I can't wait until this THICC retarded chick gets an anime

I can't wait until this THICC retarded chick gets an anime.

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>sees panties/breasts like a million times
>still acts like a flustered retard every time
What a faggot.

She's got them child bearin hips. And an ass I wanna hang onto like a monkey gripping a banana.

Can't wait until she finds a man that's gonna pound her.

She's too fat.

>anime announced
>not enough plot progression, so ecchi is turned up to 11 to the point of being mindnumbing
>character designs are severely downgraded
I love the manga but let's be real.

You don't understand, it's precisely because he love her

I have 2 older sisters and seen them naked when they were still living with us so many times I stopped being aroused by it. Yet everytime the girl I secretly adore in my job is close to me I feel like dying


Did you at least fucked one of your sisters?

That's why you act like that.


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Real life isn't like one of ours anime series, user

You always need to check mother before confessing to a girl, if mama is hot milf, daughter is legit

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How can he think about studying when this fertile minx is constantly traipsing about his peripheral?

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I wish this thicc retard's manga would actually have something happen. i'm too old to have endless panty shots and cleavage hold my attention for dozens of chapters anymore.

He actually comes to admire her for her dedication and hard work on Kendo.

We need more NTR doujins

Not even after you kill yourself.

Megumi is for big black bulls not for a faggy soyboy

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megumi is for producing a strong full-blooded japanese soccer team to win the world cup for japan

That suit is way too tight