ITT characters who completely deserve their suffering and, in fact, deserve worse

ITT characters who completely deserve their suffering and, in fact, deserve worse

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Satan did nothing wrong.

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Fucking newfags.

fuck off cunt

Other than Shin Megami Tensei II I can’t think of a good sympathetic Satan

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you deserve a ban

Fuck you Satan

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Wow Satan is cute

Wish Alexis would slit her throat

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Why can't this homo just fuck Shinji and make him happy, instead of committing suicide every fifteen minutes?

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This was so entirely pointless.

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Someone post that page he got cucked by Miki in swimsuit.

How can you possibly think that
She has a martyr complex, sure, but she’s a good girl

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>SMT II Satan
>wants to destroy the only means of continued human survival
What did he mean by this?


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He didn't do anything wrong. He was just a little crazy.

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>liking the traitor
ironic newfags.

Still he is /our/ traitor.
Also a cuck so many can relate to him.

>plans human extermination for demons
>except the humanest human, he needs to be preserved, he needs the demon champion's powers so he survives
>everything this human lives for still has to go though
>loses the human and the demon
>creates general of the army that kills all demons after demons kill all humans

It'd be beautiful if not for the injustice that others have to suffer Satan before Satan can suffer.

This bitch.

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