Why can't normalfags into mecha?

Why can't normalfags into mecha?

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Mecha is fucking dead.

Why can't mechafags into mecha is more like it

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Because it takes a special kind of autism to stomach Tomino's character interactions.

garbage | decent | garbage
great | mehh | good

Mecha only exists to sell expensive toys to children. The only good shows are the ones that just use them as a frameing device to tell an actually interesting story. Go play with your toys somewhere else.

Eva, patlabor and Gunbuster are for normalfags

>mecha starter pack
>missing Gundam Wing


Patlabor TV is dope, son. Why don't you like it?

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I don't like mecha anime, and I don't like any of those either

This version of this image sucks, desu. I'm the epitome of "I don't like mecha anime, but..." and I've only watched two of these.

One word, pacing. Mecha anime advertises itself as "super fighting robot battles" and when you make the humans the main focus, it loses interest to the majority. How many times am I going to see generic soldiers tell me the coordinates, the stats of said machine, and see some dumb empire talk about the economy centering around some royal princess to be the next of throne? Most people want action 80% of the time and when you have shows that only show 5-15% action, guess what? IT'S FUCKING BORING!

This is me minus the gundam plus fmp

try again sweetie

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remove patlabor
put franxx

Because it was also designed for the most spastic of literal children. If you're older than 14 and can into mecha at anything more than a topical level, you most likely have some kind of cognitive developmental disorder.

Because Patlabor sucked ass


The pacing of the show made me rock hard.

It's a good entry level. I'm going to do 0079 next.
Absolute garbage taste.

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The movies, OVA, and manga are good. I haven't watched the show but I can't imagine it's bad. The arguments people use against some mecha not actually being mecha never make any sense and can apply to really every mecha series in existence.

>askibg this on Sup Forums 3.0

Stay in your containment

I like Darling in The FranXX

Addy is for hugs

Maybe you're watching the wrong mecha then

Because it's the highest IQ genre

This is literally the truth.

Bipede moving is a waste of energy...

It's also better at maneuvering difficult terrain than wheels or treads. You could have mechs with more than two legs, and there are series that do (like Patlabor, the "not mecha" mecha series), but still, having legs does have advantages. On the other hand having bipedal mechs fighting in space (like Gundam, the apparently only mecha series that counts) is a more stupid concept than having them fight on the ground.

Giant robots are for children, the "normalfags" are watching sophisticated shows for adults like Bleach and Naruto.

If you can't enjoy things that aren't realistic, why are you into anime or any form of fiction at all?

I like mecha and I like all of those, what now?

>no Code Geass
shit chart

The kind of retards who make these things are the same kind of retards who pretend Tomino is a genius.

So this is a list of the best mecha then?

No but they are all pretty great.


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It's an inherently silly and childish genre.

>no Tomino Gundams
>no Gundam 0080
>no Eureka 7
>no Macross
>no Votoms
>mediocre shit like 00 and 08th MS Team
>stupid shit like Gurren Lagann

>better at maneuvering difficult terrain than wheels or treads
Unless the difficult terrain happens to be mud, in which case you suddenly remember why ground pressure is an important thing to consider.

this, it's hard to make it sound cool to their normalfag friends so they don't bother.

>Eureka 7 good
>Gurren Lagann bad

nice taste there friend now kill yourself

You forgot Code Geass. I know this because I hate mecha but love Code Geass.

I'm not an expert on treads but wheels aren't all that good in mud either. And it's not like things with legs need to completely replace things with wheels or treads. It's just another thing to use to help get an advantage. The US military at least sees the benefits of having robotic walkers. And they're extremely primitive compared to your average mech.

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I watched the first episode of Patlabor OVA years ago, and I remember literally nothing happening. They sat in a field, then the main girl joined, then they talked in a warehouse for a bit, then it was over. I didn't get it.

The first movie and the manga (and maybe the series depending on how much it deviates from the manga) are the entries that are the most focused on being mecha. The OVA has some mecha stuff but a large portion of it is SOL. The second movie is basically a political thriller but still has some mecha stuff in it (more if you consider armored vehicles to be mecha).

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Oh yeah, at that size they're fantastic, mechs as power armor are probably viable, but giant robots are just impractical. In an urban setting a light mech would probably be a lot more useful than a tank, being able to take cover in buildings and traverse rubble effectively, but in an open field, on soft ground there's not much point.

Theoretically, the further a setting is from the everyday life of a normalfag, the harder they find it to relate to.
This is why so many series with fantastical elements still firmly ground themselves in school settings, relationships, and sports. And part of why isekai is overtaking standard fantasy, because it's a step backwards into the safety zone of "normal japanese teen goes off to be japanese somewhere else".

Giant robots aren't real, so they're ghettoized into a fan subculture.

I'm an animefag, and I don't very much into mecha, either.

Basically, what you're asking is the same as why some people can't into idol anime, or harem.

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