Draw a fox

>draw a fox
>call it a wolf
Why is this allowed?

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Because there isn't a centralized authority on what is allowed, and what isn't.

Aren't foxes related to wolfs?

I'm pretty sure foxes don't walk on two legs.

What makes you so sure?

Its a Japanese wolf, a little different

If memory serves, a fox is a female wolf.

>Not knowing about Japanese wolves
Shame they went extinct.

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Worst ending ever desu

>American education

That looks ugly af, not graceful like in S&W.

Just got volume 14 and though I have a lot of issues with the manga's pacing and skipping of certain stories, the artist's renditions of Holo's looks of pure fucking love are so perfect I can't handle it.

manga or LN? They differ quite a bit in terms of illustration i heard. I started reading the LNs some time ago, no idea if i should give the manga a shot after that

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This is why anime and manga needs a guild. To make sure obvious errors don’t make it into the final product, and that only high quality series get published.

Manga. Read all the LN, volume 14 of the manga just released in English. They just got the point where Lawrence joins up with the Myuri mercenaries to go north while Holo runs off to get the mining book.

Koume Keito's Holos are definitely the best renditions of the character.

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But this is censored, he didn't start out that way.

I'm pretty sure the nipples were only in volume 1 and possibly 2, though I did spy some in a postscript art piece he did in a recent volume.

Tamamo Cat would break your fucking mind user

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why did she die

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Good God

There is no good justification for this happening, if anything the opposite should have happened.

>call it a wolf
But her name is Korbo.

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Cuteness is the only authority.
And she is premium S+ cute meat.

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>Lawrence got to tap this

Well worth the eternal months of teasing and cockblocking.

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They could have included more evidence of it.

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God why is Horo art always so tasteful?
You could frame most of it and hang it on a wall and nobody would bat an eye.

I wouldn't mind the covering only just the wheat in the image instead though. A mix of tasteful and less tasteful would also be fine.

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you wouldn't fuck a dog, would you?

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Damn, So good.
It's like the Théodore Géricault of anime.

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The only thing I don't like is the blush.
The onchalant style of the others is what takes the sexualization out of Horo art, if this makes sense.

But she's highly sexual.

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When she wants to be.

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>Fucking a 10,000 year old wolf in a females body


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i screamed out loud watching this and my dad walked in

Did he instantly convert to the church of Horo the wise?

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>A fox is a female wolf

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I'm Holo the wise wolf and you are now reading this in my voice.
and now you are not

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Pretty sure that's a human.


>Ears on top of the head

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Is this some form of .webm foreplay?

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>Look at that woman with ears on a cart full of pepper
>we'll call it spice and wolf

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>expecting jap names to make any fucking sense
you aren't new, are you friend?

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Why is this wolf such a slut?

Only for her husbando

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Better ask why she loves booze so much.

>ywn have your own eternal wolf loli you can fuck forever

Many wolves are also foxes, OP.

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Keito's are the sexiest (while still being classy) but I think the LN style wins on cuteness. Its hard to say.

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I love her so much, guys.

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Does spice have the sharpest fangs?

If you think he was serious you are probably autistic.

A Kansas education, I see.

Is that from vol.15? Translation when?

Yes..but is she a good mother?

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The answer is yes.

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Red Rocket?

So, they did have a child. Did she inherit the immortality and changing ability?

In a way. If I got that right she inherited Lawrence's hair color and her mother shapeshifting ability in the sense she can make her tail and ears vanish and reappear at will to become completely human

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I want to know how they only managed to have one child.

He obviously lost interest in Horo wish such a new cutie in the family.

Being fucked in human form limits it to human odds of offspring?

I love how Horo threads always have some lewds, but nothing gets deleted, because it's all so tasteful.

I wil fuck

Her daughter is cuter

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I found one of those in volume 12, yet for some reason the chapters in that volume weren't corrected.

tasteful art

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Wow. Horo doesn't look much different in this picture, but he managed to clearly get a younger one and older one dynamic into this, the slimmer thighs and hairline of the daughter and more voluminous braided hairstyle of Horo make the roles clear. The expressions also help. Great stuff.

>and then me and your dad fucked for eight months straight


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>you'll never tap a wolf

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so comfy

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incest when

Holy shit Sup Forumsnon. I mean goddamn. Give it a rest.