Who is your best girl and what kind of sex would she be experiencing every night?

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Sage. These threads are toxic.

You would cuck sex your girl?

Can't tell because we would be doing drugs too much to remember anything afterwards

Uiharu. Tender loving hond-halding with cuddling at the end. Like it should be. Best girl indeed.

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Why does she have a garden on her head?

proper scans of that C93 artbook by character designer WHEN?

Kadokawa has a Stage & Booth for their latest/upcoming anime at Anime . Has a decent possibility of being there if user Raildex was talking about this month:

*Anime Japan this month.

Probably never, just like the earlier ones.

I knew it, just two more weeks.

It to hide the fact that she possess by Coronzon

This time for sure, right raildexfags

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Misaki. We would take turns dominating each other and she would go full extreme mind control on me during her turns.

Most likely not

Bit too big. Got a better image?

I want to umu Umu's umus

How do you think WILL would interact with Mikoto?

Since we now have it confirmed that NT20 will likely come out in June, have your expectations changed? Usually the novels after long breaks are long and crazy, or at least lead into a long and crazy book. Considering the cliff hanger, I'm sure we're gonna get something off the walls regardless, but does the long break hype you more?

Misaki a pile of shit

Hopefully but I'm not expecting anything, whore of Babylon.

Confirmed where?

Depends entirely on what Will actually is and what it's there to do when its talking to Mikoto

BooBoo is confirmed in May. HO and BS will have just had volumes in June, so June is either a break or NT20

>triggered niggers can't handle a little blood

That is not a confirmation

Not confirmed but most likely.

>Since we now have it confirmed that NT20 will likely come out in June
I hope it comes out August or later, we need more HO, Bloodsign and Boo Boo.

>every night it would be difference between lolikon, /ss/, cosplay/etc.

Read the original post. It says it's confirmed that NT20 will LIKELY come out in June. There's a chance he will take a break. But other than that, no other novel can reasonably release in June BUT NT20. So yes, it is indeed LIKELY NT20 will release in June. The likeliness is indeed confirmed

It's all one guy.

Well he shouldn't have used those words together.

What we received confirmation of is that it is LIKELY NT20 will release in June. The only thing in its way is a break

test server stuff has been revealed
survival competition(battle royale?)
practice tournament(?)
1v1 rule revision
two new playable characters - Izzard and I think Gekotaman

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Playable Izzard soon

It's all Juan Gai.

Do you think that Dolly and Mikoto could meet in the Jailbreaker Arc?

What do you think Dolly and Mikoto would talk about?

Rather have Bloodsign anime but we'll see.

Nothing, Misaka doesn't give a shit about the clones anymore.

>Replying to mobilecuck

Is there any footage of Izzard's gameplay yet?

He's a boss

Out of all the Misaka clones we have seen so far, this particular Dolly looks the least like Misaka, so unless Dolly knows who she's a clone of and tells Mikoto, Mikoto gets a half-pass if she doesn't recognize Dolly. Still shitty to have Mikoto keep ignoring her clones.

Like in Twin Peaks season 2 finale
>Waiting room/Black Lodge=The Abyss
>WILL=Bad Coop
They even have the electricity theme that Season 3 has going for

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Half pass gets negated if Mikoto sees Dolly using her powers though

>Accelhater fag getting assblasted his last thread got taken down
This is too good.

Can you prove it was him?

Don't start. You'll get him in here talking about how everyone who tells him his fantasy isn't likely to actually happen is "triggered"

Electric powers are the most common in AC

Mugino, of course. She'd like it hot and fierce, a battle for dominance the entire time. She'd welcome the challenge for someone (me) to try and dominate her while making her own presence known. It'd be a heated battle of the body and mind, but eventually she'd come out on top as she always does. I could go into more detail but I feel I've said my part.

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My wife Misaki is so beautiful

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Look at his last comment. Pretty easy indication, he's not even hiding it.

They exchange clothes to throw off some guards

Source on this? This particular clone looks less like Mikoto than Last Order, the Sisters, and Worst but she doesn't look THAT different. Her looks plus electric powers should be a dead givaway

Not yet
Every boss made playable so far has a different moveset so he likely will as well

I haven't kept up with Railgun whatsoever. Can someone tell me what the fuck Dolly is? Is she a Misaka clone or something?

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Fuck off and read the manga or get out of the thread, cancer

Don't wanna waste my time with shit, I'm here for the light novels.

She is a read the manga

read the manga you lazy fuck.


Yes, also instead of asking us just read the mango. Seems you'd like it, since you're not like the most of the newcomers asking us directly.

t.one guy

Read the manga

>Who is your best girl
>what kind of sex would she be experiencing every night
Vanilla sex.[/spoiler] Sometimes some femdom, cosplay, car or light bondage play

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Do we have any clue what the Jailbreak Arc is about yet?

What are some Raildexs for squandering time with?

Misaki for sure. I want her to mind control me during sex. As i'm about to climax, she release my mind so i'm confused but also climaxing at the same time.

Is it wrong that I want to have raw, unwashed anal with Misaki?

Raw is fine but unwashed? What's wrong with you?

licking that ojou-sama butthole clean and sticking my tongue in. nothing wrong with that

It's lewder that way. I want to fuck her ass in its natural state, not after she's ready to show it to me.

>fuck fatty in the butt
Enjoy your dick being torn apart by the gravitational pull her gigantic asshole creates.

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How will you deal with the shit taste? Oh wait you're a Misakifag, you're used to having shit taste.

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Waifufags are all pretty vapid but Misakifags are the worst

Muginofags are probably worse.

That is NOT true!

Fuck off Muginoshitter.

Theres more brainless Misakifags though. I do agree that the "who cares shes hot" Muginofags are bad

Actually it's Mikotofags.

Reminder to the one guy who likes Mugino that people who are born monsters don't change. Read the novels and that's pretty much what was said about her.

There's nothing that would please me more than plunging in and watching more and more of my erection disappear with every thrust into the lewd hole between Misaki's butt. Imagine slowly pounding her soft, thick ass with the entire length of your painfully throbbing penis before pulling her close and pouring my semen as deep inside her sensitive shit hole as you possibly can, her big butt squished against your thighs as she gasps and twitches with pleasure.

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>He hasn't read NT 12 where she didn't kill the bomber but only disposed of the bombs
I have read the LN's user! Have you?

Try reading NT6 where it's plainly stated that a monster is still a monster and she doesn't care whom she kills or hurts.

And yet she still went out of the way to save the bombers! Clearly Mugino deceived herself! But of course, I do not think she is 100% pure nor innocent. But those faults make me love her because she's not perfect!

Good man. Good taste.

in-case you guys missing:
To Aru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku (Manga) Chapter #125 "Avignon 1"
>View Online:

Index_125.zip (4 MB)
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>Share folders:
(Vol.01 to Vol.09, Vol.14 to Vol.20, and Vol.21 to the latest Chapter (#125):

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Post happy ends

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Cute end but NEEDS MORE WORST!
Nice, looking forward to the translations

That's a dead end.

She didn't go out of her way. You're just wrong. And faults are not a reason to love someone.

A character with faults is better than a character who is perfect for no other reason than to be! You can think what you like, but I will always love Shizuri!

>Translation: I want a sociopath as long as she's beautiful
Seek help

Sorry that i want a woman with layers of personality than one as shallow as a puddle!

user you... pic made me shed a tear. :_;

Grow a pair.

They are crying too