High School DXD

Opinions on he new art style.

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I like it okay, and it does a nice job of distinguishing itself from the first three seasons. Some characters make the transition much better than others, though.

Makes my dick hard, something TNK failed to do.

Huge improvement, for everyone

some characters turned into aids
some didn't

This series still being a fucking shit

The angels/ex-angels look like shit. The demons look alright.

Koneko is still the most based and kino cutie in the series.

As always. She better have cuter pantsu like in every past season.

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Looks good. My only complain is that they didn't do justice to Rias's hair.

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Wow bumped Rias and Koneko off the image. 0/10

Its the School trip arc, rias and koneko arent there for it so it makes sense they wouldnt be in the image

As long as Momo still looks cute I'll be totally fine with the design.

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Althought is only for the first 6 chapters right? Then we get the best rating arc.

I like it. I could get used to it.

Nothing wrong with it. People who sperg about the change didn't like DxD in the first place. Probably they also think BorN was good.

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10/10 Cao Cao would be gay for

Which studio is doing it now... and which one did the previous seasons?

TNK did the previous seasons. Passione is doing season 4. Reason to change studio is because TNK fuck up in BorN

Downgrade in most cases, but it looks better in motion than stills and I'll get used to it regardless.

Passione hasn't done much, but they did (are doing?) Citrus. I wonder how well they will manage the extreme levels of fanservice.

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I think they will do fine. There won't another fuck up like BorN because Ishibumi is doing the script himself. Citrus handle ecchi fine and Rokka no Yusha fights were good so... I think this is gonna be the best season of DxD. Just storywise vol 10 which is being animated this season is one of the best in the LN.

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Which volumes are being adapted? 8-10?

Vol 9 and vol 10. Vol 8 are short stories except one is actually important but i suppose with a flashback with Ajuka adjusting Issei's evil pieces is alright.

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Rekt so hard.

Did they bump Asia's cup size again??? Christ people she was fine to start off since her booty was the charm point.

Magazine promo art is always just about titillation, breast sizes are never consistent with them.

I'm going to miss Xenovia's old look

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stupid secondary

New PV when?


I know thanks to character development Rias doesn't really deserve to look like a seductive onee-san anymore but I'm really going to miss her old design, she looks too stock tsundere from what I've noticed in the PV. It's something about the eyes that I'm going to miss the most of the female cast.

It's much better than the old one.

Everybody except for Issei, Ravel, and Rias looks awful.

This. It helps that the character designer is a smut artist.

>doesn't really deserve to look like a seductive onee-san anymore
you think wrong faggot.
All women should be as beautiful as they are capable of being.

What's that new fox girl? looks a cute

Wasn't BorN's issues 99% with one guy going on a crazy powertrip?

She's his common law wife and is super cute.

Yeah, BorN director. He thought he made DxD popular and he could do the work better than Ishibumi. And BorN happened.

Can someone give me the cliffnotes on S2 and S3 again, I can't remember anything about those storylines for some reason.

The maou rangers story should be one of the bluray specials

He means it doesnt fit her character anymore

So just what did he do to fuck things up and do you know how it was supposed to go before the director shat on it???

Fluffiest of wives, and actually the second girl to be confirmed to marry Issei in the future.

Sadly because of her duties she cant be a full time member of the harem and is one of Issei's "away from home" wives.

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[x] touch fluffy tail

BorN was supposed to adapt Vol 5 and 6. Director said "Fuck it" and they adapted Vol 5, Vol 6, Vol 7 thus the pacing was ridiculous. Also they changed things (Chichigami) that will be later in the story. Episode 10, 11, 12 are anime original.

BorN was such a clusterfuck that i thought we never will have season 4.

Threadly reminder that we'll be getting best girl this season

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>BorN was such a clusterfuck that i thought we never will have season 4.

Thank Ishibumi and Ex , im sure Born only sold becauase nips wanted to read Ex and see how Ishibbumi was going to "fix" the shitfest that was BorN .

On the plus side, that whole mess gave us a great side story and pushed the publisher to give total control of the anime script to Ishibumi this time around ... so theres that.

More Kunou because there is barely any art of her and now we will probably get a metric shitton of it.

