Who would best animate Kaguya and why is it Dogakobo?

Who would best animate Kaguya and why is it Dogakobo?

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>not Shaft
>not wanting glorious how cute headtilts

If Kaguya were to be animated it would have happened already. Someone on nipland doesn't want it.

>House Shinomiya dont want it to animate

B...But why?

It wouldnt work, unless they use a god tier director

Not anymore.

At least not the way they are now. Golden age Dogakobo would've been stellar for it, but they're not the same now.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind Shaft, hell, go fucking hyper-stylized with it. I can see it work.

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A-1 or JC Staff

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I think the narration is a problem. How could they pull that off well?

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I mean, the series has a third party narrator. When you read it goes naturally but hearing a voice going through those lines will feel odd.

that and also pages like this won't translate well to anime

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Narrator speaking, then have them speak to each other with their thoughts spoken in a more quiet way

Lots of narration, the chapters are very strongly chronological for romcom standards and small details gets reused all the time.

If possible, though, I want them to give the series a very stylish aesthetic without too much SHAFT-isms. Kinda like Persona 5 or Yozakura Quartet.

DEEN. I'm serious.

Yeah but who would voice Kaguya?

I don't know if Dogakobo can get how creepy and scary Kaguya look sometimes. I know that a studio matters only this much and the staff is the most important thing, but still

Or have the character talk with behind them the text, for a more literal adaption. But yeah, Kaguya as manga is almost a novel with how much the words matter.

is it just me or has their "genius" persona slowly faded over time? you don't even see them doing or saying prodigy/genius-level things anymore

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Godakobo would be good if its not their B team.
KyoAni would be great, but zero chance.
Shaft will be passable because of head tilts.
JC Staff would do solid work with zero chance to screw it up, but not especially outstanding.
A-1 will be cheap shit.
Kinema Citrus should be able to do it.
Please no Madhouse, Bones, IG.

My conclusion is: Toei or TMS


The real one, not the trigger/khara hacks. They handled Medaka Box, they should be able to handle this.

Pine Jam needs another work to boost their repertoir. Remember this name, you will see it often in the future.

>lots of narration
and people think hxh did work

> raws never

Remember, the face of a Shinomiya can't be shown to public.

>Miko won't make it into the anime

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>Animated by SILVER LINK

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> and no badass Ishigami
Well, in season 2 i guess?

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Three girls already have a husbando, sorry user.

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With Oonuma Shin directed it like when he did ef? Yeah I'll take that

This is basically the plot of pic related.
We don't need another one.

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>Actually citing Freud
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Don't fuck with the boys. They are pure and good. Kaguya and Miko are bad waifus.

Madhouse always does consistent SoL and romcom so I’ll go with them

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