So this year I'm trying to get into anime

So this year I'm trying to get into anime

>watch perfect blue
it's trash

>watch kimi no na wa
it's trash

>watch girl's last tour
it's trash

>watch made in abyss
it's absolute garbage

>watch konosuba
it's the better of the bunch because it doesnt take itself seriously but still trash

>watch neon genesis evangelion
love it

>watch end of evangelion
already my favorite movie of all time

Is NGE really the only good anime? Where should I go now?

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At least you have taste.
Lurk more.

There's your problem. Go read some manga.

Nice blog Evafag

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No Game No Life movie.

forgot pic

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Watch Serial Experiments Lain

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I like you.
You have good tastes.

who is best girl in your opinion?

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You should check these digits.

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The absolute state of Evafags (aka the most cancerous fanbase) the their garbage-tier anime

Maya Ibuki

Check these dubs

Switch rei and Asuka and that is accurate

That is ironically

Nice try, trips are where it's at though.

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> rec thread that's not even thinly veiled.

There's something for everyone, depends on what you like.

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Now and then here and there
rah xephon