
>BTFO by Kuma
>BTFO by Kizaru
>BTFO by Magellan
>BTFO by everybody important in the Summit War
>Deated once by Caesar
>Monet almost kill him
>Kicked around by Katakuri
Luffy will win in the end =/= Luffy can't loose

Fairly certain that Zoro got completely fucked up by based Eneru and did in fact "lose again".

Pls stop

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I love Vivi
I don't just really like her
I am in love with Vivi
I want to marry her

I honestly haven't eaten enough in my life to have a favourite. But I bought a strawberry one the other day and I liked it.

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Nah, you don't get it.

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Whoever made this art is based as fuck, Gulpin/Swalot are underrated qtpies

>No one mentions the GOAT donut, the maple bar
I'm disappointed in you, Sup Forums

You might have a chance if you self insert as Luffy. I can't guarantee it though. She might end up as the 6th wife.

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