Shingeki no Kyojin

Describe the feelings evoked in you by this picture.

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Does anyone even care about the recap movie? I want to see what they did with the reveal scene and if they added anything

Post your reaction when you saw this page.

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There's a S3 teaser at the end of it.


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>MFW Jean will die because of his ideals and humanity, killed by some retarded whore.


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Yes, her hair is a sad loss

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EH is truly canon. You know it, and I know it.

Every single marleyan deserves to die.

Fanny Kaplan missed and Lenin died of brain syphilis.

t. Grisha

How does it feel knowing Magath will be the one that saves the Eldians?

So is Ymir guaranteed dead or is the intentional lack of shown death going to come up with some mega asspull?

He didn't really recovered after the shooting though afaik.

>Eren is now ~6ft
>Armin is still 5'4'-5'5'
> 5-7 inches is the golden ratio for couple height differences in Japan

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I thought you Armongfats wanted him to be a tall Chad now.

Why the hell would I ever want something so awful?

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she is 100% guaranteed to be alive

They literally confirmed her to be dead retard.

Her mind merged with Porco. Once he sees Historia she'll reawaken.

I wonder if armin's titan will look much different from bert's.

Reminder that Eren has control of the situation.

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>one answer is dead, one answer is alive, one answer is dead/alive combo


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Dead or Alive, Xtreme Titan Volleyball.

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Kill me

Where's the status chart?

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She's dead, Jim

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Hisu pls

It'l probably be thinner and with hair. Isayama can't make it look fuck-ugly or Armongfags and fujoshits will get mad, I'm ok with it because I like armong.

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Even Hisu accepted that she was dead when she told her so in the letter

Hello, reddit.

I mean she's probably dead, but quoting a wiki isn't exactly credible.

Refer to the Silent Hill wiki war where one guy decided to repeatedly edit the wiki to reflect his retarded belief that Silent Hill 4's antagonist was driven due to his circumcision.

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Never gave a shit about him.


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>with hair
Man, you really have shit taste

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Reminds me of when dumblr saw some background character in snk they liked and they gave him a name and background story on wiki.

I didn't really say I want hair per say but I have a feeling it's gonna be there.

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Reiner will wakeup only to see the aftermath of the fight.

Two chapters.

Gabi will save Reiner from himself.

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But which way is she looking?

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>and with hair
>yfw it has the coconut hair
I don't think his can stand, if that's what it actually looks like those legs are clearly too small to let him stand. Still pretty big though.


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Traditional physics are a bit iffy with titans.
This was explained by hongo.

Oh right, because they weigh so little? Guess it could maybe support him, but I don't see any reason why he'd be kneeling there when he could stand.


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She canonically thinks he's handsome. EH is truly canon.

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Why the fuck cant the gooks get actual people who know how to speak german to sing the OST shit

fucking vogel in kafig and the armored titan them are like listening to stallone

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German is not my native language so it sounds fine to me
Must be horrible for native speakers though

>pic related
I hope his didan looks like that

What's his endgame?

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Annie always wanted to oppose marley and free the eldians stuck in there.
She couldn't before because she was too weak and lacked confidence, she ended up being swept by the current. Her one and only character monologue was about wishing she could be like those who oppose the current, we've yet to see this character arc come for circle. When she awoke from the crystal SL will give her an ultimatum, and with their current strength and knowledge opposing the current will no longer be a silly delusion. She'll join SL and her character will have finally developed.

SS this.

go home EAfag you are drunk

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>EAcucks still at it

Reminder Eren having control of the situation and remaining calm is foreshadowing that annie mentored him during the time skip and is currently on his said killing marley scum.

>Annie always wanted to oppose marley
Why would you invent things and then believe they are true because they fit your view of a character?

>SS this.
To laugh at you later?

I wonder how mad BRAfags and waifufags are that all of annie's important scenes envolve Eren in one way or another.
Or that the only time she's ever been canonically happy is with him, I guess that's why you're forced to use fan art instead of the canon stuff.

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It's a fact. When annies talks to marlowe about what she actually wants it's for "weak people being swept by the current to be considered people too"

Back then we had no context, no we're aware that it's directly synonyms with Eldians position in marley as well as her own.

Specific things like reiner forcing her to complete the mission, or being sent off to warrior camp by her father. She began to wish she could go against the current as she saw eren doing, being so confident about defying an ultimate force.

