Boku no Hero Academia

Post yrw when momoma is the traitor

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I would not be surprised if monoshit neitrash was the traitor

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You're my sunshine
My only sunshine

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why not dumping it in order fram?

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>good translation
>didn't censor the romance

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>didn't censor the romance
why would they? she is a midget not a kid

Based Japan giving us more La Brava lewds.

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That makes a fuckton more sense than the scanlations. Deku will be hauling Aoyama around the rafters and he got picked because he has super strength.

first time i reply to one of this

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Im about to watch this anime say something nice about it

I hate you

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Thanks for the dump user, heck of a lot better than jaminisbox, also how're you all doing today? Having a good day so far, any new developments?

La Brava will never die

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It's not too terrible.

but you're only posting fucking half of it

Tell that to redditards, according to them dialogue, backstory, and character design are irrelevant and age is measured by height.

sugar and shouji also could have done the job

the wsjd tread is up user even link it

I want to rape momo mei neijire ochako kendo and aizawa

Make sure your playlist isn't mysteriously missing Episode 3, leaving you confused as fuck for ages, like I was

film la brava

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How old is she? She's an adult but is she barely legal, a cake, or an obaasan?


You have no idea how many idiots still think she's a child despite not growing an inch since the flashback.

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It's great and whoever says different is a faggot redditor

a child is okay too!

She looks like a midget chirstmas cake that still wears cutesy things like pigtails and hearts like she's still young

Read the manga for extra autism. The anime is just for music, sounds, and movements. It misses a lot of establishing the tone that the manga does

It looks better in the manga

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it was also cool in the anime

go and watch konosuba at least you annoying faggot, no one cares about your megumeme spam

How many drawfags do we have? I want to request something

Knuckle duster best dad

I'm here but I won't be able to deliver until later

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paintag? don't get me wrong your stuff is great but it's way too meme for me.

I'm not spamming anything

"Died in your Arms Tonight" is a metaphor for orgasm.

So I guess La Brava goes unsatisfied.

Not him but can you draw aizawa cucking the boys?

Alright lets do this! Lets meme All Might 6 feet under finally!

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Evening anons! I love all of you!

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That stupid fuck is going to completely Harrison Ford it trying to redeem Shigaraki, we all know it.

Alternate version of the "YOU'RE SO AMAZING KACCHAN" Cuck montage but with Ochako repressing her feelings as Deku lays pipe on various thots.

Shoto, Dabi, and Enji look on in disgust at a "Mistakes into Miracles" of Tsuyu and Snail Mutant.

He sure as hell will, just that slowly crumbling to a gorey mess by Shiggy will be more brutal.

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Based off this? Someone already drew them but I can't find them

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Nah, he’ll grow even more desperate as he sees everyone he could’ve protected suffer, jumps in once more to save his pupil, and choke up at the crucial moment in front of Shiggs before remembering the promise he made to Izuku’s mother but that one pause was a costly mistake

Anons this is an emergency! We have less than a month left before season 3 starts, did anyone come up with an idea how to survive the newfag flood? What should we do?

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We have a surprising amount but they're probably not lurking right now

You’re part of that newfag flood, so shut up unless you’re willing to contribute to a discussion

So far we have had
>tumblrname xxx-something drawfag (toga in deku's costume draw)
>GoNagailike drawfag (the little comic about Momo and Bakugou and semen)
>Graybackground drawfag (Mina forcing Deku to suck her pussy draw
And the god tier drawfags that sometimes lurk here

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Stop spamming this every thread. Especially since you were part of the shitflood that came in during season 2

You don't even know who I am.

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Posting the same pic with almost the same text every thread is spamming, now fuck off

You are an emergency, kill yourself

I lurked since 2014.

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Did you guys not hear me? I said I want to rape momo nejire ochako kendo and aizawa with my 12in dick.

Shape the newcomers' minds and perspectives with the memes they come in on. They will then go along with the memes.

I may be biased but to maximize their potential and content generation, I recommend those memes be about Ochako suffering while Mei, Toga and Movie Girl steal the Deku.

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Eri pls calm down

Go back to lurking then.

The lurking clearly didn´t help in this case.

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And you didn't start posting in these threads until season 2. Fuck off
Still a newfag

Don't say mean things user, what if I really did it? Could you live with that?

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Different user, but yes.

The text is different most times, besides is it bad to ask and check up on how anons are doing in these threads? Some anons do have interesting things to say, and some just need words of encouragement to brighten up their day.

We have a surprising amount. There are generals without a single drawfag.

Ochacuck suffering really makes my dick hard I don't know why.

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Why and how

Seeing how quickly these threads usually burn through the bump limit and how shitty they could get, I’m not surprised

I want to fuck his sunshine

They really are the best
Also is gurofag the one who drew that fucked up pic of Shouji being raped and mutilated?

Go and fix your fucking mind, you seriously look like someone retarded

You have my support.

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How big do you think his sunshine can get?

If you want to check out anons, there is a board for that and this isn't it.

Calm down user, your autism is showing.

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There are two gurofags. One drew the Shouji rape, one where AfO is fucking Shigaraki dry, a Kaminari prolapsing as he is being dicked by sadrock and the GentleBrava art posted in this thread.
Another gurofag who doesn't show up anymore drew the Mei, Ibara, Inko and a 1B group torture pics.


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It's just that your obnoxious attitude triggers me. I really hope you could change.

>Another gurofag who doesn't show up anymore drew the Mei, Ibara, Inko and a 1B group torture pics.
I'm glad he's not here anymore.

It doesn't really matter, besides this is just for this general and no one really complains. (Besides my idiot moment with Konosuba a few threads ago) I think we should let this go and still try to have whatever good and fun we can in these threads

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>Movie Girl steal the Deku.
Movie girl might not. She might be for Bakugo or something.

You made me like this user. It's your fault. I wasn't like this when I started posting here. Take responsibility.

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Why should we be afraid of the newfag flood? Everything's shitty enough as it is with the constant characterfagging and Sup Forums-tier contrarianism.

What are normies going to possibly ruin?

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>Ochacofag shitting up the thread again

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This is the face of a man facing death

>could get millions of views by filming his midget girlfriend
>doesn't do it
Gentle is best husbando

No matter what, the show must go on.

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Is Eri the Pan of Hero Academia?

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He can't. I addressed him directly, suggesting to not shitpost, but to try to give constructive opinion on a non-bait subject while attaching Ochako pic: he just went on shitposting disregarding my words.

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>one where AfO is fucking Shigaraki dry
Can someone please post it?

I started hating you recently, don't blame for your faggotry, piece of shit. Please don't reply anymore.

She's nowhere near as denki. Though I'm surprised by the amount of focus she's got and her power is so OP she'll definitely affect the plot eventually.

when are you getting banned again

Can someone post the bottom image only, I mean the original, if there is one

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Wait, how did Viz catch up so quickly? Weren't they like 80 chapters behind?