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Are there gonna be riots in mexico when goku loses?

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>let's make Goku a japanese Superman!
>also Toei

What happened?

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Faggot mods deleted my post last time,probably a fucking caulishitter got mad.

These threads are aids,pic related is why.

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Nice cherrypick. Goku is a moron in the manga as well

whoa 17 knows how to sing

Based Mods

Huh no?

>b-but he's not even interested into Chichi's pregnancy nor kissing!
So just like he's supposed to be according to Toriyama, a literal asexual sociopath

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>disturbing the water
Fucking pleb

>Gokekfags, everyone.

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What is fucking wrong with Chile and Mexico

Sub optimal diets when growing up, shit enviroments, ignorant families, and all of the other third world problems which makes them objectively lesser people


You mixed goku up with jiren

Chile is the most based south american country.

>asdakskasddkas wea wn sapo ql asdjaj

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Can't wait to see an entire stadium's reaction to Goku getting fucking trashed by Jiren. It's exciting to see how everyone's going to take that.

Stamina disconnection is what Mr. Whis said at the beginning of this time.
"The closer you are to God, the more you will consume your physical strength."

will anyone in Sup Forums attend?

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>most competitive latin american economy
>their dictator, though an US puppet, purged all commie faggots

There needs to be a reason for riots to break out on Mexico?

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I'd want to mock them for this but my city rioted because our hockey team lose a game.

So like... i've always wondered. Why is it that the dragon ball video games intro like Dragon Ball Heroes still use the artstyle from the original DB/DBZ/DBGT while DBS anime uses the new style of animation. Is it that Toei doesn't really put much effort in the anime or something?

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El Hermano

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Maybe the old stuff is better?

does he have a thiccer ass than jiren

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Then why not use it?

If only Whis was a girl

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So you don't think Goku is retarded for thinking child birth works the way Whis did it?

Do you love Vados

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>Dragon Ball Heroes
wrong. yamamuro is very much abundant in heroes.
Super looks the way it does due to yamamuro's designs
also, they don't feel like it. animators like takahahsi, Nii or karasawa show that if they felt like it they could adhere to the older ones. They just decide to stick to the model sheets

Can someone post the other one with Naruto in it

Fucking retard.

Why do you love Aqua so much

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Now if this were the Kalos league all hell would break loose.

>ignorant = retarded
So you think Goku was retarded since the first chapters of DB?

She looks like a dominantrix .

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>post a pic of Martinu

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Retarded has always doubled up as a word for someone or something that is just extremely stupid.
If you honestly thought I meant it in the literal sense, then you're extremely stupid as well.


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We have a lot of passion.


Is Broly canon? Me and my friend were arguing over if broly was canon or not. We couldn't come to a consensus so we brought it to Sup Forums! Please help.

So what? Him meditating somehow makes him smart?

Broly is not canon. There is no argument. He's not canon.

Cell in his ultimate form, Perfección!

Well Yes and no.

Broli is both canon and non-canon because Dragon Ball doesn't have a defined canon to begin with. For something with as many different criss-crossing author-involved stories as Dragon Ball, for an actual official "canon" to exist, it would require someone in charge to actually declare one. Toriyama himself or someone else in charge would have to say "only THESE specific stories count, and nothing else does." That hasn't happened.

As things stand, in lieu of such a thing Dragon Ball remains as one central original story (the original DB/Z manga/show) and a whole lot of spin-offs. It's not a straight line, it's instead more like a tree with a solid trunk and a lot of branches splitting off from it. Just because Broli has only shown up in certain side-stories, on certain branches, doesn't mean he doesn't exist as a character and "doesn't matter" or anything like that.

Does Broli appear in the original main Dragon Ball story? No. Does he still exist? Yes. Is he "canon?" Moot point. Zero reason to fuss about it.

He would be Vados

Piss off reddit


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You can't miss the point this much. You are baiting aren't you?


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Not that simple but
>sorry guys I forgot the senzus in the bathroom while pooping XD

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Are you sure spics don't already know? Anyone can read the spoilers.

Goku 4 smash

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Are you actually trying to meme a riot into existence?

Manga Goku is a fucking retard too

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Prettiest girl.

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>he felt for the pinochet killed commies meme

he didnt killed communists just people who wanted you know more democracy and freedom
calling them communists was his way of labeling everyone who disagreed with him

when does it air so I can download it?

If theres one in monterrey i will go, and i really dont give that much of a crap about DBS, i regularly watch SHT the saturdays.

Goku is such a shit dad

Is this Toyo's most blatant dig at the anime?

Lurk more.

And strongest!

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>A "seal"? Do we need a SEAL for the sealing technique? Oh yeah, I forgot and I left Kame House without it, sorry xD

See ignorant =/= stupid
He gives no fucks about everything that isn't martial arts, that's nothing new

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reminder that im in love with Whis, I want to take him out on dates and make sweet romantic sweaty love with him.

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Did ChiChi rape goku?


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please watch us pleasure each other

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*Black kills Chichi and Goten*

> Intense RAGE

> "Oh. That unfortunate."
> "Also I wasn't there for Gohan's birth"

Goku cares for his family a lot more in the anime

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I think you are. You're trying to call the anime version of Goku dumb, whereas the manga version thinks babies come out of thin air. They're both dumb as spit, and you're retarded for needing to have this explained to you

El Germano

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goku black didn't kill goten and chichi in the manga though

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You need to wait at least 4 days you dodo

Yes he did, it's the first thing he tells Goku

That moment in the anime only happened because they taunted him with it. In the manga, Black casually tells him. It was also way over the top, since it wasn't his family, it was another Goku's family

>toeishill embarrassing himself again
Black never killed Chichi and Goten in the manga you fucktard
And what's wrong with Goku not giving a shit about Chichi's pregnancy? Toriyama said it dozens times, Goku isn't into romance, he sees Chichi as a close friend, like Bulma. Expecting Goku to care about Gohan's birth isn't different from expect him to care about Trunks'
Sorry like Goku when he's out of character

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Friendly reminder that Pan was blushing at the sight of a little naked Goku and then went swimming with him. DB's cutest couple.

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Ignorant IS stupid in this case.

Regardless whether you are a martial artist junkie or not...any sane non-stupid adult should know what a kiss is and that babies don't pop out of thin fucking air.

La hermana

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So you are this stupid.
Let me clarify this for you: Toei's Goku is stupid. Manga Goku is just an ignorant.
Now you can stop this shit.

Goku doesn't really see gohan or goten as more important than roshi or krillin

Yes, he did. You forget because there was no feeling behind it in the manga


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>Grande padre

>And what's wrong with Goku not giving a shit about Chichi's pregnancy? Toriyama said it dozens times, Goku isn't into romance, he sees Chichi as a close friend, like Bulma.

Because this means he wasn't with his newly wed pregnant wife for 9 months

What kind of "best friend" is that?

that was a placeholder for kefla

Toyospics BTFO

>actually claiming ignorance = stupidity

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That explains everything

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Look what i've found on this ancient greek amphora

Looks familiar, isn't it?

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