My Senpai is Annoying

Here's a cute little romance manga. If there's any grammatical mistake or weird phrasing, please point them out.

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Good shit senpai, keep dumping.

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Thanks for the chapter. I like it already. Are there more chapter available or is it new?

Nice, I saw it dumped a few weeks ago. Isn't it about to get a serialisation too?

I haven't uploaded it to mangadex yet. I have about 20 chapters to post.

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Aye, good for the mangaka.

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I think you just made my day. Will you dump them all or only some of them and upload the rest?

>senpai is at least 9dan
Holy fuck.

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I'll dump them all here.

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Is it weird if I want senpai to ravage my boypussy?

Moss burger has good hot dogs.

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>Kobayashi with contacts

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My heart is fighting my boner at this point. What is this feeling.

The fuck is with the varying sizes for each page?

Tis a heart boner.

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It's a pixiv manga, the mangaka only choose a size after the 5th chapter.

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Somebody please call an ambulance, my heart is being engulfed in adorable flames

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Wtf is the deal with stalker finding the best shit

just fucking kiss alreayd oh my god

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Finished or ongoing?

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Are any of these uploaded anywhere yet? I'd like to have at least one chapter downloaded so I can remember to look for the rest later.

It's nice they are putting Asians in manga these days


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>tfw this will never happen to you in your wagecuck life

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I'll put it on mangadex and upload it to my site later on. Here's the site link:
I'll put the mangadex link here if I upload it today.

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>Don't eat your own hair

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>pictures of bears
Oh my

You tend to find good shit often enough if you know moon and have the will to sift through the ridiculous amount of stuff that doesn't get translated.

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Captchas are the work of the Devil.

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This is fucking adorable holy shit.

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First panel.
>So this how quickly things spread on social network...
Looks like you missed "is" but I'd also suggest
>So this is how quickly things spread on social media.
or pluralize network

Oh yeah, I definitely missed the 'is', thank you.

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Enable noscript captcha, its waaay easier.

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Thank you.

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If they don't at least hold hands before I have to go to work I'm going to have a really bad day.

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New chapters, keep doing God`s work stalker

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What was her name again?
Igarashi Futaba Anzu?

Impeccable taste as always stalker.
Picked up.

It's Igarashi Futaba, my brain must have mixed up her name with Futaba Anzu on that page. Thanks.

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This is way too much for my heart just confess already goddamit

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>1/3rd salary men
>1/3rd government workers
>1/3rd small businesses

Parents like their childs partner to be one of the first two. Because it is secure employment.

Salary man companies hire woman for the express implied purpose of marrying them to their workers.

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This better go somewhere or I'm going to flip

delet this

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Nice! Thanks so much. There is not enough lovely romance in the world.

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>Salary man companies hire woman for the express implied purpose of marrying them to their workers.
This has to be bullshit.

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>this will never happen to you

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Of course it is. Companies would lost valuable workforce if they only hired women with the idea of they getting married to later be on paid pregnancy leaves. The japanese work machine doesn't care if you're man or woman, it just needs you to be there, working.

>NTR codomo

It's not. Expectation is still that women are supposed to retire when they get married.

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that sounds something japanese capitalism would do actually

Her friend is pure seductress sex, though.