Of course.

>Annie is going to join these people acording to the EAfag

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EAfags are completely braindead. They somehow think Annie will be completely okay with the Scouts massacring the home she wanted to return to so badly. Not to mention her dad may very well have died in the attack.

>These people
>One loss canon going against orders

You tried it.
Anyways Annie isn't new to taking risk, if it means freeing as many eldians as possible she'd be down. It's not like she's empathy for innocents, nor are her killing fuels by hatred for the "devils".

She's a smart girl and will be playing for the winning teams, doesn't hurt that it will also be fulfilling her greatest regrets.

>When she awoke from the crystal SL will give her an ultimatum
Eren wouldn't allow that.

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is almost like Annie character development is to not make the same mistakes she did in the past and do the right thing even against her own interest.

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Reiner did nothing wrong

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What part of "go to hell eldians and marley I only want to see dad again" you didn't get?

helping his little step-brother

No, Eren would have her eaten right away

>could be like those who oppose the current
Wrong. She wished people like that would be just considered human which is totally different than what you're saying. I don't know why you keep pushing these delusions when it's beyond fucking obvious that anything between Eren and Annie is dead.

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The part where she never actually said that.
and the part where her actually feelings about her father have actually been vague as hell.

Tell that to his dead friends.

>The part where she never actually said that.
Fucking speedreader.

>EAfags reaching this far to justify their delusions

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He wouldn't do either, if that was the case he wouldn't have calmly helped SL peel her out of her titan, he would have just eaten the nape then and their. He's wasn't enrage at her then so he definitely won't be now.

If anything he wants to talk to her, he wanted to know why she had done what she did.

you cant be this delusional...

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Cause they needed information then. Annie is literally a burden to the SL alive now and she's only surviving by virtue of her crystal. Let it go, EAfag.

>he wanted to know why she had done what she did.
He already knows that and pretty much mentioned this during his talk with Reiner.

>He's wasn't enrage at her then so he definitely won't be now.
He didn't know she was involved in Shiganshina back then.

People are delusional all the time in this manga

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This. BRA all equally contributed to the fall of the wall, only reason Eren wasn't raging was because he was unaware Annie played a part in his mom's death.

Reminder that Eren was far closer to Reiner than he ever was to Annie and still treated him with no mercy whatsoever.

Not wrong, She wants people like her to be considered human. People too weak to oppose the current, weak people. At the time her dialogue is intentionally vague, but it didn't describe any group of people we knew at the time. The key element was that no one in the walls wasn't considering her to not be a human.
Until now, it's a perfect description of Eldians in Marley. Gabi says the exact same thing but with context later on, she wanted to destroy paradis so that the eldians on marley can be considered human too.

Also, nothings changed between Eren and annie since her capture except for eren now understanding and having pity for the warriors, if anything she's in a much better position now then she was before eren learned the truth.

>no mercy
He said "we cool now" to Reiner before reminding everyone

>If anything he wants to talk to her, he wanted to know why she had done what she did.
Maybe past Eren, but now he doesn't even care about killing innocent civilians willingly. He is not going to care about Annie been executed if that let him destroy his enemies faster.

>feelings about her father have actually been vague as hell.
>returning home to him is literally the entire reason she's fighting so hard.
>Constantly tries to convince Reiner to go back to Marley so she can see him again.

I thought you where talking about her conversation with marlowe.

You guys do realize this happened way before she ever actually met anyone in SL, and that the meat of this theory is annie being developed after taking what Eren said to heart.

That's why it's called a character arc, showing us how she was before and after she was confronted with different ideologies that would have a long lasting effect on her.

She still has valuable information about how to use the power of the titans, shit like prioritized healing, allowing you to concentrate on a wound and stop it from repairing etc.
She's way more valuable alive then she is dead.

>t's called a character arc,
and her character arc is not about joining another mass murder.

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He doesn't know her personal justification, that's what he was interested in, he'll definitely ask if given the opportunity and he definitely wouldn't eat her immediately out of rage.

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>falling for trick 101

What are you talking about? He sat down and had an entire conversation to bring closure to everything, he didn't even try to eat reiner, and he's aware that reiner can survive a transformation. Also we aren't quite sure how close Eren was to BRA, we just know annie taught him how to fight for 3 years and reiner was his emotional support.
Erens has just had more time with reiner during the active story cause he isn't in a damn rock.