For the average Sup Forums-visitor, every slice of life is an isekai

For the average Sup Forums-visitor, every slice of life is an isekai.

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I want to kill myself.

you will make it user

People that say they want to kill themselves but don't are called attention whores.

I don't need girls, just my booze.

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Is this an isekai?

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There's only so much fulfillment a bottle can offer user, I've been there.
Move forward, we're waiting for you with open arms.

you know, in that regard, are there any isekai series where some otaku MC gets transported to an SOL harem setting?

I'm the OP, I don't go for bottles, I'm more in for cans

Getting a kid is not impossible.

So you’re saying that the reason I’m miserable is because of my own fault at refusing to change at the circumstances around me?

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like I give a shit

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So proceed to get isekai'd

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It's not just that
I want to kill myself, but I don't want it enough to get over my fear of pain, and my worry that I will fuck it up and end up a cripple on suicide watch
I could leap from a tall building but shit's damn scary

That's not an isekai portal. You need to get hit by a truck.

Does it work if it's on purpose?

Don't do it, user, think of all the animuh whose end you will never get to see.

Attention whoring without even being self-aware enough to realise it is called stupidity.

So is ad hominem instead of a real argument.
Shit... Now I am doing it too.

Do it while you're still young.

Just use an exit bag, really hard to fuck up at something like that.

Arguable. You can't nobly sacrifice yourself by pushing a stranger out of its path if you don't know it's coming.

I actually enjoy my life in all sorts of ways. It's not that hard, retards, you just need to keep moving your legs and not refusing people out of the blue.
Don't let this place consume you, I've spent whole days in here too but you can't let it be the most important thing in your schedule.

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Indeed,watching anime has the priority.

Eat shit

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But we all enjoy anime right?
Fun things are fun.

My escapism know no bounds.