Danchigai chapters 60 & 61

Aneki in the OP, because it's an aneki chapter.

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clickbaited lol

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And 61.

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As always, let me know if there are any mistakes, and you can check out the previous chapters on mangadex.

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Aneki is so cute in twintails. Thanks for your work as always. By the way, leading looks rather weird from bubble to bubble, for example in here Yayoi's ''...Huh? Uh... Um... I...'' part or here ''I thought she went somewhere in the end, after walking around in that outfit.'' Not that important for reading purposes but thought you may want to know.

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>the game kinda sucks but muh story and muh characters

Haruki is such a Sup Forumsermin.

i would kill for being Haruki

Leading has always looked like shit with this editor. Reminds me of some porn manga releases that were typesetted retarded the same way.

No no, it's welcome criticism, since I usually don't get any comments on my typesetting and just tend to go with whatever feels right to me. I actually bumped up the leading on purpose on page 5, to emphasize the stuttering, but I'm not married to the idea and if it looks weird I'll change it. On the other page I didn't fuck with it though, so I'm not sure what you mean.

Well, thanks for never saying anything about it just so you can be a smug cunt now, it's really helpful.

Fuck that guy and thanks for the chapters.

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

Thanks. How many chapters left until we are caught up?

According to mangadex 17 + the new one on the 22nd.

i want to rape your sister, that's how much i love her

Apparently my eyes were deceiving me, I checked out in Photoshop and yeah you're right. Maybe it's because I find Wild Word's auto leading terrible sometimes. I made a comprasion about what would I change about typesetting overall, but I'm pretty rusted too so take it with caution.

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Thanks, always a great job

Yayoi a best!

It does look better with smaller font, I can tell that much. Or is did you do something else?

Changed auto leading a little bit on the top right and the bottom left bubbles. Also, I'd recommend you choose a different font for the bottom right text like here since the current one looks like Wild Words which you already use for speech bubbles.

Oh, I also set kerning to Optical instead of Metrics, also used Smooth for anti-aliasing but I assume you already use that.

Thanks op

oh, best girl chapter is best girl

Aneki is a best! a BEST!


Thanks for the chapter, i love nee san

Here are some tips if you care.

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Scanlating is serious business. Just as examples, HS Grandblue was pretty much as good as scanlating goes, on the other hand whoever is working on the Yuun/a/ scanlations is only doing the bare minimum and doesn't even seem to know what he's doing.

Yeah, autism seems appropriate. Thank you, though, I'll try to keep it in mind. One more thing though, you say to keep punctuation at the end of a line and in the same example you put a question mark in its own line, which is something I've actively avoided doing, what's up with that?

>creating a new sentence only for interrogation point
Why would you do that?


How many chads hit on her that day?

ALL, they drugged her drink and done unspeakable things to her for that night

In addition to that, your font size is needlessly big in some places, for example pic related. I guess it's because you wanted some free space next to text but it doesn't feel right.

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Well, there's a simple explanation for that.
>text too wide
>break it up more
>narrow text can be bigger
I don't know if it's "right", but I think there's some value in using up all that vertical space.

You can get away with that when you run out of space of want to put emphasis on the question/exclamation. It's recommanded to single out double/triple exclamation marks to give a stronger effect to the flow of action.

I can tell you're laughing and it all sounds like a bunch of whatever but you don't scanlate like you take a piss. Actually you can, but then it will be like piss.

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>there's some value in using up all that vertical space

Mind bubble shape, make things breath, achieve balance, feel good.

Well, the problem with using that vertical space is it breaks the text too much as opposed to making the size smaller since bubbles are designed for Japanese text originally. Though you have some points like leaving some free space instead of filling all of the bubble with text, in my personal opinion it'd be better if you used a smaller font size.

Right look too small and cramped.

Breaking the text isn't an issue. This is not HxH.

The right panel's text was around 19-20 pt, do you really consider that small?

It will be small in the context of the page as whole. I remember some old maoyuu scanlations where you had to zoom to be able to read anything.

Yeah, it looks good in this case and I'll definitely keep it in mind for emphasis, but for regular punctuation I think I'll try not to do that.Also, there's nothing wrong with piss.

Yeah, it's a balance, obviously, the question is where is the golden mean. If you just typeset a single line of size 10 text through the center it's gonna have a fuckload of room to breathe, but it's not gonna look good.

It's very much a case-by-case thing, I think in left looks better, but in , for example, it looks better small.

Now that I take a look again, it indeed kind of looks small. I guess I'm biased against increasing Wild Word's font size.

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Hairstyle is childish.
Eyes too big.
Chin too big.
Collar is dumb.
Her neck doesn't go well with the rest of her body.
Her waist is too fat.
Boobs too normal.
Terrible design, overall. Ugly girl.

cute but very thirsty

Yayoi is desperate as hell
And damn does her body look pathetic in that dress. Mutsuki would fill that shit so good.

Holy fuck this is next level cuckery

>Hairstyle is childish.
Let me guess? You like ugly ass short-haired tomboys because you're gay-ass motherfucker?

God he's so lucky.

Hey, now, don't you talk shit about tomboys.

Satsuki has Succubus horns

Imoutos are for ignoring

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You got me dammit. Why is Yayoi so thirsty.

Can Mutsuki correct her imouto's thirst?

Haruki's priorities are basically

Mutsuki > Sup Forums > the twins > Yayoi

>Aneki in the OP
Should be Yayoi. The face of the series should be the cutest girl.

>image change you're
change, you're

>so much difference
such a difference

>doing this as for change of mood.
doing this for a change

I did point out the leading a few times early on, and I think it's improved drastically since you started. The text bubbles are much easier on the eyes now. But I'm not primarily a typesetter, so you're better off listening to the other guys for the fine details, I'm really only looking for the really bad stuff.

For what it's worth, I did realize what you were going for with the stuttering and I don't think it looked terrible.

>your onii-chan will never call you cute

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Right is the example for the better variant, isn#t it? But that means bigger font size is better.

The twins are the best.

Seems like Haruki likes blueballing Yayoi. Maybe he is waiting until she can't take it anymore and takes him by force. Maybe then will aneki realize that that is her only option too.

Imouto is desperated for his oniichan's D, aneki and the twins looked very good in this chapter. Thanks op.

shes so cute

The guys that will eventually marry the sisters are so lucky. Can't say the same for Haruki's future wife though because she will never exist.

He has decent taste

Yayoi's friend liked what she saw.

thank you, Im not the d/a/chiguy, but I appreciate since I want to start translating little by little.

>Seems like Haruki likes blueballing Yayoi


But Haruki is already married to them all


The one with the boyfriend does, and I guess that would be good because it could turn Haruki into a chad since he would know that he stole someone else's girl.

You honestly think he'd even notice?
Girl could flirt like a 50cal and he'd just talk about his sisters.

As it should be.

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Yayoi is such an angel.

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>he would talk about his geemus
yep, that sounds like him

Like this.

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Yayoi is so cute.

Damn, grown up Uzuki is really cute

I absolutely love the chapters with no speaking in them. They're just top tier comfy.

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This is good, but I want to point out that adding "so" in that bottom right panel to make the typesetting look pretty makes the sentence read like shit because you're repeating a word in close proximity and moving the emphasis of the sentence to the wrong place. Be careful with those adjuster words.

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She just wants to get close to him to force Yayoi to admit her feelings and fuck him. Like in those NTR hentai.

Nee-san would cook her alive

9 more days