Darling in the FranXX


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Seems like this G-class was an attempt to suicide nuke the plantation. There is definitively an intelligent mind behind the Klaxosaurs.


when we get plot

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best couple

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Why is he afraid of Strawberry?

Because like any typical MC that is as perceptive as a brick wall he only now found out Ichigo loves him.

But he doesn't seem as nervous around zero two though.

I imagine a lot of Ichigo's feelings for Hiro come from the things he gave her

He gave her an identity by giving her a name, he's taught her a bunch of things, and he gave her the hairclip

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zorome is very lucky

he gets best girl

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Hiro explaining that kiss was misunderstanding?

Babymaker is best girl

He gave her first kiss too.

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>He gave her

Because he loves her and she is aggressive. Easy to relax around aggressive girls.

>gave her

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She forcefully kissed him and then he looked mindbroken and said that he felt nothing. That's one hell of a first experience.

its just admiration, like all the other kids
Shes his only fanboy left

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What's with the cult-like following anyway?

How did this go from
"I feel nothing"
"You were aweful"
"It was special"



She has nothing to compare it to.


>it was special to her
>he said he didn't feel a thing
I'd be pissed too.

Because those are mutual feelings of being together so they aren't totally awkward around eachother.

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It feels like this animu is just becoming a "Muh waifu" situation, which is fine buut I was kinda hoping Goro or Ichigo were going to die from the stupid stunt? Maybe it'd be a bit too early for something like that in this slow moving anime though.

I want to protect darling's smile so much.

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>But he doesn't seem as nervous around zero two though.
He does. The swimsuit scene. After he confessed in episode 4.

We already know it, 02.

And she's also just saw that Hiro giving a gift either means
>almost nothing because he's just a giving person and part of her infatuation is reading too much into the hairclip
>he cares for the recipient in a meaningful way and that he's moved on from her to 02
So either way she loses.


02's sister

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the cutest

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I think it's time for your daily dose.

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The broken mirror in the OP looks like the one Hiro gave 02. I am interested to see how 02s self loathing is effected by it.

Speaking of the mirror, the fact that it was originally Naomi’s is kind of ‘cringy’ but also understandable given Hiro’s lack of resources to get a gift for your wife.

Watching him give a gift to another girl, then losing Hiro's pin and being given Goro's hold significant meaning.

Hiro had a cult following him in the past, they all instantly fall in line. He's Jesus.

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dzięki, doktorze

Hiro built a throne of cushions for him

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Hiro looks smug af in this shot. Is it intentional?

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Don’t expect it until 3rd and 4th arc though. We feels and comfy arc now

He was a popular prodigy as a kid, remember? Why wouldn't he be smug. It's just that their entire lives revolve around piloting, so the same thing that made him smug robbed him of his confidence and will to live when he couldn't sync. Until 02 came into his life and gave him his confidence and swagger back. You now realise that he was just as smug as a kid as 02 often is now. Hopefully, she helps his confidence get fully restores and they become smug couple.

It's never too soon to start killing characters. But now they've set a precedent, they are never going to kill any character except for maybe in the final battle.

Obviously it's because it's forced. Hiro and Ichigo have no idea what the fuck is love anyways.
They will kiss again, but this time a passionate one, when they fall in love with each other.
Use your head. This is poetry.

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Yeah, granted in other threads I've read it would have killed Goro's 'character development' from this and last weeks episode?? Which I guess I could see a fathomable argument for buuut he's a pretty well developed character or at the very least a well established character.

Ichigo's first honest and passionate kiss will be with Goro. That "kiss" couldn't even be called that. Technically, it will be her first kiss and Goro will be the one to receive it.

>has shit opinions

Looks like the typical story of the kid who thinks he's untouchable.
Either this is going full on bad end or he's going to find his humility and drop the dinosaur.

>Hopefully, she helps his confidence get fully restores and they become smug couple.
I don't think Hiro will go full smug but hopefully we'll see more scenes like in ep 8 where he says parasites should be a little pervy and 02 smugly backs him up.

His dead would have served as character development for both Hiro and Ichigo too.

Thanks, doc.

He'll be blown the fuck out just like all the other shitposters were. Just give it a couple of episodes. Trying to change the mind of someone with severe mental issues isn't worth the effort. Just let him learn the hard way.

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Yeah I can't imagine being that delusional outside of pure shitposting purposes.

So who's his Mary Magdalene?

Спасибо, доктор.

But who does that make 02?

Hiro is the spider.

Gracias, doctor.

Oh Goro is definitely friendzoned, at least for the moment. if Ichigo had any inkling of interest in him she wouldn’t brush him off by saving her answer for later.

Judging by the red coloration and horns, probably satan.

I want to meet at Miku's body

Fatty is Jesus.

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I can't wait for Ichigo to experience a passionate kiss with a man who actually loves her.

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>multiplies food
you might be onto something

Gorocucks are getting desperate

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If Hiro is Jesus does that mean 02 is Mary Magdalene? Jesus cast demons out of her and she became one of his followers, or his lover (considered a heretical belief). She was supposedly the first to testify to his resurrection.
Hiro will make her human but will leave her at some point in this show.
Uh oh.

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02, Remember that a hundred men piloting her ass before Hiro

>innocent children live in a garden
>horned girl gives them knowledge that will get them expelled
>Christian context

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>Way to go, Hiro!

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Best girl

>You were awful

I believe she was talking about herself

she just needs time to sort out her feelings, it's not like she could just give an answer while she still thinks Hiro is her true love

Why, is it so wrong to back the HiroxIchigo ship?

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>The Adventures of Hiro and His Disciples

He changed his mind at the end of the episode. It's Hiro's "I can't make it rain", "I don't know if I can make it rain" from episode 5.


It brings out the absolute worst in Ichigo and makes her a pathetic joke. Good thing Ichigo will grow out of it.

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Michlan always has shit opinions so I'm guessing yes.

Hiro is a lucky young man.

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Then it's not my fault you back the shittiest ships.

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Exactly - and the little fuck whose name I can't remember, ever - but I guarantee after a fuck up like that he'd never be that reckless again, also it could have introduced a neat element to the world what happens when one of the partners die? Do they just send in a replacement or multiple replacements to see who matches, or do they replace the pair as a whole bringing in two new characters, would have been an interesting bit of world building.

The best

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I like this theory the most.
Don't forget the mirror, which a symbol of illumination and wisdom. In literature, mirrors reflect the truth and show things as they really are. Adam and Eve are expelled from paradise because of their attained knowledge.

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I feel like it's a rarity for people to like the main couple so much.

Fuck Mary Magdalene

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Judas, gonna call it now that bitch will betray them for a better opportunity ; of course she'd try to bring her darling with her but she wouldn't hesitate to leave his ass if something better came up or if he failed to outperform said replacement.

You are literally everything that's wrong with Ichigofags.

You can vote for multiple at once. Even then it's a lot of votes for hir02, which is nice

>horned girl gives them knowledge that will get them expelled
Fuck, didn’t think of that.

Goro knows Ichigo is for Hiro.
Based Cuck bro.

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It's bad, and it should make you feel bad for liking it.

Hiro deserves someone as pure as Ichigo, and not some slut like 02.
You're just mad because it breaks up the couples Sup Forums likes so much.

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>Trips of truth
Screencapping this for documentation.