Dragonball super hate thread

Inexcusable. Find me a Z frame worse than this.
>Pro tip: You can't

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oh my fucking god.. even some kids draw better

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Holy shit is that an actual frame from Super?

From episode 129

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here's a pretty bad vegeta

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That's fanart that someone based off an early episode of Dragon Ball Super. Check out episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super for the actual frames.

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Nice background

Super removed all detail and soul from characters

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>face expressing maximum dissatisfaction


I grew up with Dragon Ball (first watched it 20 years ago) and i nostalgia hard over DB and DBZ, and even I can't fucking stand DB Super.
i don't see how anyone actually enjoys watching it.

Good thing Super has looked a lot better for a while now

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id be ok with shit animations if story wasnt retarded piss of shit, they made dragon ball a one piece ripoff. if i wanted one piss id watch one piss. also, god ki was a mistake

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Goku was SSJ3 for literally 5 seconds in this scene because they couldn't be bothered to animate him at all


super hasnt had bad animation for years

here something nobody hate