Tawawa on Monday

Missed last nights Tawawa thread.

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Hopefully first tawawa shown to get married and pregnant.
(Konbini-chan next, please.)

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would be great

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I've noticed that for some anons, tawawas make them feel better at first, but then feel worse than before.

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I love big boobs so much. Why do they have to sit on fat girls in real life?

Can confirm, they only make me feel empty inside because I will NEVER EVER have a tawawa.

>I love big boobs so much. Why do they have to sit on fat girls in real life?

They exist on slimmer girls my brother. You just have to look.

Holy fuck this is 10/10.

Ai-chan nendoroid arrived on friday.
It has soft tawawas.

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When is smug too smug?

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I shall try.

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second anime season when

When you buy more merch.

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time to buy then

>tfw had a friend that was an IRL tawawa
>never got to bang her
>we got old and she gained weight and lost weight and gained and lost and repeat until now she's pretty much a shapeles blob at any bf%
Life, age, gravity are never fair to tawawas, that's why 2D is superior

She looks really dumpy.


>Actively seeking out 3D

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Is there no standard size for rings?

Do they actually need to be specifically tailored to whoever is going to wear them?

user please.

The idea is to be able to immediately slip it onto her finger, and it just werkz.
He then gets bonus points for being some kind of stealth ninja master for knowing exactly her ring size.

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Wh-what are those supplements she's putting in?

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Anyone else agree that this new [email protected] girl looks like Kouhai-chan rip-off?

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>[nakadashi intensifies]

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She's missing a pair of important things for a tawawa.

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Should he measure it from the middle joint instead of where the ring is going to be? That's the widest part.

Maybe, but that level of detail isn't necessary.

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You don't wear your ring around your joint though, user. It would slip off if that was the part you measured. You just have to wiggle a bit to get it on. It's not like she'll be taking it off much once it's on.

The only reason I didn't get her Nendo was because I thought she didn't really fit the archetype. I did preorder , though; same with pic related. Not sure about her waitress figure yet.

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>putting tanlines on tawawas
Gentleman, my erection is beyond critical mass. The fallout is estimated to destroy the entire Western Seaboard with aftershocks that threaten the Rocky mountains

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>It's not like she'll be taking it off much once it's on.

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Man I was certain he was going to hold her hand or something disgusting like that.

This is too wholesome

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Please get your mind out of the gutter. Tawawas are not for lewd. (笑

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despise how fanservice heavy this is, I am amazed by how little doujins it has.

Only when she's cooking delicious meals for her husband

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it makes me hate monday even more actually

Tawawas are made to give us good feelings in turn their smiles must be protected.

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