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How come Daifuku turned out to be such a bad egg?

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What would their reunion be like?

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You've got to have a firm, unwavering pimp hand to be the Minister of Cheap Sluts

Because he's the manlet of the bunch. Small men are often small in more ways than one.

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do the triplets' brothery love mirror, more or less, the concept of absolute, lazy and unknown justice of the admirals?

I like how this implies little Oven had a kinda pointy nose like Linlin but he grew into it


>Katakuri - Lazy
>Daifuku - Relative
>Oven - Absolute

Daifuku was completely right with beating the fuck out of that stupid traitorous mutant.Pudding is the worst character Oda ha ever written,dumb cunt deserves to be tortured to death.

Maybe we can crush her between your punctuation

Zoro will be told the gist of what happened before he reunites with Sanji, punch him in the face when he does, and force him apologize to Luffy on his knees so he can stay in the crew.

A 20 cm difference would not look like that when dealing with characters that are all around 5m.

germa 66 have lost the support of the world government and the big mom guys think they'll be jumping on luffy's dick next?

But we didn't know she'd betray her family before Daifuku punched her.

If you think Germa won't join the Grand Fleet you're retarded, it's too obvious

Maybe you can crush my dick between your lips faggot.

Hopefully not, I'd rather see them do a heroic sacrifice to let Luffy and Sanji escape.

it's just the bad shit they have done to sanji. will luffy even forgive them?

>germa 66 have lost the support of the world government
Ototo they would have if they had allied with Big Mom, but they didn't. They still have it.

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You didn't know cause you're a brainlet but Daifuku and anyone with a bit of common sense knew.

oven did punch chiffon tho, feel like it would be instead
>katakuri - absolute
>oven - relative
>daifuku - lazy

The irony in this post.

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Gotta hand it to Daifuku, he knows a bitch when he sees one.
Daifuku bitchslapping Flampe when?

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Is Peros top tier compared to Sanji? I believe Sanji's only advantage vs Chadperos is that he uses fire attacks.

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CP-0 know of their betrayal you dumb cunt

You know that video of the guy slapping somebody’s kid, and then slapping everybody that tries to yell at him for it?
I want that but with Daifuku and all of the Charlottes

Peros is top tier compared to anyone.

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If every single entity affiliated with the WG who ever interacted with pirates was considered a traitor, there wouldn't be many people working at the WG.
It's obvious the Germa will go to the rêverie and the WG will overlook their attempt at playing allies with Big Mom.

Why Lucci got a promotion for getting BTFO?

>”If the marines even see us acknowledge Vivi they’ll fucking ruin her life so don’t even respond to her”
>Actively trying to ally with pirates is fine

>Wedding is crashed, marriage cancelled, and now you are attacking the people you were about to ally with

If anything, the WG should thank them for having the enormous balls to fight along side two much smaller pirate crews against the BMP, an enemy of the WG.

Are you actually retarded or did you forget there's a cover story and a 2 year timeskip?

But the Strawhats are enemies of the WG too so why would that make it better?

those two small pirate crews are also WG enemies

what did he do to get 700 million? He's such a nice guy who loves candy and tea.

I don't think you get how this works, user.

i thought the vinsmokes just had underground deals with the WG, like sharing their cloning tech for the Pacifista project, and in exchange they got favors like changing Sanji's bounty

>Zoro has any authority over Sanji
Sanji will kick Zoros teeth out if he tries. Zoro better mind his own business.

Well he's nice sure but he's also the type who loves playing with his food. It's easy to see why he'd get such a high bounty.

OoOoOoO Ben Beckman

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The right hand man of the captain punches the man who mocked and beat up the captain and didn't apologize.

What's wrong with that?

They were still proper members up until the events of WCI. From now on, it remains to be sen.

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Sanji's pride would shrink faster than his dick in such a situation because he'd know Zoro is right and he would do as he's told.

>They think Zoro is Vice Captain because he threatened to leave once to get his way
Sanji already apologized to Luffy and Nami and Luffy doesn't care at all about it. If Zoro stood up running his mouth he would look like a bitch and Zoro is the one crew member Sanji wouldn't hear any of that shit from.

