ITT mangaka who don't know how to make good endings

ITT mangaka who don't know how to make good endings

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Most of them.

Will the movie have a good ending?

And then i fainted

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It would be easier to list mangaka who can make good ones.


That's a very short list:


Kumeta. I also think FMA ended well.
Controversial opinion: I think Kami nomi'z ending was perfect.

the first BAA series had a good ending.

Nailed it.

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>FMA ended well
hahahahahahahaha no

Sasuga Kei


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Came here to say that, FPBP.

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Not sure if the list should be this short, but you certainly got that one name right.

I'd say Fujimoto. The end of Fire Punch was wholesome.

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Gunmm's ending legit made me feel rage fuck

Naoki Urasawa and Rumiko Takahashi are probably among the worst offenders as in their success seems to be completely unfazed by their complete inability to write endings.

>he is still mad about brotherhood being better

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Eiji Masuda.

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Ito "then I fainted" Junji

Rumiko can't write the journey to save her life, either.

>ITT mangaka who don't know how to make good endings
literally all mangakas

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It's why he is dragging it out. If he dies first he wont need to write an ending.

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Soul Eater. Only good thing about it was BlackStar and Tsubaki.

That's most mangaka in general.

In this case its more a case of him not wanting a good ending.

Can't ask for better when your manga is canceled at 21 chapters.

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All of last order was garbage tho.

He turned a beautiful mysterious world with lovable characters into your standard anime fighting tournament.

I like to pretend that last order doesn't exist.

Mars Chronicles is also shit

But notice how the only good parts on both are the flashbacks (anything that doesn't involve Alita), seems like he's just forced to continue the series because its successful. He should just make something new

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p.s. When I dont repress it, Im still mad

Give sauce

Really dude?


Fucker doesn't know how to write characters and his stories are barely coherent edge fests

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This. What is wrong with them?