HxH is the best shone-

>HxH is the best shone-

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>only 3
That's amazing compared to most shounen. Show me something better, retard.

>only one asspull

it's strengths are so good they outweigh the o my rubber nen moment.
I used to think it was a copout, but now Im glad Hisoka is alive. I want to see more of how he will unravel.

wasted 40 episodes waiting for this shit to get good
>muh chi/ki/ra/nen
>muh noodle twink boy is akshually soopah assassin
>muh moms gonna freak licking blood villain
>muh sidegirl (male)
>tournament arc after a competition
literally trash

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Brainlets who can't understand even a series as simple as this shouldn't be on the interner

none of those are asspulls.

they perfectly fit in the rules of that universe.

unlike haki in one piece that just appeared out of nowhere.

t. brainlet

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Only alluka can be called an asspull and it's just a setup to show how dangerous DC's creatures are so it isn't that bad

Still better than wanpiss desu

>Shōnen, shonen, or shounen manga (少年漫画 shōnen manga) is manga aimed at a teenage male target-demographic readership
>aimed at a teenage male
Looks like the genre itself is defined by having asspulls

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I read the entire thing and the only worth while thing to read is the Chimera Arc, and even then it constantly suffers from Togashi's utter lack of storytelling and the art can get pretty bad, even if you're reading the corrected version.

Still, I think it's a good cartoon for children. Certainly better than the alternatives.

and everyone got up and applauded ...

not nanika
anime only here, were his powers, not his character foreshadowed at all?

No. Nanika's near-omnipotence is something beyond any Nen ability shown before, although that's pretty fitting since it's later implied that it originated outside the small area of the Earth's surface inhabited by humans.




i bet that will happen in the future

>HxH fans can't take criticism or accept other view points
I was going to write how deplorable I think this attitude is, but it totally escaped me that if you are HxH fans you are most likely children. Of course your social skills are not totally developed yet, I should have lowered my expectations.

truly the rick and morty of anime

Only Nanika is an asspull

>hurr durr you just dont understand shit design, thats why you dont like it
neck yourself underage retard

kill yourself you flaming autist

Killua's wish sibling is the only one that felt in bad taste to me as I was reading. The other ones fit fine into how nen was always portrayed even if they didn't have the best foreshadowing.