still no thread? I'm disappointed in you guys

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It's almost done. Here's hoping the last two episodes this season are great. I've got high hoopes for this one, the preview looking interesting..

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I'm going to miss these threads. Hoping that S3 announcement will be made quickly this time.

Yeah, I can't believe no one got excited over this preview pic of Dayon.

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I hate it!

because the previews sucked and the episode isn't even out yet so go away

s-screw you

Season 2 is dog shit compared to season 1

Totty makes me the best reaction faces

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Wow, what an informative and original contribution to this thread

>tfw I want a meta skit but I'm gonna get a mostly Dayon episode instead

Please, share some more Tottys before all the haters show up

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They really should have dropped the fucking dayon episode earlier in the season. Not on the fucking second to last episode.

Totty haters are just projecting girls who got bullied by stacies in high school. He's a nice boy.

He does.

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Well it's not the best either. I personally wodh there were no hits and misses in s1 & s2, it could've taken the top place of my favorite show

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Whatever you say, thugassduck

Sometimes they're angry phony normies who don't like seeing their own faults reflected. It's funny to watch.

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I was going to make a thread at the time I usually do (11:40 est) but you beat me to it. Also don't make the threads so early, it has a chance of dying

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No one wants a Dayon and another Iyami episode. Why do they hate fujobucks so much? Are they trying to destroy the show for good?

I blame fujita for fucking up dayons character

>He's a nice boy
He really is, he doesn't deserve to be the lowest-rated Matsu.

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It'd be more bearable they had him used more as a random bystander in different occupations instead of just screaming his name. heck there were a few kun (in before the ree) stories where he was protag and even if his personality was vanilla, he had purpose.

Maybe because he has no positive traits whatsoever? At least the others have some

He doesn't have natural pity points like Karamatsu, so there won't be any Todogirls crying and sending pleas for Matsubara to treat him better. Irino hasn't pulled the stunt Kamiya did either, to get fujos to vote for him in polls.

He's an interesting character? Not all characters need to be perfect or have positive traits in order to be good?

Every day until we like it?

He is nice and reasonable and actually tries to live a better life. Choro is objectively worse I bet people only like him because Kamiya.

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That's Oso these days.

Choro is gross and stupid, but that's part of what makes him cute.

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Certain Choro and Todo fans seem to like throwing cheap potshots at each other's fav, happens here, happens on other obnoxious social media.

He still has charisma.

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I wish I was iyami in that picture

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wtf is the context of this

Liar, that sign CLEARLY says that's Totoko.

>he doesn't deserve to be the lowest-rated Matsu
You're right, Ichimatsu does. Totty is actually funny, unlike tsundere moeblobmatsu.

I wish that too but sadly iro boosts him up to the top

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It's funny, I usually find Ichi likeable when he's with anyone BUT Kara.
But given iro is still so damn popular, I'm not sure if it's just me who has bad taste.

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If Totty loved cats, everyone would flock over to him. Cat smile ain't enough.

>I bet people only like him because Kamiya.
wrong, I love Choro for who he is

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Choro is uggo with his piddly pupils and frog mouth (but hey at least it isn't a heart mouth, I fucking despise those)

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Describe what your favorite matsu smells like, without mentioning who it is.

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enlightened people hate iro

No way, if anything the frog mouth is his only charm

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I'm an unapologetic frog fucker.

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Vaginal discharge

unwashed hobo

Horse cum.

Fresh roasted coffee

What's funny is that he looks fine in that picture imo. Probably cause the pupils are normal

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Totty is really cute...

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Wet dog.

Was there no preview for the next episode or did I miss it?

>last episode won't focus on Matsus either

Wait I didn't watch the episode yet, is that true?

Quit yer bullshit, there were no previews this week.

I know there was no preview, but if this turns out to be true, I'm gonna make you take responsibility. I will hunt you down

It's a prediction

After the surprisingly devastating meta skit I am getting the sense there won't be one.

>worstmatsus are drowning while the others stay afloat
now THIS is art.

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Ah, fair enough. Seems like the kinda stunt they might be game enough to pull at this point, actually, now I think about it.

No preview at all

No, user is fooling you, probably salting about the amount of Iyamifucker bait

They'll all either drown or die of alcohol poisoning here anyway.

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Strange, I don't see ichi at the bottom
Yeah my bad, I'm pretty gullible

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Not gonna lie, I was expecting them to give some even more depressing end with Iyami killing himself so he could relive his glory days in his dying mind.

No previews but the next episode title is "Sakura." You know, those symbols of graduation and the ephemerality of life.

I'm not ready, guys

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i recognize this artstyle. isn't this the person that drew a lot of fart fetish art with ichimatsu?

I don't want it to be over, goddammit

>no shitty esp nyanko
you are right, it's art

>Cherry blossom

>No Iyami

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Shhh, it will probably be bait like Letter. Or even a feel-good episode made to be the calm before the ultimate chaos.

They like to bait that cat so much, they should stick him and Atsushi together in something and free people from the fujo and feels false pretenses.

I dont think so, well then again I found it on Pinterest and it linked me to Tumblr, so I'll have to look back

>Iyami drags Jyushimatsu

is this season even redeemable?

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Aw fuck it is, shame because I thought this picture was funny

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not for karafags like you

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>Graduation and the ephemerality of life
This will be interesting.

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>That thumbnail

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I love jyushi to bits, but I have to admit his face can be pretty unsettling at times

Karamatsu is made for bullying

>Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short.
Angst speculation go

Eh, they'll probably fuck us over with another baseball-esque episode

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At the end Earth explodes and everyone dies

Well, it's written right in the sakura. They're temporary. Anything that happens is temporary.
Maybe it's time some people should say bye to the show since they're calling its death so frequently anyway.

>Anything that happens is temporary
Such is life. Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end. But in my heart's the memory, and there it'll always be

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I think it's more about the show like the show is saying goodbye to fans. Even this episode was bookended with skits about growing up and leaving before you stop being fun.

I'm like three episodes behind and still don't feel like catching up. It's so boring now and the threads barely talk about new eps anyway.

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Because besides a few people, there seems to be a general consensus that the majority of the episodes have been mediocre to bad. so there's no much to discuss.
Nice Disney reference

May as well post this cute comic

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Why is the worst brother Karamatsu?