Why aren't you an Ichigofag yet?

Why aren't you an Ichigofag yet?

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The lack of tape on her mouth for one thing

Oni is cuter

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But I am.

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I dont let a single episode outweigh 8 others of her moping about. However its a start.

I don't eat shit

Strawberries are sweet and tasty user

She’s fine now
She used to be annoying as shit though

02 and Miku are better.

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I want to marry Ichigo.

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I want 02 to sit on my face

You can't, she's an anime character

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Because I have taste.

Indeed. A very, very bad taste.

Because Goro is the only allowed Ichigofag.



Ichigo is 200% hotter with her hair down. Fuck the hairpin.

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>implying I'm not

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It might be her wet hair and smug smile too.

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I don't know but she looked like sex this episode. Which never happened before.

She hasn't shown feet yet.

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She looked slightly more mature.

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Because she cant compete with muh sweetheart Kokoro

Feet are shit tier.

Oh I am and I will be even more so when 02 gives her her blood to drik to saver her life and thus turns Ichigo into the blue Oni

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ichigoXgoro > 02Xhiro

These digits dont lie

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Excellent post.

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>he doesn't want blue oni

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Ichigo has been claimed already. You can all go home now.

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Godly Goro saving us from love triangle

>strawberry as a cow

Based Goro saving the show from constant Ichigo bullying.

God I wish Oga was my mom

Because she loves Goro and I don't want to create a pointkess love triangle when the character I like likes someone else and I'm more or less uninvolved from the beginning.

It's ok, you wont expand the triangle since you're not 2d

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My folder grows larger ever second.

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>implying I won't self insert as Goro

Because I have the lovely and perfect Miku! But Ichigo is pretty great when she's apart from Hiro. Definitely a fun character to watch this episode. She gets a solid thumbs-up.

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Mine are getting a bit out of hand

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The anime hasn't even been airing for 3 months. Also, what are the 5 subfolders within the ichigo folder?

I hope you'll deliver.

Lewds, Edits, Screenshots, Delphinium, and Art

Bless Nishigori for making Asuka but good.

Organization probably. Do you just toss your shit in the same folder without sorting it.

Keep absolutely still.
Her vision is based on movement.

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Btw, there doesnt happen to be anyone who can translate this, is there?

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>Goro was the secret self-insert all this time
This is truly the Evangelion of our times.

Good thing Goro have no martyr tendencies and will live unti the end

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ah, I see

Initially, yeah. Once I've generated too much clutter, I organize or rename files for quicker access. There's also my general folder, which is material that I don't really have an appropriate folder for.

Debiruman is best boy!

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I like Ichigo a lot, but Oni is just better. That said, I hated ep 9. Goro has no right claiming Ichigo for himself. He should just accept his fate and fuck off and watch Ichigo fight for Hiro's dick and fail miserably.

we started getting character shots and stuff in september

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I tend to cheer for the people who I think I will win. So I don't cheer for ichigo.

Ichigo will win. She just won't win the Hirob Owl.

Anyone that truly likes Ichigo should be hoping for her and Goro getting together.

well if suicide from NTR syndrome is "winning" I guess you're right.

That doesn't look very scary. More like a six-foot turkey.

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Don't let your dreams be dreams Goro


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I used to be, but then I met Kokoro, All the girls are god tier though

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>02 asks Hiro if he can wrestle her into submission in bed

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>200% hotter with her hair down
>She looks like Inaba from Kokoro Connect
You are goddamn right

That's not Ichigo. That's Hiro with long hair.


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Oh fuck. Ichigo just moved up a tier in my best girl rankings.

Only digits that matter are 02

It's a way to deprive some shitposting retard of (You)s, crossboard faggot.

You saying I like dudes?

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This artist is truly a blessing.

She'll let him win this time.

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Ichigo will marry Hiro

Hey there, is this your first day?

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I can't even accuse you of being Ichigo now that she's gotten over it.

Do you think we'll ever get a doujin of them double teaming her and ending with an Eiffel Tower high five?
Is that too much to ask for?

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Fuck Goro. Hiro and Ichigo are made for each other.

You will get fat old men destroying ichigo at best

I'm allergic to strawberries

>this gif quality

what the fuck

Goro will die.

Ichigo will die.

If only Sawashiro Miyuki was in DitF

user will die.

It was brightened a lot.

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Please, let me die.

Ichigo loves Hiro and Hiro loves Ichigo

I'm happy they're getting more fan art after this last episode.

As siblings

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We got Hayamin in, but yeah, a Sawashiro girl would make DITF a masterpiece.

I wanna FUCK that mask now

Hopefully, but probably not.

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