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I don't get it, is he sucking her dick

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Not the most subtle ryona thread

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this turns me on

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Do you think grils get turned on when they watch regular db

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>Autistic 14 year old spotted.

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>New fag reditor spotted

Need more lewds for any of this to do anything for me.

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>Go to Namek just to track down their Dragon Balls to bring your friends back to life
>Have to waste all three wishes on fucking Bulma

Bitch needs to stay in the damn cave.

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>Being this asshurt at facts.

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>this is someone's fetish

Ehhhh.... just get to video already

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Was thisbever translated?

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Fucking brutal

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It’s called the death fork

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color won't upload for some reason

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really, out all the other threads this one stays


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You don't have to type anything in order to post a thread, dumb redditor.

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OP isn't actually breaking any rules to be fair.

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>non-lewd ryona
It's shit

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Why did this need a redraw?

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This is actually just lazy redraws of existing panels except replacing dudes for the girls.

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Kinda ruins the point if the female was actually able to fight back.

No it doesn't, mixed fight is the best fetish.

The end. Thanks for reading guys. Looking forward to the final episode of Super this week. Hope you all stay safe and happy until then. Dragon Ball for life. Peace.

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but y doe

Only if the female destroys the male easily and smugly.

Both are god tier but a balanced mixed fight is the most patrician.

This one unironically should have happened in the series. Or blow her up instead of Krillin.

Goku getting overwhelmed by rage of Krillin dying had already been done, and he was a fighter who at the very least knew the risks of staying to fight. Bulma was a completely innocent non-fighter, and Goku's oldest friend

Krillin was his best friend though and Krillin couldn't be brought back twice so him dying actually mattered. Goku wouldn't have been as pissed if he could just bring him back probably.

>no torn clothes
>no random titslips
>no nudity

I can imagine the shipper blowup if this change had happened in social media times.

I mean, Guru was dead and Piccolo was basically about to be as well. I don't think "Oh well, Dragonballs!" would have been going through his mind at the time.

>None of the pictures involve the women pissing themselves when dead.

Almost perfect

He broke every bone in her body. This man was a professional. He made female abuse into an art form. A true connoisseur with exquisite attention to detail. Easily the best character Dragon Ball had to offer.



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Because fuck you.

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I miss Ninja Murasaki

Imagine this but Hokuto no Ken