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What would it take to have beyond begin giving a fuck about what is happening on the boat?

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Noko (ノウコ, Nouko) is the only child on Whale Island other than Gon

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Illumi is cute.

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Viz user where ?

My husband and I finally got married

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Are all great hunters dead beat dads that abandon their children to follow their own autism?


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so this is what HxH threads are? just an endless stream of shitposts?

They aren't even funny. If i wanted to enjoy shitposting i would have gone to Sup Forums

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Uhm, yeah, honestly, if it wasn't for a certain group of dedicated quality posters, those threads would be unbearable.

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Describe Hisoka and Illumi's relationship

The series only goes up to 148???

Reminder that Cammy could technically kill any PT member in a 1v1 fight

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Feel free to ignore this post. Just testing an internet connection upgrade.
I'll add the changes anons have suggested once the Viz scans are out, by the way.

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Why isn't Illumi hunting down Alluka and Killua. Shouldn't that be top priority for him?

Reminder that Cammy cat only work once someone touch its corpse.
No phantom troop is going to bother touching a thot that dies in an instant.

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Add a big ol FUCK REDDIT watermark across the page

This is your Danchou for tonight

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That's just your baseless assumption.

Yeah really, wasn't it supposed to be out already?

Oh hell yes, this speed is much better.
Before it took nearly a minute or less to upload it, Now gets sent in a few seconds.
It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but there were a couple times when the captcha expired before it was fully uploaded.

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Cammy is cuter!

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I refuse to even acknowledge that site's existence. Way too much obsession over it these days.
If we're going to tell someone to fuck off, it should be the user who reposted it there.

>I'll add the changes anons have suggested once the Viz scans are out
It's already out

Then upload them here. They weren't in the last thread.

I think that chart was made by someone on here.

There's so much free space still. What are you gonna add next?

Here are viz's version

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Thank you based VIZ user.

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What the fuck, viz?!

What assumptions?
I don't see any other logical way for the cat to work.
It just don't make sense for the cat to find out who killed cammy with a gun and attack him. Not only it is too overpowered but it raises a lot of complications :What if two people where holding the gun? what if she was killed far away by a sniper? what if she shot herself?
And PT never care about the weaklings corpses.
But you wouldn't consider it a loss. Unless her corpse is somehow lost in ocean or locked somewhere, eventually someone will come to move it and she get revived. I bet she have some time limit like that she need to get touched within 24 hour to get revived or something along those lines.

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I'm not him.
I'm just a OPMfag waiting for murata to Starts streaming so I'll pass some Time here

Opps, forgot pic

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I add things as they come.
If there's even one more death on the shitter, I intend to add a Toilet character profile.

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Yeah, there are a lot of uncertain things with Cammy's ability. I am sure Togashi will explain them in detail in the future.

>Cammy cat only work once someone touch its corpse
[Citation needed]

Thank you, based OPM roaming user.

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This is why mods tried to ban generals a while back.

Machi is cute when she's angry
Anything for my dear HxHfags

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I'm sure Tse would love to make art out of her and Fuu if he gets the opportunity. It would be an excellent piece to serve as a fond reminder of the succ war after becoming king.

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Let us hear your own explanation?

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>kill an entire clan with torture
>tell last surviving member that you have nothing to say to them, DINDU NUFFIN

>get two of his close friends killed
>gets so mad that he is starting to make the DUMBEST decisions to get his REVENGE

Gon was right, spiders are the worst hypocrites.

gay censorship incoming

I really think that togashi has no Assistants to do the backgrounds

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I will murder Togashi if this happens.

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Well this implies Illumi isn't in a relationship with Hisoka.

I am a chrollofag but i have to confess that without proper backstory or endgame. He can't be considered objectively an amazing antagonist.

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>cute girls in HxH
>not dying horrible deaths

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Ya, and he doesn't really benifit from the lack of backstory like Hisoka (he's far from perfect too though). Chrollo was a cool, well written antagonist, but he's not that great

Sort of refreshing seeing a "get out of this seat, powerful villain" scene that doesnt end with the mafia dying like fodders.

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He has 5 assiastants, you can see them in an interview he gave in 2016, in his studio

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Is Togashi going for some sort of world record in terms of number of named and described characters and their potential storylines? I'm sure there must be stories somewhere out there with more potential plot threads but he's getting up there.

Do not worry user
Based Pariston will get the cute girls into his boat and let the rest fall to the bottom of the sea with their gay whale .

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Hello. I'm Illumi.

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Depends on what counts, something the Kingdom has a ton of characters that are described and affect the story in some way but aren't really that fleshed out.

Anyone have that painting of that group of people with a head on the dining table?


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Maybe someone should consult /lit/. If there's any plot more complicated than this it's got to be some door stopper of a book.

And that's it

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Thank you.

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Machi is so onto Illumi.


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my erection is quite big, calling hiatus two weeks from now

Big thanks user

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Ging, Pariston and their hangers-on aren't even on the chart. Beyond hasn't appeared in ages. And then there are the loose ends from previous arcs, like Gon's lack of nen.

Inconsistencies between MS and Viz:
>Melody is gonna play the music through ALL floors of tier one instead of the Banquet Hall like MS said
>Melody said that Kachoo is acting this way to fool the guards to choose Fuu instead of her. MS said to fool only Melody
>Melody is most likely going to teach Kacho to use Zetsu. This wasn't implied in MS
>"ability disappeared from the book", this pretty much confirms Neon's death

Not to mention where's Zushi.

Read more book. Even mainstream fantasy ones like LoTR or ASOIAF would laugh in your face if you think this is complicated

It's not the total quantity. Of course there are long works with countless characters. It's the speed with which he's been introducing new characters in this arc.

In the Jump Ryu interview Togashi said that he is making an arc with the largest amount of new named characters that has ever been in Jump. Captain Tsubasa held that record previously.

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>teach zetsu
Oh fug!

you came too early. daily reminder to ignore hxh threads until they reach 100+ so most of the retards and fujoposters are gone

Yeah but there are plenty of fodder like characters that barely have any affect on the plot. I'm not saying that's a bad thing it makes the world feel more real, but everyone in the succession war arc feels like a major player that can make things happen,

Lets see how many I get:
>Dragon Ball
>Captain Tsubasa
>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Once Piece
>Hikaru no Go
>Rourin Kenshin
>Dr Slump

In the Viz translation there is no implication that Illumi and Hisoka are in a romantic relationship. The quote from the translation is "The target he commissioned was himself. The prenup is that if he dies I'll get paid."

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If you look at the Japanese page he does use the words prenup and engagement ring. The Mangastream translation might be sloppy but those two words (I think one of them was written in kanji while the other was the pronunciation over the kanji) were both used and both of them have some sort of relationship implication even if they're both metaphors. Viz also uses the term prenup which has a marriage implication.

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What are these strange defects at the corner?

Better version

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>tfw she has a crush on Gon, but Gon doesn't give her any attention because he is swimming in 30-year-old pussy