Why aren't there more aho girls?

Why aren't there more aho girls?

Who's your favorite?

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redbubble.com/people/eleshis/works/17275255-yuru-yuri-i-am-aho?body_color=white&p=t-shirt&print_location=front&size=medium&style=mens&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=g.pla notset&country_code=US&gclid=CjwKCAjwypjVBRANEiwAJAxlIrE95kZaxe4qzcDQbypFwiiLiH3QGFWmw4XqiomMrqZtHP8Ii3STzRoCJNgQAvD_BwE

This twin-tailed oxygen thief is the only waifu I or any of the faggots on this board deserve.

i love her

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You fool. There are no girls on the internet

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You can hear the synapses firing, and dying.

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i am aho irl

Where's your shirt?

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I sadly kinda want...

redbubble.com/people/eleshis/works/17275255-yuru-yuri-i-am-aho?body_color=white&p=t-shirt&print_location=front&size=medium&style=mens&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=g.pla notset&country_code=US&gclid=CjwKCAjwypjVBRANEiwAJAxlIrE95kZaxe4qzcDQbypFwiiLiH3QGFWmw4XqiomMrqZtHP8Ii3STzRoCJNgQAvD_BwE

>Why aren't there more aho girls?
That's because females tend to have average intelligence while males tend to have more extremes - more geniuses and more retards.

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But stupid is cute


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we're ALL girls on this blessed day

When will they learn?

why is this ugly faggot always the stock dude for these custom shirts everywhere on the fucking net

he has the most punchable face

Does she count even tho she's not technically aho?

Thst aside, who else wants to bury their face in those sweater puppies?

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Me on the left

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Please let the time stop

It was that or suck dick on redtube, I bet

Ahos are the purest girls because they're too stupid to be sluts.

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I'd marry her! To tap that delicious mom

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My wife.

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But if you get her pregnant you'll spawn an aho so baka she surpasses Yoshiko in stupidity.

Satania has actually a very high IQ.

I respect aho.

>My wife.

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Negative numbers don't count.

I know.

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Yoshiko seems to be just a random mutation. Her mom isn't that dumb

That is unironically how I did math as a kid.

But if integer is unsigned it becomes a positive one! She would ace every online IQ test


She'd just blow her allowance on that dumb devil shopping channel to make herself smarter, meanwhile Raf-sama would thwart her.

What's the difference between being an aho and a chuuni? If you're a chuuni doesn't that make you aho as fuck by default?

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No it just means you have autism. Its commonly paired with being aho but the two are not necessarily the same.

Chuuni is kawaii, aho is annoying with the chance of kawaii

chunni is fantastic delusion
aho is just stupid

Yes. Both are cute, but chuunis grow up while true aho is genetic and permanent

But she's already a cute

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She leaves shit stains in her panties and slobber when she eats. She's fucking disgusting.

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Sounds hot. Go on. So does she, by the way.

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How did A-kun survive her stupidity for so long?

he was forged in the fires of stupidity

Why hasnt she returned?

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This. His childhood was a training arc. He overcome her stupidity with power of fist

She was a mistake.


Best aho

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I will frickin cut you.

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You can't cut with nunchuks, silly

I unironically think this aho is very attractive, physically speaking.

Her review of the Aho shirt made me laugh more than anything else across all three seasons, and I don't even know why.

>Who's your favorite?
Nobody. I don't watch SAO since I'm not retarded.

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Head Monitor is aho-est aho

Are you a faggot, or what?

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Stay mad bro