Did Sakura ever realize that Tomoyo loved her in THAT way, or did she remain dumb/oblivious to it her whole life?

Did Sakura ever realize that Tomoyo loved her in THAT way, or did she remain dumb/oblivious to it her whole life?

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Tomoyo is sick

She would have never realized that Syaoran was in love with her if he hasn't told her, she is a very dense person. Tomoyo is aware of that, but she prefers to keep her feelings to herself.
I think it was meant to be one-sided

I always thought Tomoyo and Meiling would've become an item based on how the original anime plated out.

Tomoyo doesn't hook up with filler characters.

Your mistake is thinking that Tomoyo is a lesbian and not a Sakurasexual

Sakura is a doll for her while her real passion is with Meiling

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it's possible.

Her mom had the hots for Sakura's mom. we've never seen Tomoyo's dad though.

Kill yourself. Tomoyo is a miracle of the universe.

Tomoyo is gonna do what her mom did, get into a loveless marriage and have a kid and then presumably kick the sperm doner to the curb since you never hear about her dad.

Clamp believes on the "most important person" what mean a love that last forever. Sakura is Tomoyo's important person just like Nadeshiko was Sonomi's. They"re lesbians they born to be alone and unfulfilled

I would like the idea of Tomoyo and Meiling being a couple, but Tomoyo's love for Sakura is so strong and is such an important part of her personality that it will never happen, it's not like Meiling who can just brush aside her feelings for Syaoran

Is there a PV for the new OP and ED yet?

Honestly I hate this shit, it was cute back then, but now it's just sad. Tomoyo deserves someone who loves her back too.

They're going to perform the opening at Sakura fest on Sakura's birthday so I don't know if the pvs will come out before that.

Oops. Wrong file.

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I loved TomoSaku when I started to watch CCS, but I think that the love wasn't meant to be mutual. I'm pretty neutral about it now, it's sad to think about that, Tomoyo kisses the ground where Sakura walks on, and Sakura will always be unaware of that.
Tomoyo is such a good girl too, she deserves to be loved

Sakura is the cutest Kaiju to ever kaiju'd.

Clamp disagrees completely. It's already too much they allow her to live. Probably Tomoyo can stay alive precisely for knowing her place, otherwise she'd get a punishment

That dumb bitch couldn't even figure out that Syaoran liked her until he had to say it himself.

This is a nice thought but it's not gonna happen. Still, we can wait and hope.

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>waiting a yuri ending from Clamp
Not even /u/ is that delusional

Don't talk about Sakura in such a disrespectful manner, buddy!

I'm not your buddy, friend.

I know, user. But I love Tomoyo and want her to be loved too.

clamp also believe than there is nothing better than getting murdered by the one you love

He's not your friend, guy

Maybe if it's a shota Kurogane around. That's the only chance Tomoyo has

>both the gay and straight version of Tomoyo lose to the cock

The power of the D

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She's history's biggest joke.

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Sakura probably has never considered girls loving girls is a thing

it does't help that Tomoyo is the OG cuck

Does anyone else fucking hate that shitty "silly Saloon music"that will play in light hearted scenes?
Why the fuck couldnt you of put something non western sounding


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Thats a good pic user.

I love them.

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Move over Tomoyo there's a new girl in town

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That's selfcest.

Huh? Tomoyo ships them.

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Because she is based and has eyes.

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Reminder that Sakura and Syaoran are PURE!

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They're also not real. So who cares.

This is a SyaoSaku thread now

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Forever oblivious.
She is a miracle of the universe, but that doesn't mean she isn't a bit strange in the head.
Tomoyo ships Sakura/Shaoran because the absolute most important thing to her is Sakura's happiness.

>They're also not real
That proves my point

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She's not oblivious to Akiho's feelings for Yuna, but maybe it's just because Akiho is Sakura 2.0.

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iirc Akiho had told her directly that she was in love with Yuna

Sakura is observant when it comes to other people's romantic interests, she's just oblivious when it involves herself.

She had noticed when Syaoran had a crush on Yukito before, right?



No she didn't. She noticed on her own, even before she met Yuna.

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Shota x Loli the best.

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I really don't know how she missed this.

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>tfw the Clear Card art is so much better than most of the original manga

She is a cute baka girl.

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It's still pretty good and I'm not a huge fan of the current chubby faces for the adults.

yuri BTFO

> Sakura is still oblivious

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In that part he actually wanted to make it clear that they were dating though

It's not over yet.

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Supposedly that was a mistranslation. I'm sure they both know that they're on a date and it's pretty unambiguous in the manga. Sakura several times pretty explicitly sets up a date.

Asking her out was a mistranslation in the CT subs, he was saying that he wanted to be nice to her brother because they are dating.

I meant CR subs.

Tomoyo is the ultimate voyeur

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Just admit that she's a cuck

A cute voyeur at least.

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How dare you, she's an artist

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Do any of Tomoyo's guards know about the magic thing? They're supposed to be around her fairly often.

Maybe they think that she's playing dress up with her friend, nothing weird for a girl of her age

Is Tomoyo the Batman of Mahou Shoujo?


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They are professionals paid to keep their mouths shut and assist Tomoyo, no matter what they personally think.

Hard to say. I don't think any of them have directly witnessed Sakura using magic, but on the other hand any bodyguard worth their salt will surely have noticed things and drawn conclusions. But on the other other hand, Tomoyo's mother would only employ the most professional possible bodyguards, so if they do notice or conclude anything, they're not saying anything about it to anyone.

Her obliviousness is part of her charm.

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Damn, I already see where this is going when they become adults.

>Tomoyo is not her mother's biological daughter but instead a modified clone of Sakura's Mom that Tomoyo's mom made with DNA she had of her

"Tomoyo-chan, I need some advice, but it's a little embarrassing."
"You can always ask me anything, Sakura-chan."
"Well, last night when I was... with... Shaoran-kun, he wanted to try something... different."
"Oh, you mean when you were doing anal and he asked if you could use a card to give you a penis so you could do him in the butt too?"
"Yes, tha- uh, how do you know about that, Tomoyo-chan?"


She is cute.

What the fuck is his problem?

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He's trying to help Sakura but can't tell her anything about it either because Clamp just like mysterious shit like that or telling her would make stuff worse. Like if she's actually endangering reality like Clow did with unconscious thoughts letting her in on things could push things further to being dangerous.

Except her mother

I nutted so much at that doujin