Are you looking forward to Cutie Honey, Sup Forums?

Are you looking forward to Cutie Honey, Sup Forums?

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I hope it gets the same clout and excitement when Devilman Crybaby was released

It isn't getting half as much coverage as Crybaby did so I doubt it
In the meantime enjoy these

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As a bonus have TotallynotSisterJill

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Trust me, it won't. I'd be surprised if the threads reach 400 replies.

Looks like a dyke

Par for the course

Can it surpass Re?

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Nothing will surpass Re's first episode.

Unless it's release on Netflix, not a chance.

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I don't remember Sister Jill being dykish, except on Cutie Honey Tennyou Densetsu where she raped girls with her futacock but that doesn't count because it was during Nagai's rape phase

It's my most anticipated show this year.
Fuck that. Why would you want that?

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Will there be bobs and vagene?

>Fuck that. Why would you want that?
I would love to see more people in the west exposed to Go Nagai works in general.

Is there a good rip of Re yet?

yes please!

Nagai will always be a niche thing except for the nostalgiafags that watched the old Mazinger show. Soybaby changed a lot for making it a hit among normies. The general consensus is the manga is passe and Soybaby is superior in every aspect

waifu taken

Of course

I wouldn't. Most people don't get the ethos, and you end up with normalfag pandering shit like Crybaby and Mazinger Infinity that really miss the point.

Those fucking chins though

I see there is a "shoujo" tag on this anime.
Does this mean it will be more like Cutey Honey Flash?

Hopefully, Flash had the best art direction of any series, and better writing than Toei and Re:.

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The strongest

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>Flash will never be fully translated
Sad. Still looking forward to this.

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The lack of an atx airing probably means it'll be less lewd. Sucks because New Cutey Honey is fap worthy.

Flash is Toei

It is airing on AT-X, according to ANN

Is this a reboot or can should I still watch the older ones?

It's a reboot. Like with Crybaby, you don't need to watch older material

Every CH anime is basically standalone

>you don't need to watch older material
But that's terrible advice. Go Nagai reboots are almost never like the one before it. Rather than reboot, it's more like director taking this existing franchise in a new direction every time.

Cutie Honey Tears was totally different from The Live which was totally different from RE / Anno's movie which was totally different from Flash which was totally different from New which was a sequel to the original TV anime which was totally different from the OG manga.

And I haven't even gotten to the various manga about it yet like agogo and tennyo densetsu.

True. But what I mean is that if user is pressed for time or can't watch the older stuff for whatever reason, he doesn't need to. This show will stand on it's own, unlike DxD S4 or Index S3, where you need to watch previous material because the story continues from where the last season ended.

This. Watching the different Cutie Honeys is like time traveling. Every decade or so a new one is made with a new spin on the same franchise, filled with its Zeitgeist.
The ridiculous 70s version, the dystopian OVA from the early 90s, the classical magical-girl one from the late 90s. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this franchise will go in the future.

No parental lock like other uncensored shows sadly.

Didn't she get excited over honey before their final fight in the original manga?

It won't

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What are the Cutie Honey essentials for the uninitiated? I only watched the live action move once on tv

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Any of them
Except Tears I guess