Why so many anglos in anime

where are other gaijins

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Why would you want that?

Oh boy

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wheres my representation?

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Since anime is a race of its own and the only way to differentiate is by hair color

>none of the Americans are black
>none of the British are brown
>none of the Canadians are yellow

El Goblino-chan is cute!

>not yellow
the fuck

Canadians yellow?

There's way more Bongs than that. Plus faux-Bongs.

English gets more and better translations than any other language

If you combine both blacks and Asians (yes, Asians, before Sup Forums reees, Asian =! Far East Asians or Orientals as they used to be called) in the UK, it's 6%-9% at best. So why would you do that? USA at least has 15% black population let alone Spics.

calm down

There are also many Russian gays in anime.
t. Russian gay

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What? I'm just saying why would they put brown people in an anime that represents 5% of the UK population? Also, wasn't the Indian chick in Shoujo Sect a Bong?

because brown people are the future of Britain

why are russian girls so weeb

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I find it very interesting that there are many anime lovers in both Russia and Mexico.

its really not that fascinating at all actually

poor people need escapism

well at least they have something that brings them happiness even if its for a short while, right?

Because Anglos are the best.

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Maybe the fact is that American culture is degenerating, forcing our countries to look for something new? Hollywood does shit, of course we start watching anime instead.

i'm actually more amazed at the fact it made such a huge success in the west without the jew magic

>for a short while
You underestimate me
t. 24/7 russian animu watcher

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Japs only care about London not some white chav slagville and London is a white minority at this point.

I guess that's why US is the biggest market outside of Japan after China.

Yeah and America is also full of Mexicans so it makes sense

Is this /pola/ thread?

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russia is the ugliest country in existence

A lot of characters are implied European by the architecture, culture, broadswords, etc when they take place in fictional lands.

Berserk is the best example of this.

wouldn't the jews hate anime? Evangelion literally conspires against them.

>Why are there so many anglos in anime
Your pic includes 4 or the 10 or so Canadians in anime lol

>Evangelion literally conspires against them.
literally wut

the jews noticed anime recently
it's the next video games

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Burgers/Brits/Canadians vs Germans/Finns/Russians
Who wins?

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Main character in Benmashi Cecil: Wizard Barristers is half Canadian half Nihongo

Beauty is a subjective concept.

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too true, but most people need someone to spoon feed them what beauty is.

If you see anglos, is because they are the few who can travel and enjoy themselves there. The ret wish to go there or simply they are too ugly to matter.
Unless you are a luchador. Then its a mexican for sure.


Reminder that
are all considered white in the US

Can confirm this, most of my Mexican friends like naruto but we hang out with a Russian exchange student that likes Citrus and FranXX.

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>but most people need someone to spoon feed them what beauty is
>but most western people
fix you
We, living in post-Soviet countries, are so used to the constant depression and grayness that we have learned to appreciate real beauty. Real beauty is not just about advertising cosmetic products, It is not just promotion. It is something more spiritual.

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no bully plz we will be back to 70% by 2100 when the war starts

But the other day I read 70% of americans can't go to war.

Ancient Persians were white


Why are they all blonde?

You inbred fucking nips, not all white people are fair-haired

t. Mutt

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Only 107?

okay, but as > said, beauty is subjective; therefore, there is no such thing as real beauty except to the individual.

i know the south gets meme into space but after living down here for some years i think if a civil war was to happen the people from this area would win and if you nuke the citys down here its 90% white

No, pure Anglo-Saxon with skin so pale its verging on translucent and eyes the fairest blue, but hair so dark its like the moonless ebon night.

"gaijin" can be singular and plural depending on the context, saying "cgaijins" is extremely redundant and stupid.
This being said, here's a character from my homeland - Sweden.

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Of course.

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You sound like a fag.

I'm not American for one thing.

If Japan doesn't know about le 56% amerimut face, I'm not going to correct them.

Bulgarian here, I'm with you. Certain people just won't understand things from your POV unless they've grown up here.

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>traditionally anglo countries
Oh boy

King Arthur, the USA.

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Fuck off crossboarder.

Get out of here with your Fate/Shit

It's supposed to be the Philippines, but it's too clean. This looks like Mexico.

