Chiyo's body

Chiyo's body

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Is pure and must be protected

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It's a nice body.

This is now an osaka thread

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How old would Chiyo be today?

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too old

We talked about this in the osaka thread and I came up with around 29

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Chiyo's thread.

Ok, I'll report you.

Chiyo isn't even that cute.

0% sexual appeal

shes got nice thighs for a midget

Mods, please ban this fag.

28 actually since she was born in March 1989, while the rest of the girls are around 34 years old.

I was close but a sad part is that tadakichi is long gone now
Shut your mouth

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back to plebbit

Pure sex. And must be protected. With sex.

American size.

is built for sex. The rough kind, especially.

Stop sexualizing little girls.


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The things I would do to this girl...

Is the anime worth watching? I've read the omnibus off and on for the past few years.

Tell them to stop being so sexy first.

Does Sup Forums like Osaka because they self-insert into autistic girl best?

What is it good for?

I like Osaka because she's the cutest.

Transportation. She has helicopter rotor integrated into her hair

Tadakichi may be dead but I'm sure Chiyo has another Great Pyrenees named Tadakichi Jr. or something.
Sakaki's iriomote cat is also probably dead, and you can't just get another one of those at the pound.

I like her because of her southern accent in the dub


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What? That makes no sense.

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