Parallel Paradise 25 ENG!

Our guys, just did release!

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>I'd never really had to do something
This is supposed to be an improvement?

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This goddamn girl

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Credit page. Next release hopefully soon.

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Just compare same page from Reddit guys.

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Is this a parody?

No this is seriously how Reddit translation looks. And people love it just because it's fast.

Jesus christ, I'm suprised they would have translated it at all and not banned it from being discussed due to muh soggy knees.

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Let them eat shit while we enjoy the actual good thing.

better than to wait months or years.

Not really. And new guys are much faster than a month.

I don't know why you fuckers haven't learned Japanese yet. It's not that hard. Once you get the basic listening skill from pimsuleur, you can passively learn it while watching animu.

Good another, now we have also 37 raws. Start dump here.

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she looks like she would make for a good mother.

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You can even notice that in characters descriptions Okamoto literally calls her "bakunyuu", while Roomi is just "kyonyuu".

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may i ask what do those two terms mean?

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A literal translation would be "huge tits" and "explosive tits". In general "kyonyuu" is anything above E cups and "bakunyuu" is anything above H cups. It's not set rule as various artist tends to portray those sizes differently, but essentially, if girl's tits are bigger than her head, then she is definitely bakunyuu.

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Chapter end.

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Is she gonna end up getting dicked by the MC?

Well, she already noticed that he has different hairs now (he took off his wig). So depends whether will Youta try desperately save his cover-up somehow, or just choose easy route. Good on this manga is that both options are actually very likely. And if anything Tia loosing virginity now would make narratively sense, as she would be now able to see Noah, which would just help bounding which she started here

just hope he doesn't end up fucking the whole village.
He definitely ain't gonna last.

Top panel is the only time MC has ever looked good.

Imagine all this voiced by Yukarin!

By the way did anyone noticed Okamoto's naming pattern for protagonists?

>I need you to fuck me so I can befriend a little girl!

What does the second one mean?

>these fucking poses
Oh lord

When are they going to fight dildo hand?


Sup Forums does the same shit. Any manga Sup Forums translates no one questions the translation and sucks their dick for it.