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better to stick to what you know because some races/skin colored ppl/ people who live in specific geography, are 'very sensitive', while others may act like inverted racists. you dont want to get death threats or waste time having to repaint the skin yaknow

It probably looks clean simply because dirty and cluttered environments are more difficult to draw.

The jews


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Name 3 jews in anime outside of the girl here

>native English speakers repeatedly toss out unreadabl, badly written word salads like
>nobody bats an eye
>person whose secondary language is English makes a simple, stupid mistake like saying "ranned"
>death threats, insults, etc.
What the fuck happened?

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Shitskins aren't allowed on a White supremacist website.


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Redirect them to Sup Forums and maybe they will get mad after being called out.

I can't even disagree with this, late soviet architecture is a blight.

I don't know whose idea it was to match Russian urban life with anime, but it gives me a feeling I can't describe, somewhat nostalgic and kinda comfy.

you wut

He is part French at least.

It has that effect even if you (presumably) haven't grown up in Eastern Europe? Not that guy, but there work this way for me precisely because I've grown there and grown attached to my surroundings. Other people view commiebloks as depressing, soul-crushing buildings, and so did I for a while, but I've come to romanticise them over time.

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Even if this is true
>Ancient Persians
>In modern day US

When did this thread transformed into a Sup Forums thread?

Engrish even creeps into text sometimes.


I'm a murrican, but in the south. Not the richest place, not as bad as eastern europe though. However I have been to places remarkably similar to those gopnik anime pics posted and they do bring somewhat bittersweet memories. Like even in poorly kept places, I remember having fun with friends and we made the most with our imagination.

What part of eastern europe you from? do you ever plan to leave?

That's not Sup Forums, that's Sup Forums. This one's Sup Forums

Yeah because they make up less than 1 percent of our population so it's not worth differentiating. Hispanics used to be considered white too until they started growing in numbers to the point where we had to start counting them seperatly.

The instant race was mention.

>do you ever plan to leave?
>expecting an Sup Forumsutist to have formal education and in-demand work skills to emigrate legally

Just adding my 2 cents here. Leaving a country is in a mind, you think things will be good someplace far more prosperous, sure moving is hard cultural diffrences language barrier finding friends and all that. But the older you become the more attached you become to what made you think about positive things here, sure the place i live in gave me pain and depression but at the same time it gave me something positive to look at, i wanna leave my country but at the same time deep inside me i wanna stay and work things out.

Sorry I responded so slow, things happened.
I'm from Macedonia. It's a poor country, and although we weren't part of the soviet bloc, things look just like they do in these photos. There's not much difference.
As to whether I want to move out: Yes, eventually. Of course I want to. I love the region I grew up, but for now, I desire financial stability more. But like you said in the other post, I'd miss it. Hell, even thinking of leaving the country makes me think I am going to miss it eventually. It's a case of stockholm syndrome, probablby.

>none of the British are brown
Watch Mahoutsukai no Yome, there are plenty of indians spiced in, especially in the city scenes

>he doesn't know

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Jontron is easily whiter than most Italians and Greeks

I hope they don't bring up "memes" or whatever and talk more about the anime; I unfortunately live with a couple 25 year olds who can't shut the fuck up about this shit. It's not a dorm or anything like that, it's a quartier (multiple people paying for an apartment, it's very cheap).
I feel like my brain is being sandpapered down when they're in the room, I have never seen something so annoying in my life. I get the urge to kill myself and free myself from this suffering, but I know that's stupid, so I'm saving up money.

saving up money so I can have my own apartment eventually*


Not an opinion, both legally, and morally. As much as I dislike these people, I'd never harm them,

Anywhere I could get these kind of pictures? The original ones I mean, I'd like to make some.

Shut the FUCK up

Who /arg/ here?

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Can somebody explain the thing about Mexico? I heard anime was ridiculously popular there in the 1980s. And not only there, but in other Latin American countries as well.
I don't really think there's any keyword or a place for these photos. Try looking up apartments for sale or something; you won't get gloomy photos like that, but you'll get plenty of pictures like pic related, which is close enough.
If you want pictures of commieblocks that are not hilariously bad and exagerrated, but average ones in which normal people live in, look up "panelki".
I wish I were ;_;.

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