Winter season's almost over; have you decided what will you be watching in the spring?

Winter season's almost over; have you decided what will you be watching in the spring?

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>Golden Kamuy
>Juushinki Pandora
>Mahou Shoujo Site
That's like half the amount of what I'm watching now, but I'm just waiting for Fall season.

100% picking up, will watch it all, even if it ends up being shit:
>Steins;Gate 0
>Boku no Hero Academia
>Full Metal Panic
>Golden Kamuy

Satisfying my curiosity, could stick with them; could drop them:
>Piano no Mori
>Horse Girls
>LoGH remake

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>Boku no Hero Academia
>Comic Girls
>Highschool DxD
>Hoozuki no Reitetsu
>Mahou Shoujo Site
>Steins Gate 0
>Tachibanakan Triangle
As well as leftovers from this season.
Honestly though, nothing that really looks that good. I suspect I will drop most of the new shows and end up mostly watching sequels and leftovers.

Not going to bother with Golden Kamui since the manga will be better, I'll watch Wotaku for the uncommonly good VA choices. Won't watch FMP because Fumoffu is the only good thing from that franchise, Lupin has been shit lately so won't watch that. As I've gotten older I've found anime seems more and more childish to me, I shouldn't care since I'm a manchild virgin anyway but most of it just seems cancerous to me now. I guess all wizards leave Sup Forums eventually.

Holy shit, DxD's new art looks terrible.

All those years behind you and yet you still haven't figured out that Sup Forums is not your blog.

Main ones:
> Steins gate
> Megalobox
> golden kamuy

second priority:
> gun gale (yep, i like sao)

will give it a chance:

> cutie honey
> hinamatsuri

was gonna watch logh, but that ugly ass designs ruin the mood for me. also , was gonna watch boku no hero, but decided insted to read thr manga

>S:G 0
>Space Jam
>Golden Kamuy
>Amanchu S2
>Comic Girls
Weak season overall, but hopefully there will be a surprise gem in there. I didn't anticipate the current season being as good as it was, so maybe theres still a chance.

>my hero s3
This show is lit
>Piano no Mori
looks kinda interesting
>3d kanojo
Im a sucker for slice of life bullshit
>Captain tsubasa
for nostalgia

>My hero academia 3
> S G 0
> P5 animation

Gun Gale Online
Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory
Golden Kamuy
Uma Musume
Hisone to Maso-tan

Nothing else that catches my eye

maybe Layton
Fumikiri and Akkun if it gets subbed
i guess ill watch cutie honey as well

>90% fujo and sports

all the sports shit

can't get enough

lots of second cours next season

so the same shit as this season

>>my hero s3
>This show is lit
this is perfect

Im hyped for.
>Steins;Gate 0
>Hero Academia 3

Will try out 1 episode:
Mahou shoujo site
Megalo box
Hisone to maso-tan
Cutie honey universe

Will avoid:

This season looks a little bit better than the current one (Because the current one sucked). Overall it looks like another backlog season.

>Because the current one sucked
Shit taste.

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There was nothing good out this season.

Steins;gate 0
Ginga eiyuu
Love is hard for otaku
Saredo Tsumibito (but I will regret this)
Golden Kamui
Tada-kun (for doga kobo)
3d kanojo
Kakuriyo no yadomeshi
Uma musume
Nil admirari
Mahou shoujo ore
Megalo box
Comic girls
Lostorage conflated wixoss
Cap. Tsubasa 2018
Isekai Izakaya
Hoozuki no reitetsu 2
Rokuhoudou yotsuiro biyori (if this is PoV with silent protagonist)
Cutie honey
Souen no ken
Gegege no kitaro
Binan Koukou
Aikatsu friends
Kiratto prichan

Akkun to kanoo
Fumikiri jikan
Amai choubatsu
Kuroneko monroe

I need to drop at least a couple of anime, Butlers and Saredo will be the two victims if their episodes are not at least good

