ITT: Anime characters you'd like to get drunk and/or high with

ITT: Anime characters you'd like to get drunk and/or high with

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That yoichi chick from drifters.

Die in hell.

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This thread is gay

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>using alcohol as an excuse to get close with a trap

I'd like to drunk fuck her.

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The things I'd do to him.

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I would get him drunk and prank him with anal sex.

Speaking of pink readheads and alcohol, Madoka's mom.

God he's so hot

I want to be sexually assaulted by a drunken Cynthia.

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That left arm looks so bad.

Wish I was this attractive. I would pull so much pussy.

>not posted once
>objectively correct answer

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Yeah hairy pussy in Japan maybe.

And everywhere else.

good choice, man of refined taste


I would drink wine with Gilgamesh.

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>A large bottle of aged whiskey
>A couple of joints
>Finish off with an opium pipe

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By myself like every single weekend.

I really need to learn how to color skin like this.

Please help.


Fuck right off you subhuman

practice shading what else could you do?

I don't use drugs or drink but talking with Pieck sounds nice.

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also if you use photoshop you can duplicate the original layer and then add blur and experiment with other layers to make a sorta glow effect

What a qt girl.

but I don't
>like to get drunk and/or high

The best way for me to learn stuff is tracing it and drawing over it.

>Anime characters you'd like to get drunk and/or high with

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When is S2 coming?

But this way you'll never actually learn, and you'll never find your own style.

Obvious choice.

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This faggot gets crazy when drunk, it'd be fun

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A best

Yeah bro straight edge is where it's at am I right? Ahahaha

Worst choice of the 8

I'm sure she knows how to have fun.

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*steals your wallet*

She would never.

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>She would never.

Nadeshiko's older sister seems like she'd be fun to have a drink with.

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Aqua is a good girl and too dumb to steal succesfully even if she were sober.


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This or Ozen

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No homo.

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Even during tracing I change stuff so it feels more natural to me. I don't wanna produce a copy, I want to understand the underlying blueprint. The end product will look similar to the original but definitely not the same.
Also, I don't just copy stuff. When I think I understand something well enough, I try to draw it from memory.
And fuck off with your "your own style" bullshit. I don't know how it was for you, I couldn't find it for shit when I was looking for it, but once I just started practicing without worrying about style it came to me naturally. (because that's the fucking point of "your style" it's the style of drawing that feels the most natural to you, so of course, you'll slowly but surely drift towards it)

Carrier from Underwater Ray Romano

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With my wife obviously.

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Lol I thought it was Eren for a moment from the thumbnail.