Circumstances make unlikely bedfellows. Germa 66 could easily argue that the Straw Hats/Bege forced them into the situation they were in, and now had to defend themselves against the BMP. Plus, without Germa 66's cloning tech, BM is unlikely to make any big moves against the WG, especially considering the damage done to her crew. I'm just trying to spin the Germa 66 angle here.

Oh no!
Whatever shall we do zorobros?

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>Sanji already apologized to Luffy and Nami
>and Luffy doesn't care at all about it
That doesn't matter, he didn't care about Usopp's apology either. Zoro is different.

Luffy didn't care about Usopp just waltzing back in too. That's not the point though.

>tfw no chad perospero vs virgin katakuri yet

>Zoro gets fucking pissed that Luffy let Sanji back into the crew after all this
>He throws a hissy fit about it and gives Luffy the "him or me" ultimatum like the spoiled shit he is
>Luffy says he's not kicking anybody out
>Zoro leaves and Wano's about him relearning to respect Luffy and checking his monstrous ego
I'd be ok with this

Make it yourself you lazy ass.

>they think zoro is vice captain
Who the fuck said that you retard? Are all Sanjifags lacking the capability to read basic sentences and words?
>sanji apologized to luffy
>luffy doesn't care about it
He didn't when Usopp did the same. That wasn't right either. Zoro is the one who guides Luffy in cases like this. He's Luffy's right hand man. He's supposed to handle minor matters like this. Sanji beat Luffy up badly and mocked him unnecessarily. Anyone present there would've gotten mad, which Nami did. No reason to assume Zoro won't either.

Zoro can suck a fat dick if he thinks he can pull rank on Sanji and everyone on the crew knows this. Luffy said he can't become PK without Sanji.

>Zolofags actually believe this
Zoro could go fuck himself as far was Sanji is concerned. He would have already apologized by the end of this arc and would have no reason to apologize because a green haired asian asks him to.

Zoro would obviously be tsundere with Sanji and then they would have a gay moment were they just stare at each other smiling.

It won't happen, Sanji will crawl on the floor and apologize. He agreed it was necessary for Usopp to apologize deeply to get back in the crew. He'll do the same without a second thought, even if it is at Zoro's request.

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what was the best cover story?

Luffy said he can't become without anyone's help in the crew at Arlong Park.

Later on we got the Usopp stuff. What's your point?

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Whats with this "Sanji has to apologize to everyone" nonsense? Only two people Sanji needs to apologize to is Luffy and Nami. Luffy already forgives him though so now he needs to take responsibility and have his moment with Nami at the end of this arc.

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>the only legitimate reply sanjifags can make to a argument is "suck a fat dick"
Sanjifags are 12, can't say im surprised

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Luffy can't bluff so he needs Usopp to pull off stunts like the "God" recruiting.

That Zoro doesn't get to tell Sanji what to do and has nothing to do with Luffy and Sanjis fight. If Zoro tries to stick his head in he will look like a whiny little bitch and Luffy is not going to care because he already sorted things out with Sanji.
Also Sanji has very little respect for Zoro so him being upset isn't going to mean a thing to Sanji. Sanji woukd enjoy pissing him off.

How is it nonsense?

big difference is that Sanji made it clear that he would return

even Zoro was tsundere about being worried about sanji

I don't even ship them but I fully expect them to have an at least familial loving moment at the end of this arc once they're safe and out of Mama's territory

Sanji fought Luffy and defeated him. In Zoro's book he's even worse than Usopp. It's the ultimate lack of respect for Luffy, the captain.

The main point here is that Sanji didn't trust Luffy with the truth when things got serious. Zoro wouldn't try to pull an act or fight Luffy the way Sanji did.

Nami and Robin both didn't completely trust Luffy or know what he was capable of, so they had reason to doubt him. Sanji has been with Luffy since he saw him beat Don Krieg and he still doubted him as a captain.

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Because he only needs to apologize to Luffy for beating him up and he needs to apologize to Nami for making her go through that. He doesnt really need to apologize to anyone else since he didnt do anything bad to anyone else.