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Man itd be great if we ever get to see her rivalry with Bennia for the top Oppai Dragon fan.

So will season 4 sell well enough to warrant season 5?

her whole thing is being your son calls me mommy now on the surface while being pathetic on the inside.
Making her pathetic on the outside misses the poi t of that.

Yeah thankfully it turned alright. I'm glad TNK isn't the studio anymore.

Its hard to tell considering this is way beyond what most harem LN adaptations get , but unless they manage to fuck it up even harder im sure it will sell better than BorN.

The hope is it sells as much as S2 and spikes interest in the LN so the publisher sees it as a good investment and decided to push for another season to raise more interest in the LN as its close to ending and a spike in sales at the end would probably be something theyd like.

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Chances are high. HerO is turning to be the best season of DxD as i said here

Season 2 was a god tier season.

Expect BorN to be it too. Because best fight in DxD is in Vol 10

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Fuck, i mean HerO.

I cannot wait for this, they best do it justice or I will fucking riot

The thirst is real i see.

Me neither user. 4 months until we see that is too long.

I don't really mind it overall, just looking forward to more DxD. Also happy that Taneda was confirmed back for Xenovia even if I thought that would be the case.

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Dammit now we need more Ravel.

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It’s pretty cool that one of the villains sister joins the main cast.

I like how Ravel has bushy brows but they're not distracting or obnoxious like the way they're typically depicted in anime

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Turned out for the better too.

They're pretty cute.

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>It’s pretty cool that one of the villains sister joins the main cast.

and the "villain" turns into a bro...and then a homolust bro.

Riser was never really all that bad, just a brat with an inferiority complex to his older brothers, hell he straight up admits Issei has great potential and that he would actually invest in that and train him after he married Rias.

too bad he had no idea you never put your hand on a dragon's treasure...and not get your shit pushed in super hard.

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Ok I admit I should’ve said antagonist instead.

Riser at his worst wasn’t as bad of a guy when compared to a lot of the Season 2 villains, Diodora, Freed or Raynare.

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Momo is really cute but then again I have a strong bias in favor of girls with white/silver hair. And

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She's really nice too bad Saji's too busy chasing Sona to notice.

Not that theres anything wrong with Sona but she really doesn't appear to be interested in him.

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the girls still look cute which is all that matters

post foxloli

Don't have her but how about a pack of Dragonloli's?

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all the art we have of Kunou is already posted on the thread, which is why its fucking great she gets to show up in the anime so we get more art.

Here have a picture of her figurine...which she got before pretty much half of the main cast even though at the time she got it she had only appeared in one volume of the series.

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I started reading the light novels and I really like it. Does this series go to shit later?

It slows down for a bit after a HUGE CLIMAX during the early teen volumes,
Issei gets murdered the fuck out, the girls get mind broken,Ophis and Great Red the two elder god dragons like issei so they make him a new body making him Dragon Jesus and then he comes back with great red to save the underworld while the Oppai Dragon theme plays in the background

but it picks up the pace again.

it never really goes to shit though.

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Stupid sexy valkyrie

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If you have to ask, you already know the answer.

I want a Rosswife.

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It's alright

That's not a very fluffy tail. Disappointed.

I'm sure it will be really fluffy when animated


I'd say volumes 17-19 are pretty fucking shit, but at least 20 and 21 were god tier. Not really sure where Ishibumi is going with this final arc but it's okay so far

I can certainly see Miyama's new style on these last few covers.

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I would love for 20-21 to be animated but that will never happen.

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Somthing wrong with Saji for wanting to fuck this silly 24/7.

Agreed, Saji has shit taste.

He ignores TWO girls into him to chase Sona who shows ZERO interest in Saji beyond him being part of her peerage.

Pretty pitiful desu.

Sona wants Ise's dick.

Overall I do not like it, even if a lot of the designs are closer to the LN art.

Passione is doing the new season, they're a relatively newer studio and the makers of such wonderful adaptations as Rail Wars and Hinako Note. I'm they're going to do a wonderful job on the new season!

And we know at this time that Sona would happily let Saji have both girls. That is if the girls would be willing to share.


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