Where to watch anime

Starting to get into anime and was wondering where to watch it online.

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Go to obscure chinese or slav websites, they rarely take shit down.

best place to watch anime is Adult Swim's Toonami

YouTube and TuTV




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inside your mom's ass, it's all shit anyway

Boku no pico

You can watch it with me OP

4566 Jessica Ave. Apartment 56

You can watch it with us as it airs in Japan if you buy a Sup Forums pass.

smotret-anime. ru
they also have it with eng subs and sometimes even eng dubs (besides russian ones of course)
Or just look up your anime on yandex (NOT GOOGLE, google sucks dicks now)

im there open up bitch

Any video compression site? I am building anime archive for apocalypse

On Sup Forums, of course. You should be familiar with it.


Is this the new Kingdom Hearts thread?

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i shall roll doubles and surround them in Darkness

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Dude, checked

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It appears this thread is not DARKNESS

This, Boku no Pico is a must watch for any anime conniseur, you should torrent it and go in blind or else you will ruin the plot twists.