Astarotte no Omocha

>Just start watching this today
>It's only the second scene, and they're talking about 10-year-old Succubus Loli sucking cock.

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Noya's cock is impressive enough it's no surprise, there's a cult around it even.

What else would a Succubus do?

Show is a hidden treasure. Enjoy it.

11 BD sales.

Holy fuck. Lewd.

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Against all odds there is actually already a thread currently up since last night.

My bad, I should have checked the catalog before posting. I didn't think there would be one either.


Haga Yui publicly bought multiple copies due to abysmally low sales.

They must be super valuable now.

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It was not nearly as bad as the Crime Edge one,
380 sales total.

Are you new to anime?

Nope, I've watched at least 5,000 hours of Anime, but even then, I think this is the first show that blatantly states sexual acts with underage characters. Even Loli characters like Mina Tepech from "Vampire Bund" was still by age an adult.

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>Literally the whole premise is a loli succubus who has to suck cocks or she dies
>not one single cock is sucked in the whole manga/show
And people wonder why this flopped? Who the fuck is the target demo for that?

Puffy cunny.

You have not been watching the right anime.

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The new episode was very romantic.

This show would never be made nowadays.

>Mfw Kodomo no Jikan.

Man, the whole thing feels like it's another era, I dunno what happened on new 10's.

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>American standards of Feminism leak into Japan
>Loli love is Loli gone
I hate America, I want to do something about it.

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That wasn't the premise, that was the retarded summary for the anime.

Shoujo Ramune came out this last year, as did the first few episodes of Densetu Series featuring loli sex. It's not going anywhere so long as the people rally behind former chairman Yamada Taro.

>He doesn't know about Prisma

Pic related is official art for the series, and the show proper features quite a bit of loli on loli makeouts, some of which are borderline H.

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No penetration, no exposed genitals. Hell, not even nipples. It's extremely lewd, but it's not H.

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Astarotte a cute!!!! CUTE!!!!!!


muh dick.
imo this show is good even if you take away the lewd stuff

Sales were bad for sure but abysmal is an overstatement, it's above 1k if I remember right.
It still hurt her deeply though.

That's true up until the recent arc in the manga. It's devolved into a nearly nonsensical shonen powerwankfest.

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They are having lesbian sex under censor steam. Their breasts are pressed together so you can't see nipple.

Just because it doesn't have horribly rendered pepperoni nipples, a dick and a mosiaced vagina doesn't make it not H.

>Just because it doesn't have horribly rendered epperoni nipples, ... mosiaced vagina
Turn up the contrast user.

The dark elf prince was best character.

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This. Dropped halfway into the third season. I couldn't take it any more. It's not supposed to be fucking Apocrypha or some shit.

Great, isn't it?

You're gonna love KnJ

>too pure for otaku
>too lewd for normalfags
So sad.

Is the white haired one an ayy? The arm holding the Popsicle looks weird as fuck.

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Ogata Zen has drawn a mountain of work involving the two.

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Might as well just read the manga, the anime was so fucking terrible, same for Lotte actually.

Why didn't this have a harem ending though?

No, it was literally like 700 sales for the first BD volume and it dropped from there.

Haga should've gone full pervert and just given Naoya and Lotte the bisexual harem ending.

BIG incubus cock, he should definitely get a harem.

Technically doesn't it end with him being Lotte's fucktoy/dad, Mercelida's sometimes lover, and his daughter's daddy/baby daddy?

Anime bombed because it was completely false advertised.
It looked like an ecchi story about a succubus going after semen so all the normal anime people stayed the fuck away from it.
It was actually a heartwarming family story with little in terms of loli ecchi, which made all the people going after it pretty angry.

Basically it scared away its intended viewers while attracting people looking for something that was never there.

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>Haga Yui publicly bought multiple copies
Wow that hurts, reminds me of a SZS chapter where people from the publishing company would join the line to get an autograph from an unsuccessful author.

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That's because nobody reading the manga was happy about where it was going. It was supposed to be a heartwarming family story. Instead it Usagi Drop'd the plot.

You don't make a story with characters and a premise like that and then get crying when people don't get what you made them expect and boycott you.

>It still hurt her deeply though.
Isn't Haga Yui male?

More than Kill Me Baby. 663 sales.

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So what you're saying is that it's Kodomo no Jikan all over again?

No idea what you're talking about, Kodomo no Jikan presented itself as a lewd story and was mainly that but with added family and love romance.
Lotte didn't deliver.

KnJ is more a coming of age story than anything, you can remove the lewd part and still have a decent story.

Lotte didn't deliver anything tho.


Sort of?

KnJ was originally presented as a comedic shoujo about an impossible love, then became a drama about realizing that love between a 6 year old girl and a 28 year old man.

Lotte was an innocently lewd family tale that became a lolicon's wet dream.

>that became a lolicon's wet dream.

When did that ever happen? To this day the manga still hasn't delivered any of that

On nip message boards he's always referred to as an old man.

you can literally see her pussy line

>expect a shitty show about SoL succbus
>instead get a show about familial bonding
Its one of those show i was confused the hell by during airing

It's a doujin.


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Which is odd, I actually enjoyed that show

is weird I found this more hot than your usual hentai? I think is the passionate kissing and foreplay, instead of going straight to penetration or something similar.

Let's be honest now, that's nothing compared to other authors.

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that sure is love for a character, man, if only more authors were like him.


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hollys shit
why does this look so erotic
the anime as not sexy as this

I always wanted a "spin off-what if" story with the focus over the mother, I just feel the wasted her relationship with Noya, fuck him when he was a shota and disappear, just come back and drop a kid on teenager and disappear again and never come back.

Well duh, the anime can't compare to Yabuki's artworks.

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this doesnt look that good

if this shit was somekind of H work running this long, it would be a fucking masterpiece.

Hopefully one day we'll get our hands on Yabuki's whispered secret porn stash.

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It's something that more should imitate.

yeah, just going straigh to the fucking lose its fun after a while, sometimes a proper build up to it is fun, that even counts stuff like rape.

I would like even more normal kissing scenes like that. If something like Toradora used it it could only be an improvement.

I dont know if blame japan aversion to being intimate in basically anyway, or simple the usual audience of this stuff.

The anime is still lighter compared to the manga, it undermine's Lotte's trauma and how much of a detached person her mother really is.

>That wasn't the premise
Yes, it is a plot point, and the manga ends with that never ever happening, despite not shying away about the fact how much of a cock hungry slut Lotte's mother was.