Sanji quitting the crew is more like Nami and Robin.
Usopp is the only one who left out of his own volition due to a conflict with the captain.
That said, Sanji will most likely do a proper apology at the end of this arc. The other part of the crew probably won't be told exactly what happened.

>zoro doesn't tell sanji what to do
Sanji shut himself up like his bitch when Zoro lectured Luffy at Water 7 user, fuck off. Sanji beat Luffy up. He went against what Zoro previously said. No one in the crew was against Using rejoining without apologizing at first either.

Would be nice if you actually reply to the arguments given to you rather than the "b-but zoro can't to this!" or you'd just look like pathetic.

Zoro will do his usual smug bastard act and welcome him back without saying a word, like a silent agreement between 2 men who secretly respect each other.

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>nami and robin had a fight with luffy, mocked him and disrespected him and beat him
kek user cool speedreading summary

Why did you post Ichiji and Sabo in a box user?

And that is because the Vinsmokes were threatening Zeffs life. He couldnt do shit. I doubt Zoro would let his master die and if he thought leaving the crew and fucking up Luffy was the only was to save him he would also do it.

The same can be said for Usopp and Merry user.

Zoro already threatened to leave if he didn't get his way. Zoro is fedora lord just like his fans sitting in the corner all the time only chiming to make some self important faggy speech.

I jut had a dream that Nami and Luffy had faked joining Blackbeard’s crew, rode a raft into a whirlpool with him, beat him in the most anticlimactic way possible, found out that One Piece was like 500 berries, and then discovered that Raftel was just under Roger’s old Home in Loguetown and it was the least climactic thing ever

>yfw Reiju points out that Sanji and Zoro act like brothers

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Can you read? I said Sanji owned an apology to Luffy. And yeah probably Nami too. But Sanji didn't apologize to anyone so far.

Not at all. Usopps problem was more of him feeling useless and seeing himself in Merry. He thought that he would also be left behind.

You mad Zorofag? Zoro get upset but no one is going to kick Sanji off the crew fot Zoros fee fees and Sanji doesn't give a shit what Zoro says

Maybe you have me mixed up with another conversation because I said the same thing and you replied to me. Luffy and Nami being the only people Sanji needs to apologize to is my whole point.

>mfw Sanji gets mad after finding out the rebel samurai made Zoro their new leader and gave him a harem of skilled female bodyguards

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He could've told him to stay away after one kick and whisper the basic truth the way Kuma did to Rayleigh to make sure Luffy understood why he couldn't come back It took Pudding being a cocky cunt for Luffy and Nami to figure out a glimpse of the situation.

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... What? Usopp's problem was obviously with them leaving Merry to "die" with them not caring about it. He clearly didn't want Merry to die there. What the fuck have you been reading?

All three left due to external circumstances. Both Robin and Sanji also wanted to protect the crew by cutting ties, Robin had a deal with CP9 to spare Straw Hats, Sanji made a deal with Big Mom to let them go etc.

Like Luffy and Nami accept that there’s no way out and accept that they’ll be trapped there forever, hear some voices above, and move the ceiling to discover they’re directly under a house

I wish Reiju met Zoro. I have a feeling they'd hit it off and bully Sanji together.
But it's not happening, is it.

Zoro threatened to leave because he didn't want his captain to be someone who lets people walk over him after he not only saved his life, but swore his loyalty after the worst defeat in his life. Stop being a retard.

Neither of them beat up Luffy. Which is exactly the talk of their discussion here user.

spee d. reader

Sanji wanted Luffy to leave so he wouldn't get captured for picking a fight with Big Meme without Zoro.

I don't think that makes him worth a promotion.

Reiju would hate anyone who bullies Sanji.

Sounds like you’re mad Sanjicuck.

This was a stealth mission, Big Mom already knew he was in his territory anyway.

You said Luffy already forgave Sanji so Sanji didn't own him an apology but that's not how it works.

>Zoro saves Wano
>gets asked by the lords to spread his godly genes
>Zoro only does it because they give him free drinks
>Sanji jobs as usual and no one asks for his genes

the two panels that made me hate Nami

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