>persona 5 the animation
>wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii
>golden kamui
>tada-kun wa koi wa shinai
>piano no mori
>3d kanojo
>kakuriyo no yadomeshi
>megalo box
>hoozuki no reitetsu
>rokohodou yotsuhiro biyori
>cutie honey universe
>souten no ken: regenesis
>gegege no kitarou
for a lot of these I'm going in completely blind, other than reading the synopsis, I'll probably end up dropping a lot of them

watch more anime

>There was nothing good out this season.
Cut the bullshit and admit you haven't watched anything this season. It's better than Spring.

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Shokugeki S3
Boku no Hero S3
High School DxD S4
Tokyo Ghoul S3
Golden Kamui

Desu there were a lot of good anime this season but there was no gem. I mean, Fate cooking anime is, but it's monthly.
Maybe Hugtto precure.

The shit I have been waiting for over 13 years for. Full metal panic. Please be good.

I tried out a bunch of shows this season, and they all sucked. You people are really reaching when you claim that there is anything good out right now. Come on, what are you gonna throw at me? Another kyoani style over substance show? Another fate? Shonen-shit? Furry-shit?
Isekai-shit? Moe-shit? TTGL by A1? What?

Every cycle I tell myself to skip seasonal garbage on watch shows that I have been putting off. The only exception for this Spring will be Full Metal Panic and Wixoss. I will save anything that looks good for after the season has ended.

Golden Kamui for real and LOGH for shitposting privileges.

Box Peek

>Mahou Shoujo ore

oh my oh my oh my, and there I've thought that this is some niche stuff
Pretty curious how are they going to play it, but gender bender mahou shoujo have potential

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Only GGO and Amanchu. I have too many shows carrying over from this season to pick out more than a couple for next season.

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definetly watching:
>Steins;Gate 0
>boku no hero 3
>shokugeki no soma
>full metal panic

interested in, could be good:
>SAO gun gale online (yes, I know)
>golden kamuy
>tada-kun wa koi wo shinai
>piano no gay
>megalo box

most likely will drop it:
>highschool dxd

the upcoming season doesn't look very good, but that's a given since the current season is one of the best in recent years

S;G 0
Persona 5
Golden Kamuy

Three Episode Rule:
that chinese one

Overall, a pretty good season. Not better than Winter but close.

>Persona 5
>Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
>Golden Kamuy
>Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2: Part II
>Akkun to Kanjo
>Steins Gate 0

Boku no hero
Tokyo ghoul
Creatures Family Days
Devils Line
Golden kamuy
Mahou shoujo site
Piano no mori
Comic girls

I can't wait. I'm way too excited for this season.

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3d kanojo
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Tada kun
Continuing Darling

Apart from that I don't know what else to watch, will probably lurk threads to see what produces the most memes

I haven't spotted too much yet, I'm looking for comfy or SoL. Uma Musume and Comic girls are candidates.

Looks like one of the worst seasons in a while

Build Driver
Persona 5

Will try to check out Cutie Honey and Lupin.

Golden Kamui
Madoka 2
Gay Pianos

>Because the current one sucked
>hyped fore Hero academia shit

Im hyped for that one scene. I bet 90% of it is gonna suck, just like the second season did.

Fist of the Blue Sky and Full Metal Panic for this season.

Also am i blind or no SHAFT this season?

I'm not completely sure about it, but something like this.

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Steins Gate 0
Boku no Hero
Souma S3p2
Wotaku ni Koi
Golden Kamuy
Mahou shojo site
3D Kanojo
Uma musume
Comic Girls
Captain Tsubasa
Alice or Alice
Cutie Honey
Lupin III

Too much anime and nothing really stands out. Gotta wait until they aire and only pick the good stuff. Unless everything gets evely distributed on the week, if that's the case then I have no problem with all these shows.
The ones I'm looking forward the most are comic girls, SG0 and Uma Musume.

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