Itt: Girls getting what they deserve

Itt: Girls getting what they deserve.

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She got her well deserved victory alright.

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Both of them

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Good girls deserve cookies

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>xxx thousand

The poor sap, though I admit spending almost as much on shitty mobage too.

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Just finished this show recently. I put it off for years because I saw that stupid purple haired girl everywhere.
I'm so sorry Renge.

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where is my gas

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>tumblr filename
Please leave.

>he doesn't know that you can post images straight from Google.
How new?

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Longer version

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Best moment of the series desu

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When Ami beat the shit out of Minori
When Asuka’s mother slapped her in front of everyone

>I'll be miserable for you Misaki

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lol newfag.


Yeah right. It's Manami who deserves to be slapped.

I refuse to watch this, but from what I know of her from SRW V.

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What are you talking about? She's a pure girl who just wanted to to be reunited with her mother. She didn't deserve any of that.

These are the best, I wish there were more of them

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No no what your looking for is salt but the reason you can't find it is because you ARE the salt.

Even after all these years the anal devastation still runs deep in so many salty shippers, God i will love Kirino forever simply because of how much rage she caused and how years later they still get buttmad and salty like the dead sea over her winning.

And i never watched or read Oreimo but i still love her for the endless ocean of tears she created for me to consume.

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Is she getting hit by kinetic blasts?


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Was it rape?

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Remember this? Good times

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Girls Und Panzer

Patrician taste user, I fucking hated that bitch.

You're just a vile creature doomed to live its life in constant hate and despair.

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Vivid Strike

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What's this?

Kakumeiki Valvrave I suppose. Hope it's good, but even if it's not rape makes everything better.

Based user

she was asking for it with those tits

what game?

sauce please

Sengoku Rance

My niggers

Does anyone have the GTA version of this gif

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How do I not remember this?

>implying he didn't like it
you just know from that creepy smirk he pulled after getting hit

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Fuck miuna

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That's my wife. Delet this right now.

I remember when I did this to a guy in science class.
Fucker spat in my face.

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did you hit him with a chair for spitting on you, or did he spit on you for hitting him with a chair?

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>strongest class

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Just as a warning: That webm is also what got me interested in it, and the series doesn't hold up in the least.

Inb4 Emergence

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why did she deserve it?

I've only ever heard about this series but aren't they siblings?

It's a terrible anime where a decent guy throws away his relationships with great woman who love him with all their heart, just so that he can kiss his little sister

it's upsetting if you arent a siscon or have common sense

oh so it's like toradora but actually shit in every sense that toradora was good

There it is

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