Toji no Miko

Wake up

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It's Yume time!

Come here little toji. I have some batoru in my van.

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Hiyori is fast.

No tits means no air resistance.

She got nice legs though

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Ellen is fat.

I hate aradama more than you think

In all the right places.

"Expeditions" are a function that lets you send your support members on missions to various parts of Japan to defeat Aradama and gather items.
Listen up, you people are going to Hokkaido now!
I'm tired.
We're back!
Subjugation successful!
Fantastic work! My thanks!
Hey, I'm back from the expedition. The results are so-so. Gimme a vacation.(Nee.)
Very well then, your next destination is Shikoku! There's plenty of distance to it, so you'll be able to rest while you're going there! Good for you!
(What are you, stupid?)
Excuse me... My commander doesn't understand what labour laws are, who should I contact about that?

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Dead Yuusha.

Alive Toji.

Why did Mai woke her up? Couldn't Hiyori wake her up? I mean Kanami and Hiyori were sleeping on the same bed.

Sayaka is a gay autist

Well, yes.

And cute

Time to die of course.

Hiyori time when?

Not soon enough

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Never, time can't get a grasp on her smoothness.

But a cute autist.

Something tells me Toji aren't covered under any sort of labor laws.

Why did she become the leader?

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Hiyori decided that.

>Yukari was naked when the noro engulfed her
If the show wants to go down as anime of the season and maybe even year they better have a naked Yukari fight.

Scores in the 70s aren't good if you look what other shows get. Not to mention, that rating is a decrease compared to last week's (81.2).
That's the thing. The people watching it didn't like it that much.

She's the distraction leader, Ellen will really be the one organizing everything from the shadows.

Blame her sexy onee-chan for making her this way

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I wonder what team cookies said to make her mad.

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Intredasting that the two elite guards in the control room didn't experience the phenomenon.

Probably that they're going to kill Yukari.

It is interesting that you missed that part, yeah.

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But they did.

Could you post the two elite guards experiencing it instead of a dark room? You can't, because it didn't happen.

I wonder if Sayaka has any info relevant to everything she never mentioned because they never asked her.

I did wonder. Nobody seemed to think that she was relevant despite being some sort of human combat experiment.

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I'm actually gonna miss this little shit when she dies.


Kaoru is bored, what do? [nothing sword related/spoiler]

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Sword inside scabbard.

Sword between Ellen's melons.

Polish her shaft.

Hunt some Aradama.

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spoon with nene

So would you say she looks crossed there?