There are people saying that the tsukhime remake looks worse than the original

>there are people saying that the tsukhime remake looks worse than the original

I want whatever the fuck you are smoking

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Nostalgia is one hell of a drug

It will never happen so why are you getting upset?

It lack what made the original unique.
Alucard seriusly now look like saber with red eyes

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Nostalgia is a hell of a drug

same like old hamfist higurashi art > new one

and previously she looked like she had cancer on her face

It looks better overall but they fucked up Ciel's cute haircut (and Acr's but I don't care as much about her)

People are just mad about Arcade Bumstead's skirt being shorter

Also, even if the art quality is better I doubt their expressions will be as memorable and emotive.

give me the address of your dealer

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I mean just look at this cute dork.

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why the fuck is she going to stop being a cute dork when 90% of it is her personality?

I agree, but the pictures capture the personalities of the characters and I fear new ones wouldn't do it as well. Not because they're bad in quality, we just associate their expressions and mannerisms with the originals.

you are rational, my posts were more directed to the people who are already proclaiming to the winds that it is going to be shit

They miss the long skirt obviously.

I want my fucking hair intakes back. Also melty blood looked better in every way.

At least use a clean image of remake Arc

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Tsukihime sucks.

New art is better than old.

Former is warm and a bit rough. Latter is generic, boring crap. Iunno user, maybe you're just a newfag who thinks kyoani is a good studio for muh beutifle art xdddd

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Jesus this meme has been growing exponentially recently

The old Tsukihime was trash, it NEEDS a new adaptation to do it any service.

And then a new Melty Blood in HD

>new Melty Blood in HD
truly the pinnacle of type moon

Something closer to this would have been better.

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Id rather have shit art then good but soulless one

>literally every redesign is good besides for Shiki's knife and Arc's
Just fuck my shit up.

Only blond young women with short hair are Saber clones.

>arcueid's redesign is bad
crystal meth must be one hell of a drug to you

It's kind of like Umineko, despite the questionable art quality there are a lot of 10/10 expressions. At least Akiha will get her neck fixed.

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Compared to peak Melty Arc, it is.

>getting rid of Arc's long skirt
you may as well take off Ciel's glasses at this rate

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Then Arcueid is the original Saber clone, even before Saber was a thing

There's just so much soul on Akiha's neck

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I wanna fug that giraffe

>it's a "design and art quality are the same thing" thread

I don't care if it looks good or bad, I just want some confirmation that it's not vaporware. It's been in development limbo for YEARS.


but obviously I'm talking about people who say it looks worse than original, why the fuck are you changing the subject?

>design was better!
subjective as fuck, but most importantly it doesn't change that it looked worse

There's some great hisuis

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>arcueid's redesign is bad
>crystal meth must be one hell of a drug to you
>changing the subject
>but obviously I'm talking about people who say it looks worse than original, why the fuck are you changing the subject?
The complaints have always been about the redesigns. Stop pretending to be retarded.
>subjective as fuck, but most importantly it doesn't change that it looked worse
Immaterial. Obviously the artwork is better, if an artist hadn't improved in that long a time period they probably shouldn't have been one in the fist place.

Don't click

This makes me cry more

I dont get it, is Tsuki worth reading? Seems like its mainly for porn

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It is. Both.

I know everyone says this but while the initial routes aren't great, it's worth it because of the later routes.

Why does she levitate like that?

Maybe her butt hurts

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From what?

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Arc's hair and skirt really really upset me.

Ciel's hair and Shiki's knife also suck. The rest is good.

The small skirt is a smart move though, they want to distance Arcueid from Saber. Otherwise she might look like a another saberclone

>Shiki's knife
Honestly, I don't see anything offensive about it

She looked less like a saberclone before the remake

It's not offensive but the old design made more sense. It's supposed to be an old japanese knife that belonged to his clan.

The new one looks western.

Doesnt matter how short the skirt is, this will always be the sexiest outfit.

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It is and you can read it in less than 30 hours compared to the 60 (at minimum) that Fate takes.

the old one was also a folding knife

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Very much so.
Then read the manga afterwards for a better experience of the first two routes.
Hell, you can probably just read the manga and then skip straight to Akiha's route.

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You should. It's a good, fairly brief read. Plus you get to join in on any Turkeyhandle discussions.

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wait, the manga adaptation is good?
thanks god, I always had trouble reading VNs because I can't never get into them

Doesn't that mean he'll miss out on THIS CHAIR?

Didn't remember that. I guess the design never really was consistent.

