I've watched 2 episodes now

I've watched 2 episodes now.
Will it get any better?

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if you don't like it by now you never will

It's incredibly hit or miss. If you're finding that it's missing more for you then you should just give up.

you literally just started to be honest, it depends on your preference.

fuck :(
It's nothing like one punch man or mob psycho. Fucking MAL tricked me again! :,(

This, stop bothering.

That's right, Mob psycho is shit and OPM is mostly action with just a few gags

It gets better when your taste does.

you're probably one of those who gave Assassination Classroom a 10/10.

I managed to watch 5. It doesn't.

What comedy shows do you like?

I found it a pretty decent show throughout, so I guess if you don't like it by now you never will.

The best scene is still that one where he takes that bum out of the bag

from what i've heard from the rest of Sup Forums, it's either 10/10 or 0/10. theres no sitting in the middle just like saiki cant do

Stuff that doesn't rely on boys acting cringy.
Ichigo Mashimaro, Nichijou, Seitokai Yakuindomo, Mitsudomoe, Azazel-san, etc.

dont worry, mc can turn into a girl so it'll fit right in with your taste of girls acting cringy

sure thing pedo

watching girls > watching guys

what are you, gay?

>it's a moefag
i'm no longer surprised

>what are you?
Not a degenerate like you.

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I am deeply insulted

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>I've watched 2 episodes now.
Watch more and make your own decision fucking piece of crap.

If you don't like what you saw so far, stop, there will not be anything new added