There are degenerates on this board right now who actually want to be bullied by a girl. Disgraceful

There are degenerates on this board right now who actually want to be bullied by a girl. Disgraceful

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Is this the right place to be posting this?

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the mc being such a massive beta ruins this series. it diminishes the actual bullying

>want to be bullied
>but hate on bully girls
Sup Forums sucks dickshittingnipples

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What's this, reverse myspace angle?

Cucks gonna be cucks. Ignore them and contain them in one thread. Don't make more and let them leak elsewhere.

I don't just want to be bullied.

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god I wish that were me

I want to bully Nagotoro-san! With my dick!

Chapter 11 is out, btw

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the usual place

I don't want to get bullied by a girl i want to fight over dominance.

Yeah, imagine if it had Rance instead. Nagatoro would be counterbullied to the point of pregnancy within the first panel.

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He's showing hints of backbones sometimes

I think you got the wrong door buddy. The gentle femdom thread is two pages down.

>the mc being such a massive beta

That's half of the fucking premise of this mango.

>There are degenerates on this board right now who actually thing red nails/claws are not the most disgusting thing ever

that's the point user, she gets turned on by his beta-ness

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pls spoonfeed me daddy

At least they don't want to bully girls. That's extremely uncool.

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Is being a cuck redpilled now?

How long ago were the last two chapters storytimed on here.

I saw the Valentine and phonecall issues suddenly pop up on where I read online, but I always try to trek back on Sup Forums to see their reactions on this.

If girls didn't want to be bullied they wouldn't grow their hair out so boys could yank it.

I cant read this, I get a void in my heart because he is not spanking her.


>why is senpai cheating on me with these thots
>does he not love me

Hey now, M's are subhumans to you know.

chapter 11 translation when?

Every expression chibi Nagatoro makes is god-tier.

I spend 24h/day here. I didn't see shit.

I'm not completely sure what's going on here but I like to think senpai has published H-manga of her.

that's the entire point you normalfag, this series is for omega males to self-insert into

Is that one of those places where I have to download the whole magazine to get one series?

My experience is that they most of the time gets posted on Sup Forums before most other places. I wonder if just got hold of a sample or something. If he did, it'd be kind of a dick move.

You sure?

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Does anyone have the full version of the toe curling picture at the bottom?

I need it for... science.

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its just an extra chapter advertising his tankoubon

it is retard

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Girls grow out their hair in hopes of finding a man who will treat them right not a boy who will torment them. When you grow up you'll understand.

Surely you virgins wouldn't be stimulated by a mere drawing?

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Nice uncensoring.

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Please, I want more

But bullying brings out the full cuteness of a girl.

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What time is it?

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What if treating them right IS tormenting them?

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God Bless You Sir

Do the one with videochat

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This stuff wasn't done by me so all thanks goes to Fanged Scans

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MC can be cuter than Nagatoro sometimes.


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Bullying is really just flirting where one person takes on both loads. I like it in either direction.

are these edits or was 774 brave enough with the tank?

whats an /e/?

Ah, it's my favorite science as well. Sadly, this experiment is not yet available.

These are edits, right?

Yeah they're all edits

>There are degenerates on this board right now who actually want to be bullied by a girl.
Getting bullied by girls is the greatest pleasure there is.

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ah, so this is what American doujins look like...

Fatties are gross and don't get to bully anyone.

I want a cute tsundere girl to bully me

They can bully whoever they want.

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They can't bully gravity.

This is stupid. Just walk away, those whales won't be able to walk two steps without having yo take a break.

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Why bully gravity when they could just bully your virgin cock?

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christ what happens if they run into each other?

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They futa rape his asshole. These are futa manga.

>that tsukomi boobies touch

and is the bad half of this mango

Why wouldn't he just ignore her

cause she's the only person who talks to him, and even the biggest of introverts need some type of human communication

Because he likes her and she likes him

You should read the manga, its only fucking 10 chapters long and it will answer your questions, retard.

I imagine it's out on the phone app thing? I remember that getting the chapters first. Is anyone going to dump it?

She almost cracked when she thought someone else brought Senpai chocolate on valentines day. The love is there.

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She barely even bullies him after like the second chapter. Such a disappointment.

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let it out already

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based viper on the case


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(•) . ,

Post more or link to more please

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>There are degenerates on this board right now who actually don't want to be bullied by a girl.

Wait is that her commenting on the chapter?

No translation this week, the chapter is just the 'Compliment' one the Korean translated last week.
That's not chapter 11, that's the omake from the manga.
It's an advertisement chapter for the manga.

Jesus Christ, I wanna be bullied by her

Any chance to get the advert translated? Even just in greentext?

Neat. Hope you guys translate that ad, looks fun.

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