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That new fate game looks dope yo

Yeah, it's pretty good and Arc is super cute, but the real heart of Tsukihime lies in the last three routes of the VN.
Since the VN is linear, you'll have to find a complete save somewhere to skip Arc's and Ciel's route. (I found one pretty easily IIRC).

Yes, but Ciel's is almost a complete retread of Arc's and nobody likes Ciel anyway.

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The original has better artwork by virtue of actually existing.

weird, I can't seem to find any images of the knife
oh well, maybe its as you said

Sad but true, and will probably remain true for years until F:GO stops being popular.

>F:GO stops being popular.
>implying this will ever happen

Pretty much. I have resigned myself to the remake being on level with Episode 3, along with Melty Blood HD and a potential Kagetsu Tohya remake by consequence.

the fuck

>until F:GO stops being popular
So never? you can always wait for the future TsukihimexFateGO event tho


Happy Birthday to Kohaku & Hisui

>Tsukihime (Lunar Legend Moon Princess) by Type-Moon

Tsukihime: Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under The Crimson Air.

Tsukihime PLUS-DISC: Alliance of Illusionary Eyes

Tsukihime Fun Disc - Kagetsu Tohya: Twilight Grass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess

Shingetsutan Tsukihime manga (only covers Arc's route)!dRwwAZrT!uxmDDlwDTu3bgo9QIKgSrQ

>MELTY BLOOD by Watanabe Seisakusho (French Bread) and Type-Moon

MELTY BLOOD: Hologram Summer, Night on the Blood Liar

MELTY BLOOD Re-act: Through the Looking-Glass, Fairy Tale transparently

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code: Hologram Summer Again - Community Edition

MELTY BLOOD manga (divided into two parts, the first part, spanning volumes 1-6, follows the original Melty Blood storyline. "2nd ACT" began serialization in the beginning of 2009, and spans volumes 7-9, featuring Miyako (Shiki's non-blood related cousin) as one of the main protagonists.)

I don't give a fuck about the art quality, redesigns are trash.
Not that it matter, since it won't happen. Current TM would probably add a bonus Saber side-story where she fights Arc on equal grounds.

>Kagetsu Tohya remake
I dunno about that, the original goofy artwork fits the comical scenes in KT so well, having "good" art might make it worse.

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this but unironically

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They'd remove Len's sex scene.

thanks user

>New roommate looks exactly like Arc

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>on equal grounds.

you mean, where saber wins handily

Its that stupid ass hair sticking out that pisses me off. Who fucking thinks that's a good idea?

Shit looks retarded

>you'll be constantly reminded of the differences between the two to fap comfortably

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whoever posted this the other day please seed

I-Is she a model?

Forgot pic

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The original at least exists.

arc does not have ass hair. her butt is entirely smooth.

Is the Melty Blood manga any good?
I didn't know it had a manga, let alone 9 volumes.

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Tsukihime has plenty about Nasu's views on society. That's even more of a theme than Shiki's discontent with life and acceptance of death. Are you gonna say Kara no Kyoukai is also mainly for porn? Fate/stay night has much, much more in terms of fights and power level bait than any of Nasu's other old works.

It's mostly the conversation with SHIKI in Kohaku's route, though it's well distributed throughout the whole game. Shiki expresses how out of place he feels, and it's obvious he doesn't necessarily want to connect with his friends at school. It's subtle, but the character arc of him learning that he needs to accept living is definitely there, and is only spelled out in the eclipse. And of course, the idea that society rejects, or is afraid of anyone who is different from the norm is present throughout the whole thing.

Besides popularity, I think Fate is hated for what the franchise has become rather than FSN/FHA, and that I fully agree with.

Are you the guy from yesterday's TM thread who everyone kept saying "why are you replying to me?"

It's great. Definitely worth a read. It's a blend of Near and Far with some changes.

There's some guy who likes to copy paste every write-up he finds about Tsukihime on random boards. Probably trying to force copy pastas or something.

user, in fate grand order there's literally an "arturia face" trait that the saberfaces have and there are certain characters that do more damage to saberfaces. It's not a meme they actually do this on purpose.

It doesn't stop being a meme just because they play along with it and use it as an excuse to sell even more Sabers in a shitty gacha.

Now put two and two together retard, they make other characters look like saber, for example Arcuieid, to sell more stuff for other shitty franchises.

How do you make Tsukihime popular?

Yeah, no shit. Did you just figure that out?

There's also a saberface from a dimension full of saberfaces and her mission is to kill all saberfaces. Shit's crazy yo

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why the fuck would you want it to become popular?